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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by roy86, Jul 8, 2009.

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    My girlfriend and I just started having sex. Thank you 4th of July. I expected her to hurt the first time, but she said during the second time it didn't hurt as much, but missionary still hurt her a lot - we switched to her being on top which didn't hurt her, doggy didn't hurt her, neither did me laying behind her.

    I put a pillow underneath hurt to try to make it more comfortable, but we just can't get going in the missionary position. Is that normal for it to still hurt real bad to where she can't take all of me, or is the angle bad?

    Also, I am not feeling much with a condom on - I switched from the Mag XL's to the regular Magnums for a tighter fit hoping I'd feel more, but I have to pull nearly all the way out and thrust back into her to feel more.
    Is that normal?

    Oh, and we 69'd. It was my first blow job ever. And it was awesome. I'm just putting that out there. haha
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    If the missionary isn't good for you, but you want something personal, try spooning then. It's very intimate and maybe easyer to enter her. Some positions won't work so you have to try others. I guess you don't have to worry.

    And with the condom, well wearing a condom makes you less sensitive so that is normal. But buy and try condoms, who knows, maybe you find some better ones :smile:

    Cool you had fun with 69
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