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    This story is true, so I will not give last names. Well when I was a young officer in the Army I use to go over to this place called Walers Recreation Center. When we could have free time this is where the soldiers went to drink beer and bowl. Well one day when I was all horny, this day was an exceptional day for it. I went into the bathroom (latrine) we called them in the army.

    I sat down in the last stall right against the wall and thought that I would have some privacy to beat my big 9.5x6.5" cock. I was sitting there with my pants around my ankle and my shorts up near my knees. I was feveriouly whacking my wand when this guy walked into the stall right next to mine. I paid him no mine and said hell he is in here to do the same thing i was doing so I got back to pleasuring my horse cock.

    I looked down at the floor and this guy was taping his left foot on the floor. I did the same thing back and this went on for about two or three minutes. There was a large hole in the stall wall and all of a sudden I looked over and saw the name on the pocket of this guy and low and beholdit was a guy who was in my platoon. His name was Gary, he was leaning back against the wall and he was beating his meat too.

    I was so shocked to see that it was him, but I kept on doing what I was doing. He looked over at my cock and looked at it for awhile and stopped beating his meat. I was rock solid hard and my uncut rod was bending to the right and the foreskin had retracted and it left my big bulbous head exposed and shiny.

    After about ten minutes I ran my finger around the hole and he must have know what it meant becasue he stood up and put his studly white tool through. Dude was I ever impressed, it musthave been about 9" too, but just about as thick as a fucking beer can. I took notice that it was definitely thicker than mine. He requested in a nice tenor manly voice if I would service him and I said yes. It turned me on so much knowing that this Lieutenant was letting me do him, we were the same rank, but i had more service time did he.

    This was such a turn on that he said would you service me, I was the one who was his boss and this excited the mostly. His dick was straight as an arrow and very veiny. The bottom vein was so fucking huge, I was just thinking that this soldier was going to blow his baby batter from that big as vein. I sucked him for about ten minutes and another guy came in, but thank GOD he went to the other stalls on the adjacent wall. He must have known what was going on because he started to beat his meat and it was loud.

    Gary and I got so damn hard and extra randy, he put his dick back through and
    I sucked him for about five more minutes and man it could not grow any more so I thought. I could feel the girth spreading between my lips as I was gentle with him. He smelled of baby powder that he sprinkles on his balls everyday I was sure. All of a sudden he started to moan in a deep voice and the guy in the other stalls spoke out and said dude are you about to erupt that thing? He responded back and said yes, before i could get it out of my mouth it must have gushed like a fucking volcano. So much of his seed went into my mouth and I almost gagged on it, but I had to spit it out and it was running down my chin and he left it there through the whole and he must have shot three feet of a solid thick load of cum, it went all over my spit shined boot.

    I did not mind at all because it was Gary, He was a blond stud that stood about 6'1" and about 175 soaking wet. He left it sticking through the hole and he said come on man finish me off. I said What! he said yes, i need to cum again because I have not shot a wad since we have been in training. excited from all of this I continued to suck him and I was beating my meat like a fucing mad man and all of a sudden I started to belch loads of cum out of my turgid rod and he shot without warning again just as much as he did before. I must have cum enough to fill a shot glass all over the door and floor.

    He said thank you man and regained his composure and left. I tried to clean all of the cum up from the wall where he dripped and where i had spewed. Another guy walked in and came to that stall, I did not have time to clean up all of the spooge. There was no dougt that he did not know what happen from the trails of cum.

    Gary never looked at me strangely or nothing and I never said anything to him about that incident. I really don't thing or know that it was me. I will never forget this meeting. Gary M. if you are out there and you read this you will know who you are. :toast:
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    I had sex with an officer during basic training... okay, she wasn't an officer yet. She was a 19 year old ROTC canidate and she was in the hospital the same time I was. we had rooms next to each other and it wasn't really full on sex. I ate her pussy and she gave me a hand job. Hell, just having a girl in the next room was heaven after 8 weeks of basic. Hey, officers need sex too.
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    im not a gay male, but still love the story.
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