How do you masturbate, with various girth/length sizes?

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by D_4cw5yez, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. D_4cw5yez

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    Jun 8, 2011
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    I am curious. I have noticed larger girth people masturbate by rotating their hand around the shaft of their penis while they masterbate, maybe for better stimulation? What is your girth size and do you keep your hand in the same position and just go up and down, or do you rotate around the shaft while you go up and down?

    Also it seems like some longer people just stimulate the very end of the penis when they masturbate, do you use the whole shaft, or just the sensitive part.

    And lastly, lube or no lube?

    Just curious, if this is a bigger girth thing with the rotation or just a simple preference.
  2. B_thenakedgardener

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    sw uk
  3. sumbodii

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    Well thats a lot of questions, but since I've got a lot of time right now here goes.

    When I'm in a rush I don't use lube, just foreskin. When I really want to take my time use a little lube so I can directly stimulate my overly sensitive head but I alternate between direct stimulation and foreskin pulling.

    If using lube I only rotate when working myself up in the beginning but when into it I just pump up and down. With no lube I just pump.

    For my length I tend to work most of the upper part of my cock (about 2 thirds) without lube, sometimes using both hands to work the whole thing. With lube I use one hand to hold my foreskin back and stimulate the upper third, focusing on the head to bring myself to orgasm.

    For a demonstration of most of the above see my video! Edited out some of it to reduce size (of the video, not the cock :biggrin1:)
  4. Alexander the 8

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    Good questions and something that I must say varies a lot for me. A lot of it depending on mood, the moment etc.

    I do mostly prefer to double hand masterbate and find it the most satisfying way to DIY.
    I produce a lot of precum, which often negates the need for lube, but lube does add that extra sensual feeling.

    When my partner Fiona does the needful I must admit a lubbed hand job the way she 'works' it up is very very enjoyable. The turning massage motion of the hands is a great way to enhance the feeling and certainly makes me 'blast' more when edging.

    Getting back to masterbation, I find, palm 'down' motion over the head/mid shaft creates more friction, and in my case, tends to always leave the foreskin bunched up behind the head. Particularly if I'm gripping hard on the shaft immediately behind the head, forcing more swell to the head.

    Palm 'up' motion with one hand makes me tend to work more on the mid shaft working the skin back and forth with long motions and soon I need to use both hands with the other working the head and foreskin.

    Back to Fiona and the BJ masterbation. Nothing better than getting sucked off while working the shaft hard, particularly when your getting close to cumming.
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