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    That in life, what is disappointing people more than ever and has not changed..is to be lied to...or to find out they are being lied to.

    Throughout my time here on this planet...to now...through all the changes my life has seen. There is nothing more destroying to another than to find a lie.

    It causes suspicion, mistrust, depression, guilt, bullying...etc...,,,I digress again and go off on a tangent :)

    I find...even though I grew up most of my life without a phone...landline even :) I remember this being connected when I was 17...one of the first calls was to tell me Elvis had died. Social media has multiplied anxiety 100 fold.

    The truth is difficult to find these days....but perseverance and common sense..sometimes age :) usually leads to a balanced view of the world where it's not on the verge of extinction...but it could be if we accept lies as fact and don't bother to find the truth and stand up for it..
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