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Gay And Nobody Knows


Experimental Member
Jan 11, 2023
Ashburn, Virginia,United States
80% Gay, 20% Straight
My first year in college went pretty good for me.. I was already out of the closet had been for a long time.. and I didn’t hide that from anyone including my room mate.. j.. he and I would talk about how I can be so open about it.. and I told him about my life and how I came out officially..
But we been room mates for almost two months now and we talked a lot about it of and on a lot .. we had seen each other naked in the showers and I had washed his laundry for him. As he said I made his clothes smell as if his mom washed them.. I’d tease him and tell him he was just to lazy to wash them..but I didn’t mind.. his in one washer mine in another wasn’t a big deal at all .. not to mention I’d sneak and smell his underwear especially after he had football practice .. that he says he didn’t think it would
He put a sign on the door do not disturb shuts the door and locks it.. he took his shirt off and he tells me that he has been wanting this to happen for years but never went to find someone in fear of being attacked ….

I sat on edge of my bed and told him if he was sure he wanted this to happen as it could make being in the same room difficult …
He tells me it won’t because when he first saw me and didn’t know I was gay he quickly turned away so I wouldn’t see his reaction.. I told him I remember him turning around.. and I remember seeing his ass for first time was apparently him trying to not look at me but didn’t know he was going to tease me with his ass ..

He walked over to me standing in from of me his belly smooth and chest as well.. I kissed his belly and belly button which was an outie button not an innie ..

As o stood up I kissed his chest and nipples then was face to face with him.. and kissed him and he kisses me back and we kissed and he began using his tongue a little and tells me if gets carried away or does something wrong let him know.. I told him he was doing fine and we kept on kissing ..

He reaches down takes my shirt and goes up with it I lifted my arms and took it off and tossed it in corner of the room..

He worked his way kissing my chest sucking my nipples and then my stomach.. he unbuttoned my pants unzipped them and pulled them down along with my underwear and saw my rock hard cock..

He said maybe this be too much for his first time.. I told him just because it’s there doesn’t mean it all has to go down his throat or up his ass .. he wanted me to assure him that I wouldn’t get mad if couldn’t handle it all and I told him that I will stoop going in or stop completely if he wanted to hold off..

He sucked on my dick .. sucking the head and so far down my shaft and I told him his warm mouth felt pretty good .. then he did some thing else that felt good and that was lick and suck on the rest of my shaft and balls ..

I asked him if he liked it he stopped and says hell yeah .. I kicked off my clothes so now I was completely naked ..

I told him if he wanted to try taking more of my dick in his mouth/throat I can teach him.. he tells me that would be nice as he would love to swallow all of my dick..

I said I’ll teach him the way a guy taught me.. first it’s all about controlling your gag reflex and lick and get about half the shaft wet then at your pace you try take it down throats.. I can feel his reflex kick in and Few seconds later he tried it again.. this time did better as he lets me dick come out of his mouth and he stroked it getting my dick wet almost all way to base of my cock Then he went for it again and soon as it went past the back of his throat and down his throat some

So I leaned back in the bed and let him suck on it for as long as he wanted and he really was getting into it..

He let my dick come out of his mouth came up and kissed me few times.. as I run my hands along the sides of his chest .. told him that felt awesome ..

we swapped places where he was on his back and I went directly to his cock and began sucking it and taking it all in my mouth n throat .. and I haven’t noticed his dick too much limp but hard he was every bit as mine just a little thinner… I sucked his cock n balls deepthroating it over and over as he grabbed the cover on the bed …getting between his legs on my stomach where I rubbed my nose in his balls and the hair that was in them..

I lifted his legs and Dan my tongue from back of his nuts and began running my tongue toward his asshole and soon as my tongue touched his hole he pulled his legs on back and I began licking that hole and the little bit of hair that was there…. I wet finger and slowly pushed it inside him and it was so tight that wet my finger more and each time I did that I was able to slide my finger inside him all way.. he moaned real low and said to keep doing it .. so I did do it more wetting finger alot and making it really slick and wet my middle finger and went in with it.. I slowly worked in two fingers stretching his hole some and managed to slide my tongue into him.. I stopped and went up and laid beside him and asked him what did he want to do now..

He said he definitely wanted to fuck me I said most definitely .. I reached in my stand beside the bed grabbed some lube and couple condoms .. he went to say something but before he could I told him don’t use one if didn’t want to..

I told him since it was his first time let’s do it what call spooning you get behind me lube up and slide it I .. and he does that…

after a few minutes I asked him if wanted to switch positions and he said yeah get on your stomach so we rolled over onto my stomach without him popping out and he begins to fuck me …. A good 10 minutes later he was shooting inside me and his cock throbbing hard .. he just laid there .. whispering in my ear glad that we were room mates …

So do I .. I told him..

he gets up and says for me to be gentle with him.. .. I told him do it same as did me. Only he would have controls how far it goes in.. so we get in position I think he used half a tube of lube on my Cock.. and puts it at his hole .. I told him he will feel the head pop inside his asshole and with hurt a little .. soon as my head pooped in he flinched and was like wow …. I said ok now move it in and out little at a time so more work it in the better it would feel ..

I was over half way in and he needed to rest a second… then he pushed more inside him and stopped as his ass tightened around my shaft I told him relax I said let me move some and I won’t go in any further .. he said ok

so I pulled out some went back in and working in the lube and more I did it he said fuck that’s feeling better …
I told him it feels great.. as I kissed the back of his neck.. then I slid my arm under neath him and put my other arm over other side where I can rub his chest stomach and his hard coxk which apparently was enjoyingg my cockrubbing across his prostate..so I began stroking his dick and he loved that .. he reached his hand back and touched my dick which was almost inside him…

So he tightened his arms over mine and pushed the rest of my dick inside him .. … He then was like oh fuck I asked if wanted me to pull back he said no no no leave it.. . I told him his ass feels so tight
I wasn’t about to tell him that his ass wrapped around my shaft was about to make me explode inside him.. but I began slowly pumping in and out short strokes letting it work in and he was finally relaxing so I got a little faster and stroking his dick as I did him

He said he can feel my dick throbbing soon as he said that it was shooting inside him and he was like fuck yeah. That feels great.. …

I pulled out and rolled over onto his back which his dick was precumming alot and I went to suck it up and suck his dick and he said he was about to cum and I looked into his eyes as he began shooting my mouth full and swallowed it…

we were done and laid there talking and I asked him if he was ok… he said taking that dixk was a little rough at first but at least I was gentle .. I said yeah some guys would just shoved it in and told you to man up..

we fell asleep for few hours .. then woke up got dressed went down to shower and then went back to bed

And he remained my room mate the entire semester actually 2 semesters and we did it a lot .. we did get caught because one of us forgot to lock the door but thank goodness they were gay and wouldn’t tell anyone…

my roommate said he didn’t care who knew… kisses me in front of a bunch of the students there and he was no longer hiding who he was


Experimental Member
Jun 6, 2020
Corbin (Kentucky, United States)
90% Straight, 10% Gay
OOh God I dreamed about that so many times that that would happen to me I did go to glory hole and had somebody set me off and had a transsexual come in played with me stuff on me and we started kissing damn that was exciting a little while later I was in watching the movie and God walks in he pulls his dick out I go down on my knees and I suck him until he comes that was so exciting and I wish I can do it again
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