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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by anon_anon, Jun 13, 2005.

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    Hey Everybody. I actually feel I know you all pretty well. I've been a lurker here for about a year now and visit reguarly. I find this to be a very challenging place, where sexuality is discussed very openly.

    I wanted to ask does anyone else find it hard to deal with some of the content of this site. As someone who will never experience some of the attention and desire focused on guys with big dicks, It depresses me to think that I'm missing out and cannot offer people something that size myself. It does not help that big dick porn really turns me on and that women who have size preferences are also a turn on.

    Any thoughts?
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    Welcome Anon--I'm glad some of the lurkers are starting to say hello. Don't be shy, join in the party.
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    Well, factually speaking, unless you do something drastic in the way of silicon injection or constant pumping enlargement, you won't know what it feels like to be any bigger than you are. And it seems unlikely that the dick sizes in porn will decrease any time soon; in fact, that camera is going to show the dick in the most flattering way possible so that you think it's garguantuan, even when it isn't all that larger than average.

    Be assured, though, that bigger dicked guys have their share of problems. Regarding the women I see and meet on here that love size, I chuckle a bit because I can't think of too many women I've fooled around with that can handle mine without complaint. Either we spend a lot of time lubing and do foreplay, or they can't suck much of it without scraping it with teeth, or they're too nervous to relax in the first place. Trust me -- whatever size you are, you've got your problems. Either you think you're not competent enough or skilled enough to do your thing in the bedroom, or, as much as you want to do that, your partner feels way too uncomfortable or nervous or tense enough to try.

    But hey, if anything, I like playing with mine just fine. :)
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