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    Texas 'you know what they say!'
    I will now answer the common questions asked according to the posts….
    1.) How big are you soft & hard?
    6 hangin’ 9 long and 7 around at the head
    2.) Ever met anyone as big as you or close to you? If so how big were they?
    I met someone with 12 inches (truly) and played for hours with a guy I met that had my cocks ‘twin’ once –very hot –now I know what everyone complains about because we did everything to each other to experience what our fans do! (my jaw really hurt)
    3.) Do you like being as big as you are?
    Absolutley! Don’t you?
    4.) What are some pros/cons to being so big?
    Can’t wear boxers –too revealing…..Can’t always find a hole brave enough or that will fit….but those are pros if you have a big cock ego! No cons then –all good!
    5.) Are any other male family members (brothers/kids/dad) gifted like you?
    From what I hear
    6.) Are there certain clothes you can't wear? (briefs, certain jeans, thongs, etc)
    Boxers or no underwear are waaay to revealing….love Aussiebum wonder jock!
    7.) If you could be any size, what size you would you be? Soft & Hard?
    12 inches I suppose…cant handle thicker…it’s like a large zucchini with an apple on top as it is!
    8.) Do you ever compare with other guys?
    All the time…urinals get me a lot of attention and opportunities to compare. As a kid ALL the time.
    9.) How and when did you first realize you were big?
    In Boy Scouts, typical boy stuff – using flashlights to cast shadow of hard dick on tent wall…..
    10.) What's the biggest you've ever measured yourself? (When you were super horny)
    10” x 7.5
    11.) Would you say your package is "heavy"?
    Oh, yes.
    12.) If you sit on the toilet, does it dunk in the water?
    Low flow no, regular –yes.
    13.) Have you ever sat on it?
    14.) Have you ever rolled on it during sleep?
    Every night!
    15.) How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear?
    and 10 ½ shoe
    16.) Are the sayings true about a big nose or big hands? At least in your case would you say you have a big nose or big hands?
    I have found an indicator is the lack of differentiation between a man’s wrist and where his hand begins –if there is almost no difference –big cock. Small wrist usually not.
    17.) What is your heritage? Is your heritage known for being bigger? ( like Italians)
    Half Irish half Native American
    18.) Did kids make fun of you growing up? If so what would they say?
    Not make fun of but definitely would comment “wow, dude!” Hanging 6 inches soft really makes an impression.
    19.) Were you big at a younger age or did you not get bigger until you were older?
    Around 11 years old it sprouted out. Got my first blowjob during ‘truth it dare’ at 11.
    20.) Do you get attention from it and if so do you like the attention?
    Yes, all the time and still crave it. I am partnered and he is wary anytime I hit a urinal but he knows I love the attention.
    21.) Do people still make comments today? Like in the locker room or bathroom or swimming pool, etc? If so what do they say?
    I had a heat rash once on my crotch due to the gym and my dermatologist recommended wearing boxers and he looked down at my low hangers and cock draping over the edge of the table and he said “In your case, wear a few pairs of boxers” without skipping a beat!
    22.) Did you ever think about doing porn or would you?
    I would LOVE the attention, but couldn’t do it to my family. I am somewhat of a web porn star as that picture of me blowing myself on that stairs shows up everywhere. Before I was partnered, people would send me pictures of them –and it would be my cock! Flattering, yes.
    23.) Since you are bigger, what would you consider to be small, average, and big?
    Average is 6 and in the gay world it seems to be 7 –not sure why? Small is 5 or under and big is 7 plus.
    24.) Can you do any tricks with it?
    Suck the head and stick it in my own ass –does that count? Make a grown man or woman cry in pain –does that count as well? J
    25.) If you sit on a chair nude would it hang off the edge?
    It is as I type!
    26.) If you run does it bounce and hit you in the leg or anything?
    If I allowed it to, sure.
    27.) Do condoms fit you? If so what size do you take?
    Nope –must use Magnums – been known to tear them too.
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    # 28. Welcome.:wink:
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    Reno (NV, US)
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