hope the ladies enjoy this, part 2

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    Their conversation started to take off, he intrigued her with his college life stories, bringing her back to her days back when and she kept him rapt with tales of life beyond academia. She also aroused him and bouyed his confidence with her attentions. Her eyes were free to wander over his body and face and with each pass, she grew more attracted to this tight young piece of man. His thighs were full under the khakis, she began to be certain he was an athlete of somekind, and this amount of toned muscle certainly bore that out. Occassionaly she even let her wandering eyes slip down to his most prized possession. While difficult to fully make out, the package was most certainly there, and a bulge was always fun to take in.

    He too became more comfortable, and encouraged by her wandering eyes, he began to really check her out. The conversation moved into a nice stage of overdrive as the two young people took each other in. He could see her breasts filling out with each breath against the tight shirt fabric under the oxford. She finally moved at one point and he could now see fully her left breast and it made his blood boil in a second through his veins. Her nipple was rock hard against the red, and even her areola was puffed out some from her excitement. It was large he could tell and the obvious arousal sent a shockwave straight to his cock. Uncomfortably, he had to shift in his seat to accomodate his now engorging member, at once embarrased, but also at the same time hoping against hope that maybe she'd enjoy seeing his obvious excitement.

    She did. For the first time the amorphous bulge shifted as he had to spread his legs to allow some freedom of movement to his straightening, lengthening and thickening dick. Obviously he was wearing boxers, as she could now clearly make out the bulbous head hanging down the inside of his left thigh, god she thought, this is awesome!! Her thoughts of late had often centered around a well hung man who could fill her like no one else had ever been able, and this young suiter actually seemed to be packing what looked to possibly be worthy equipment! Her lust now kicked into another gear, she simply wanted to be taken and she wanted so much to take control and get what she wanted.

    An intense aura of sexuality now overcame them both with their physical revelations to each other, confirming their attraction. The conversation turned accordingly to brazen flirtation, she playfully but masterfully working on his young innocent boy image, he obediently following suit and wanting just to be taught by her. They now openly laughed at each other's lighthearted, but lustfilled comments, each one pushing the envelope further. Michelle decided it was time to find out just how far this yound stud she had found was willing to go. She reached out to him at one point during their bantering and placed her hand across his thigh, just above the knee. The energy she felt from him was absolutley intense, his muscles jumped at this first tentative touch but he subtly slid in his seat towards her even closer, hinting that he would not back away, but rather wanted her to go as far as she would.

    Finishing her drink, she excused herself to use the ladie's room. They both secretely breathed a sigh of relief as this had been such a fast and intense encounter. Rising from her seat, she felt dizzy, not at all from just one drink, but from the flood of emotions and her hot blood coursing through her veins. She took stock, then headed towards the restroom. She just needed a moment to regain herself and to for the last time, confirm what she wanted this evening to give.

    He too needed bit of a break and turning to watch her walk away, finally got a good look at her secret weapon. My god, what a fantastic butt!! If only things could keep going this well, he might just be able to explore that in every way he's always wanted. As he turned his eyes following her, he noticed his friends he had forgotten. They had been watching him, and knowing him as a quiet, reserved farm boy from the eastern plains, only know learning city life in college, they're jaws were literally on the table in awe at how he was doing.

    Once inside the bathroom, Michelle made her way to a stall. Clean white tiles, cold light and a smell of air freshener all snapped her head out of her dream state and she closed the door behind herself, laughing quietly at where she found herself. Sure she wanted to explore a man completely, and a strange man this time, she just never thought it would be this easy, or that he would be so perfect for her at this time. Unbuckling her belt sshe slid down her jeans, taking her panties with them and noticed to her astonishment, a wetness on them. This boy, and her playing with him, had actually made her visably wet and she realized it now for the first time. God it felt great! Her mind flashed back now as she sat down to his cock straining within his khakis, she wondered what it looked like, what it felt like, what it would taste like in her mouth, on her toungue, as far down her throat as she could manage.

    Peeing in the background she remembered her sturgis enounter with the mysterious and self-assured beautiful woman she had. She knew now she could make tonight whatever she wanted, she was that attractive, she could have anyone she wanted. And right now, Kyle was in her sights. Finishing, she tore off a piece of paper, and put her hand between her thighs, feeling the heat between them, it was steamy around her pussy. She wiped herself off, dropped the paper, and her fingers lingered on her lips now. They felt so sweet, hot, wet, velvety between her fingers, she bunched her two longest fingers together and rode them over her clit a few times, the lightening sensations blasting through her body, she now rubbed the entire length of her pussy and almost unconciously, plunged the two fingers into her wet hole, reaching back up to her g spot the sensations were other worldly. Not wanting to go all the way alone, she gave herself a few more strokes and a couple tough tugs on her lips and clit, it felt good tonight to be rough on herself. She rose, got redressed, composed herself, washed her hands, checked her hair, pushed her boobs around in the top and went back out to the bar.

    Kyle had ordered two fresh drinks for them both, his beer was settling out and the fine head only pushed her reeling brain further, "fine head", hehehe, she laughed to herself. As she walked by the other boys, his friends at the table, she looked them over, winked and continued to her chair. They almost fell over, she was too much!

    Sitting down she thanked him for the drink, took a big swig and turned to him rather matter-of-factly saying: "I like you..."

    "I like you too, you're cool!" he stammered out in reply.

    "I'd like to like more of you" she cooly continued, amazed at her own guts. Her pussy was tingling now between her ever heating thighs, pressed against her little hot panties and sliding over the leather seat. Her wettness was welling up again and she could feel her breasts swelling, that sweet sickness forming in her stomach, the butterflies that are so much more fleeting than the young days.
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