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    My company recently sent me on a business trip to London. This wasn’t anything new I worked in finance and this was the 4th time this year that I was back in the UK, working out these figures for a merger we were about to close up. I love to travel, don’t get me wrong but sometimes being away from your wife for so long can put a strain on the relationship. Anyway after a long day working out the deal I went to a gentleman’s bar. Not a strip club just one of those places where you could have a cigar and a glass of brandy with some of the worlds most powerful men.

    I was in the establishment for just about 20 minutes when a man about my age maybe about 40 or so came in with a beautiful young 20 something and were being held up at the door. I could tell by her attire that she was good, bought and paid for. Her youthful beauty would bring any man to their knees but she couldn’t escape the aura of trash that she also was emitting. Compared to her tall slender frame he was almost the opposite. Her had to be about 5’11 but stocky. I could tell when he wasn’t in the office this man was definitely in the gym. He was impeccably dressed in a dark grey pin stripped Armani suit and for some reason Power radiated from his light pink shirt and silk pink tie. I had to admit this man intimidated me. Even though he wore pink his rugged good looks and machisimo still commanded respect. He was tan with dark eyes, his jet black hair and goatie framed a face that beamed with confidence.

    Even though I tried not to look it, I was straining to eavesdrop on what was occurring. Apparently he was new here and didn’t realize this was a gentleman’s only club. I could hear his deep French accent apologize and his disarming smile allowed the butler to remain at ease.

    I don’t know what it was but this couple interested me to no end. They excited me. She was young tall and beautiful and though I would never say it out loud it turned me on to think of her as a dirty slut. He was about half a foot shorter than she was, the epitome of class sophistication and power all in the package of a small bodybuilder. As I saw them leave I don’t know what got into me I had to follow.

    I stayed far away at first not wanting to draw any attention to myself. He walked with his arm around her waist squeezing the tramps ass every four steps. They walked into a pub and sat at a table in the far corner. I waited a couple of minutes before I walked in and found a seat on the opposite side of the room but with a direct view of their antics. Why was I here? They continued to laugh and whisper what I wanted to believe were dirty nothings to each other. At one point I thought she had spied me looking at her but I dismissed it as paranoia.

    After about 10 minutes of forcing myself to eat the horrible pub food in the name of spying I was soon rewarded when the slut began to slowly caress Stocky’s thigh. I could see every contour of his leg through the strain of the material to contain his muscles as they sat. At first she stayed near his thigh but then with one coy glance around she moved her hand to his bulge. He didn’t even flinch, just a sip of his drink while he continued to stair at her, daring her to go further. Taking his challenge she began to rub his cock through his trousers. Even from my distance I could see him getting hard down his left thigh, twitching with every stroke across his length. Unconsciously I didn’t even realize when my hand had made it down to my own member but it was only when the waiter had come to check on me that I realized my own obscene display.

    As I snapped back to reality long enough to pay my bill I looked up to find that the couple had already left. Had I imagined the entire thing? Was it just my lack of sexual release that had me chasing ghosts to shady pubs in London? I decided it was time for me to be on my way. I walked out of the pub and down a side street to get back to my hotel. It was night now and I knew I should have called my driver but I was a big boy I could handle myself if need be.

    The alley was completely deserted and though there was light there was still a hint of mystery along the coble stone path. I could smell the faint scents of freshly baked bread, curried meats and fish and chips from the various restaurants wafting through the night air but in this back alley I also smelt something that my nose had longed for. Sex. At first it was just a whiff then I heard the sounds. I had to investigate. I walked closer to the body height fence barring me from my desire. Then I saw them, through the crack in the beams I saw them, the two from the pub. She had her panty around one ankle with the other leg resting atop an old discarded dresser while bent over to support his pounding from the back. They were in some kind of storage plot because there were pieces of old furniture everywhere

    Rolled up to her waist, the tramp still had her tight fitting black dress on except for one exposed tit. As he vigorously fucked her it bounced and bucked with every thrust. He still wore his Armani suit though his jacket was now off I could see his dick through his zip and as he pulled all the way out to plunge all the way in I could see her foaming white cream lathering his entire shaft. I could not believe at 41 I was still spying on the neighbors having sex but that was exactly what I was doing. I took a glance around to make sure no one was observing me but when I really thought about it who cared? I was a foreigner, no one new me. I looked back in on them and he was now slapping her ass calling her every kind of dirty name in the book. He was enjoying himself. She was enjoying herself. I was enjoying myself. All of a sudden he slowed down his pace then to my surprise said loudly.

    “Maybe You should come in and get a better look?”

    I froze in my hunched position. He was definitely talking to me. All thoughts of escape passed through my head but I was paralyzed to say the least. My only comfort was that he restarted to fuck her with the passion that he had before, as if to say “Suit yourself”

    To this day I don’t know why I did it but I unhooked the gate door and walked in. They never stopped. I locked the door behind me and pulled out my dick. They never stopped. I began to play with myself while leaning against the fence my eyes focused dead on them. They enjoyed the fact that they were being watched and soon I could tell they were about to reach their climax. It’s strange to think now though but, as I took in their bodies, feverishly fucking one another, I locked eyes with him. As he stared at me it was as if I could feel everything he was feeling. He wanted me to enjoy what he was enjoying and as weird as it sounds, looking into his eyes I did feel what he felt. Our glare became so hypnotic that I did not notice that I had began to walk closer to them. With each step he held my gaze transfixing me within the moment, not realizing what I was actually doing.

    I was now right next to them still looking at him, then I slowly got on my knees and got into position between her legs. I began to suck on her clit like a new born feeding for the first time. She smelled of youth, of beauty and of big heavy balls. With each stroke I could feel his nuts slap against my chin. At first it was just a tap but then it became a pounding hammer. I unconsciously grabbed them to stop the force and it wasn’t until I heard the moan coming from his lips did I realize that I was holding another mans balls in my hand. They were different to mines. He had completely shaved smooth balls that hung like golf balls in a low sac.

    I continued to suck on her clit with my mouth, stroke my dick with my hand and hold onto his balls with the other. Without warning she thrust forward releasing his dick from her hole while shooting her cum all on my face. I had never experienced this in my life. I had never seen a woman squirt in real life and here was this slut using my face as a porta potty. With her juices all over my face and her pussy obviously spent he tried to reenter her but to no avail. At first she resisted but then, again without warning, she push my head further between her legs, stuffing my mouth onto his dick. I gagged in protest of his tool. But the more I gagged the deep he thrust. His eyes were closed ,I guess at this point, a hole was just that a hole and he released his seed deep into my moth. He collapsed on her back and I on the floor. We all panted like dogs on a hot day. After a while she bent down and licked ever inch of my face, eating any remnant of cum or pussy juice from my lips.

    It was a great memory, a great business trip
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    Damn nice story dude.
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