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    i wrote this one a couple years ago, i had been cranking out some short ones, but this is the longest, which, all puns aside, i prefer. the short quickies just don't do it well enough, i like a lot of foreplay and then a LOT of dirty deed detail when it gets down to it so you better have some time to kill if yer gonna start it . tell me what ya think and i'll post more if y'all are interested!
    Michelle still had a hard time now and then reconciling her desires with her catholic school girl upbringing. At this point in her life though, she had a pretty good hold on the facts that she was indeed, a great person, and having occasional intense feelings of lust doesn't really get you thrown in the fiery pits for all eternity. In fact, in this world full of so many bad acts by bad people, the thought of giving love, even if fleeting, to other likeminded human beings, couldn't be anything but a selfless, beautiful act. Plus, we all get our rocks off in the process, which is always good!
    She chuckled to herself with this last thought as she pulled into the bar's parking lot. Tonight she decided to do things a little different, and headed out to the Rock Rest Lounge in Golden, a place her cousin of all people had suggested. Of all people in the fact that they had become so much closer over the summer and even went so far as helping the other get laid! The Rock Rest is a college bar, but also a neighborhood bar, forever located on the Southwest side of Golden. Any given night you'd find longstanding rough locals, yuppies from lodo searching for more meaningful and authentic experiences, bikers playing pool and School of Mines students taking a mental break from their demanding college.
    Her ID checked at the door (it's always fun when that happens) she entered, alone on purpose. She wanted to see just where she would take herself, given her own desires as they came and went. The bar was lively this Friday night, the crowd feeling upbeat and happy at another work week done. Inside the decoration was wild, the Rock Rest had somehow gotten a hold of probably a dozen of these huge paper mache exotic animal heads. Over the bar is the rhino, with a beer tap out his snarling mouth of the brew of the month. Hippos, giraffes, alligators, all the great ones, hanging from the ceiling and walls gave the place an every day Mardi Gras feel.
    Saddling up the bar (as you do in the West), she ordered a gin and tonic to get the night off (nice phrasing she thought), and sat next to a young man who was ordering a round for his buddies at a nearby table. Glancing at each other they swapped friendly smiles, he blushed a bit at the attention. This fueled her confidence. She had dressed a bit "slutty" in her mind, but still not overtly whorish. A good combo to certainly draw attention from those she enjoyed it from. Tonight though she was in the mood for the clean cut, American, prom king virgin boy. Wearing a tight red tube top type, she was braless, and all was covered by a classic white button down men's oxford. The cleavage was just the right amount and the colors looked great against her pale skin. Tight jeans made her all American herself in the red, white and blue and the denim wrapped alluringly across her thighs and full fantastic butt. While the overshirt at this time hid it from view, she knew she could pull out her secret weapon at any time and seal the deal with the beau of her choice, should she be so lucky, and fortunate to find one worthy.
    The young man had taken a bunch of the pints back his table and came back for the last one. Behind her, she could here his 4 friends giving him a ribbing about his blushing when their eyes had met, this made her giggle at the sweetness of it all. Whispering seemed to be taking place as the bartender brought her drink. The small glass glistened with the prism of clear ice and liquid within it, a small quarter of lime placed upon the lip, she swirled it around the entire glass, then squeezed and dropped it in. The lime tart felt wonderful and her entire body began to become more alive.
    The man came back for his beer, and this time sat down. They turned and smiled again, she was a bit amazed, and proud of herself, a nibble already! Getting a chance to finally see him fully, she was also very pleased, this guy was cute! He certainly had the showered jock aesthtic going, but there was a brightness of intelligence in his eyes, penetrating deep green. Dark, short hair mussed up in the cool "style" of these days, he had great cheek bones and jaw, his neck strong blending into the shoulders which were wide, his henly type long sleeve sweater belying a good amount of muscle underneath. The chest kept this going, she could clearly make out well formed pecs, not ridiculously huge like a body builder, but absolutely in shape, she already wanted to just put her palm against him and feel the density. Although she was purposefully being a bit more brazen than usual tonight, she still couldn't get her eyes to go further down, and realized in a flash she had been looking him over something fierce. He probably thought she was going to devour him!! And they both thought at that moment, that wouldn't be so bad.
    He had certainly loved her initial glance and smile, and as he and his buds had talked about her, them working his confidence up to go get his beer and STAY awhile rather than run away, they all had commented on what they had seen from the moment she walked in the bar. Her face was friendly, and beautiful, her hair fun in a wild almost 80's kinda way. Her body was everyman's idea of attractive, and what little they could discern that she was giving them, she had the curves in all the right places. One of the group, Brian, was absolutely enamored at this point with her butt. Unfortunately the unwritten laws of gentlemen said that Kyle had made the first move at the bar, as tentative as it was, and he was the one with the luck to get to try to talk to her first.
    Kyle tried as hard as he could to remember all the rules of engagement with a girl, don't look below her chin, keep eye contact! Cheesey lines were never his style, so he just said, "Hi!"
    Michelle loved the voice, young and trying to be confident but still nervous at the attraction and the closeness the bar required. "Hey, how are you?"
    "Doing great! Love this place, it's got everybody!"
    "Yeah, I've never been here before, a friend recommended it though, it is cool. I hear a lot of students hang out here, are you one?"
    "Yeah, I guess I'm pretty easy to figure out that way, I'm certainly not tough enough to come across as a biker!" They both laughed a bit, Michelle, used to hangin' with the biker crowd again thought he was sweet. And for the first time, thought that maybe she'd enjoy defiling that sweetness. Her desires welled up again inside her, the ones that had prompted her to go out this night, the ones that gave her the excited energy to watch herself dress herself, picking the right outfit for her desired reactions, the ones that sometimes kept her up late at night, thinking deliciously salacious thoughts and exploring her own body, and the ones that had led to some of the most exciting, most liberating and most fulfilling sex of her life. She loved giving herself over now to those feelings again, she only hoped this sweet little boy could keep up.
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