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Having trouble maintaining and Erection..Does Aspire36 work?

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by 124871, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. 124871

    124871 Guest

    Lately I have been having trouble keeping my erection during sex. A friend of mine was telling me to try this new product called Aspire36.. said he had crazy hard ons for like 2 days... said it was as good as like viagra or cialis. They have a free sample at Aspire-36 : How Long Do You Want to Last? but I wanted to see if any one on here had used it with success. I am much larger then my friend and wanted to see if worked for any one on here.
  2. Big Dreamer

    Big Dreamer Member

    Nov 13, 2006
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  3. 124871

    124871 Guest

    not spam.. serious question!!
  4. nwarluvs2jo

    nwarluvs2jo Member

    May 27, 2006
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    Not spam???? Seriously????? :confused:

    A normal person does not include the tagline for the product in their messages.

    I drink Milk :: Got Milk and I heard it's good for you. Is that true?

    :rolleyes: We got a marketing genius here.
  5. 124871

    124871 Guest

    all i typed in was the website.. www aspire36 dot com..... and this forum automatically grabed the info from the site. Put a website in the forum and see what it does.. WHat ever I'll just change it to look like this.. if i can edit the post.. Thanks for the answers back.. appreciate the help.
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