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    suaige: I just had a really weird experience.

    On the way home from a date, (Ballroom dancing it was great) I found out the girl I have just started to date was told some time ago by someone I thought I could trust about my sexlife while I was married :blink: and why I had the troubles I did :wacko: .

    Some months ago while her roommate was dating my roommate, she figured out who that I was the person she was told about, it wasn't really hard.

    I think I handled it pretty well, it was really awkward, and I happened to be wearing one of my more revealing pair of pants, which made me really self conscious.

    Last week I started attending church with this guy and his wife, and I am not sure i want to know how many people in my congregation know. I really want to tell him to shut his trap, but not sure how to do it without telling him what and how I know for my dates sake. A long time I ago I learned not to tell him anything, when he told a guy who had commented about "getting together" with me that I was really hung right in front of me.

    I guess be careful who you talk to and who you go to the gym with.

    Man this is weird, not really sure what to do, but just wanted to get it out and thought people who would understand me bet good to get it out to.

    Fortunately my date still likes me (heading in the girl friendish direction) :) and even thinks I look good in the pants I was wearing. Now I am curious if she has been looking.

    You know its kind of weird I don't think it is that she knows so much as it is how she found it. I mean we all know it is there and there aint much we can do about bulge, mine I don't think is that huge, but its there.

    se la vi, eh.
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