Is OG Mudbone the real king?

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    Look at the details here. Similar products can be found on the market of fake semen shooting dildos. There was even a trending video of a cam girl riding one that was enormous (it looked like it had hair ties or scrunchies at the base of it or some reason), and shot a huge cumshot just like mudbone. He grips this thing with his thighs, it has a cumshot that rivals a horse, and it doesn't move properly when performing. Obviously it is being planted down against the bed by this suction cup on the bottom or whatever that is. If you watch the video Skim Tube - Katie Cox - LOL Cumshots - OG Mudbones Grandslams Katies Twat! (I don't care where you watch it this isn't some advertisement!) at 6:01, you can see that while og mudbone doesn't move, his dick does. SO much that you'd think it's detached. He also hides the base of it in all his photos and videos with his hands or shirt etc. You notice that in any other pornography videos the male's cock n balls are so exposed you almost see his asshole? Not mudbone. Not even close. I do believe, however, that it's fun to believe in the fantasy. The guy is hilarious, the women look awesome working that rubber, you fap and have a good time. No big deal. Oh and also, notice that there is no information you can find on him? Just promotional stuff.
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