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    There was an Adult Video Arcade in my hometown when I was growing up. I was pretty naive about what it was, and when I was 15 I told my older brother lets go check out the video games in there and he laughed and told me that the only video games in there would be adult video games. He said they showed XXX rated movies there. I thought he was putting me on, who would put up a place where XXX movies were shown. But it peaked my young imagination and I thought I should go check it out for myself someday.

    At 19 I was a good looking young man I was 6', 160 pounds, toned body, blond hair, brown eyes and always had several girls who liked me and a few who wanted to have sex with me. I was raised in a ‘Christian’ household where we were told we should wait for marriage to have sex. It was against God’s rules. My mom had even told me that it was okay to masturbate instead of having sex with a girl to relieve my stress. I was so freaked out about having sex with a girl that I was afraid to even kiss a one. I was very shy and inexperienced around girls, but jerking off several times daily only made me want to have sex more. I figured that jerking off to a fuck flick had to be better than jerking off to my imagination.

    When I was 19 I decided to check out the ABS. On my first trip there I was amazed at the choice of movies. At that time each booth only showed 2 different movies each. So I choose a movie and started for that booth. There was a guy who I noticed that started following me around and kept loudly asking if I wanted company and said he “sure would love a piece of (me)” and when I went into the booth he kept knocking on the door and asked to be let in. I really got freaked out and left.

    After a few more months I decided to check it out again, I made sure no one was following me around but I did notice a few guys hanging around in the halls and standing in the entrance to a few booths. I found the booth of the movie I wanted to see. It was a gang bang flick, the thought of three or four cocks sliding into and out of some chick’s hot pussy, mouth and ass really turned me on. I put in my quarters and started watching the movie.

    I thought I heard someone whisper something to me, but I just figured it must the excitement of watching a ‘dirty’ movie. But a minute or so later I hear a louder whisper “want a blow job?” I then noticed the hole in the wall next to me. It was there when I walked in but I guess I paid no attention to it because no light was coming through and the ABS looked like it was in bad need of repairs anyway. I got a little freaked out, but then quickly thought fuck why not I was too shy to get my girlfriend to put out. A nice hot mouth sounded good, better than my hand anyway.

    So after a few moments I whispered sure. He told me to unlock my booth so he could come over and join me. I unlocked the booth and in walked a good looking mid-30s guy. He reached through the hole and locked the other booth so no one would interrupt us. Then he turned to me and gently grabbed my cock and started stroked it. He asked me if I came to the ABS a lot. I told him no. He then asked if this was my first time with a guy. I said yes. He stroked my cock more, it felt so exciting having another person’s hot hand on my cock. I was rock hard. Then he took something out of his pocket and put it up to each of his nostrils and snorted whatever it was.

    He commented on how hot the video was as he knelt down and licked the tip of my cock. I almost blew my load right there. He quickly dove down on my rock hard cock. I let out a soft moan. It felt so incredible, I had never had a blow job before and I could not believe how incredible his velvety hot mouth and tongue felt. He took it slow at first. He licked the length of my cock slowly and licked between my ass and cock. He took my balls into his mouth and gently sucked them and rolled them around with his tongue. I could feel every sensation as my mind was completely absorbed with what this guy and his incredible mouth were doing to me. I could even feel the stubble from his face on my inner thighs as he worked his magic on my cock and balls.

    I had forgotten the movie at this point. He got back to the head of my cock and he slowly slid down my cock. He would go down as far as he could and then go all the way back up. His tongue would swirl around my cock while he sucked hard at the same time. I put my hand on the back of his head and encouraged him to go deeper down on my cock. I would just feed the video machine quarters while I watched this dude go up and down on my cock. He worked up a faster tempo and soon his nose was buried in my pubes and each time he would pause at the base of my cock.

    He started deep throating me and I could no longer control myself. I grabbed his head with both hands and started fucking his face. I groaned and plowed my cock as deep into his throat as it would go. I could feel the build up and knew I was about to let it fly. I planted my cock as deep in his throat as I could and held his head there. “Uunngh” I groaned and the first volley of cum shot down his warm inviting throat. Then the second and third volley unloaded down his hot throat. He kept sucking every drop he could get as I released his head. He pulled back until just my cock head was in his throat and he licked and sucked a little more to get every last drop out. He stood up and thanked me. This guy had just given me the blow job of a lifetime and he was thanking me.

    He unlocked the booth door and left. After a few moments I walked out too. I got in my car and started to drive home and I started to feel guilty for letting this guy give me such an incredible blow job. I decided to drive around for awhile and think. After about an hour of driving I found myself back at the stop light at the intersection where the ABS was. I said what the fuck and I turned into the ABS parking lot and went back in. I picked another booth and went in to watch the movie and the same guy was in the next booth and offered to blow me again. So much for feeling guilty, he pulled another great load out of me. What a great night.
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    Great short story, very hot!
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