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    The doorbell ringing pulled me out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and ran to answer it. Standing outside the door was a man, in his 30's, holding a clipboard, and staring straight at me. He had dirty blond hair, shaggy and tangled, like he'd just got out of bed. He had a light beard, which ran down his neck into the blue overalls he was wearing. He had a slight smile, which showed perfect white teeth. His nipples were sticking out underneath his overalls, and his hands were rough.

    'Hello?' I said, water dripping from my body.
    'Hi, I'm here to fix your boiler. You are...' As he checked his clipboard, I checked his body out. He was tall, muscular. He read out my name, flashed his card and I welcomed him into my house.
    'Sorry about the towel.' I said as I led him through to the kitchen.
    'That's OK mate. Christ, it's hot in here,' he said, pulling at his overalls.
    'Yeah, it's been like this all week.' I said.

    'You don't mind if I...' He gestured to his overalls. 'It's just, I don't want it to get ruined, I've got to do a whole day's work in it.'
    'No, feel free.' I grinned, as he unbuttoned to top half of his overalls. He pulled them down to his waist, revealing abs and pecs covered with light, blond hair. The hair got darker around his abdomen, and gradually snaked down to his groin, hidden by the overalls. He walked over to the boiler cupboard, and started to fiddle with the switches.
    'Oh right, I see the problem. If you just pass me that spanner...' I passed it to him, and he twisted one of the pipes a bit, then straightened up, steadying himself on the boiler tank.

    Instantly, the pipe buckles, a jet of water shooting straight into his crotch.
    'SHIT!' he shouted, grabbing a towel and rubbing his groin furiously.
    'Do you want a change of clothes?' I asked.
    'If you could, mate.'

    I turned and walked down the corridor, grabbing a t shirt and some jeans from my room. When I got back, he was standing in the bathroom, wearing nothing but a pair of tight boxers. He was standing side on to me, and I could see the bulge pushing outwards from his body. His balls were huge, and matched only in size by his massive cock.
    'Enjoying the view?' I heard him ask, and I looked up to see him staring at me.
    'Ummm, sorry...' I stammered.

    'Don't apologize, It's nice to be noticed.' He said, pushing his groin outwards to emphasize the size of his meat. 'Do you want to see more?' He asked, smirking as he reached into his boxers.
    'I-I'm not gay.'
    'Sure you're not.' He winked, his large hand rubbing his cock underneath his already revealing underwear. I felt myself semi, and wished I'd had the sense to change. My blossoming erection was quite clear underneath the towel. 'Your cock seems to agree with me, mate.'

    I flushed, turning away.
    'You can look. I don't mind.' Murmured the repair man, placing his other hand on my still wet shoulder. I breathed heavily through my nose, bringing up my hand to meet his on my shoulder.
    'Mmmm.' Breathed the repairman, pressing against me. I could feel his erection digging into the small of my back. 'This is nice.'
    I gulped, turning around.
    'I don't want to be fucked.'
    'And I don't want to fuck you. I just want to cum all over your face.'

    The repairman grinned widely, pulling his cock from his boxers. My jaw dropped.
    'Holy shit. That's fucking huge!' I gasped.
    '10 inches long, 8 inches thick.' He grinned, slowly teasing his scarlet helmet with his thumb. A pearl of pre-cum gathered at the tip, and he immediately wiped it away with his thumb, slowly licking away the sweet but salty moisture with his pink tongue.
    'Do you want me to suck it?' I asked? My neck tightened at the prospect of having that impaling me.
    'No. Just watch.'

    So. This guy was a performer. With a cock as big as his, I could deal with that.

    With one hand massaging his ball sack, he made a ring with his thumb and forefinger. He tightly gripped the base of his cock with this ring shape, and slowly slid it upwards, biting his lip as he reached his quivering bell-end.

    He noticed the tent pole in my towel, and grinned, swiftly dragging his finger ring back down to the base of his magnificent cock.

    I moaned quietly, watching this stud masturbate in my bathroom.

    He upped the pace of his strokes, rapidly squeezing and then dragging. His cock responded well, weeping pre-cum thick and fast.

    'Here comes the fun part.' He smiled, licking his lips. 'Kneel in front of me, and close your eyes.'
    I obeyed.

    In the darkness, I heard his breath become heavy and fast, and then I heard him groan.

    Shortly after that, something heavy, hot and sticky splattered across my face. I opened my eyes, just in time to see the guys cock quiver, and then a fountain of thick, white jism explode from his Jap's eye. It rocketed across the room, thudding into my bathroom mirror, and then hanging from the glass.

    But the guy wasn't done. With a moan, he squeezed his balls, forcing another heavy glob of cum to fly from the end of his cock, hitting me in the neck.

    Panting, he ran his thumb along the base of his throbbing penis, enticing a stream of fresh man juice to trickle from his bell-end.

    Finished and satisfied, he grabbed the towel from round my waist, wiped his cock on it, grabbed the t shirt and jeans and walked out of the room.

    I sat there, drenched in his cum, until the front door opened and closed and I suddenly realized something.
    'The fucker didn't fix my boiler!'
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    Very very nice and very good as I indicated in my response in another thread.

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    great story!
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