HELP hurt my penis with PE exercise



hope: ok here is my situation. just turned 31 years old, in otherwise excellent health. A few months ago, in May of 2004, i decided to try a dry jelqing session in my bathtub. I only did this ONE time. and have never ever done it since. my penis was large, goodlooking and healthy but i just wanted to make a good thing better.

so i did one session for about 10 minutes in the bath - grasping the base of the shaft between index finger and thumb, and strecthing upwards to underneath the glans while it was soft / tumescent. it was never erect. so the whole shaft was being stretched

anyway about 2 weeks later i noticed to my horror that my penis had changed.
it now looked very turtled and wrinkly as though it had shrunk a bit under the skin.
it hung loose and limp with no bend in it, and the glan was smaller than normal and tapered to a tip instead of the mushroom cap that it was before. now it was difficult to get erect, and the erection was smaller and skinnier than before, especially the upper shaft and glans. now if i slid into my girl without lube it was painful in the area right under the glans. i at first thought it was a lack of lube but then realized the problem was with me.

now my penis was slow to arouse and the erction could lose blood easily in a way it didnt before, becoming skinny fast. it seems to have lost it's throb and the blood does not fillll it up to the tip like it used to, even though it is still a good sized erection.

in August i actually developed pain in the area under the glans, and then the uppershaft and glans developed a slight turn and the glans sunk in a tiny bit down and to the left where the pain was. i have been takin vitamin e for that

i still get some irritation and pain, especially when i try to make my erection throb or after i have a strong ejaculation

i take Cialis, which helps a bit, but even then i can be very slow to get hard when my girl touches me. so ya all these months later and not much has changed, though i have good days and bad days. i have been to the best urologists in the city and they could not tell me what i had done. they just gave me common sense advice of "if you hurt it, you just have to wait and see". but what did i do?????
when i googled jelqing injury i found that actionlove site - regardless of the site itself, i saw a lot of people writing in with similar or identical injuries from jelqing

so i need to know. what do you guys think i did to the penis? has anyone been through what i going through, did you get better, and how long did it take? and what can i do to help myself heal??

i am at the end of my rope and i am very depressed about what i have done. any advice is badly needed

on other sites people have immediately brushed off my problems as being pyschological or tried to suggest that this is a natural onset of erectile dysfunction but believe me my penis rocked before this. A girl i was with not long before the exercise described it as "the nicest she'd ever seen" and indeed all girls complimented me on it. that just makes this turn of events are the more cruel. so now i have this damaged penis and partial impotence. when soft it hangs limply with no bend and i get aches in my balls, groin and in parts of the penis. i dont know what i ahve done but would love to know if there is some doctor out there or someone who could tell me what i have done to the tissue and is there any hope of getting back to where i was.

looking forward to hearing what you have to say



spoolworm: You've probably damged a blood vessel. Give your penis a holiday is my advice. Time wll tell if it gets better. Make sure you eat healthy, loads of fruit etc.