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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Imported, May 10, 2005.

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    mysteryman: Last Night i met this mexican girl. My roommate put me down with her through a girl he fucks frequently. So after he told both of them about me, she was eager to meet me. I came home last night and the mexican chick and white chick were here. I think so at first but the mexican chick was pretty cute.In my opinion she was a little young though at 17 and me at a very mature and independent 23. We got off on the wrong foot at first because she thought it was cute.
    Finally when my roommate and the white girl went in their room she calmed down and i spit game to her a little bit and talked her into my room. I ask her what she is willing to go through with and like most girls on a first night says she not that type. After much failure at talking her into it, I finally just pull my dick out of the front hole of my boxers. She was laying with her butt almost touching my upper thighs. She had these short cheerleading shorts on. I began to grope the underside of her pussy with my dick, wasn't big or hard yet. After continually stroking between where thighs and such a small amount of cloth on the outside since they were short and almost in her butt, I imagined and it felt like I was touching bare pussy.
    I got hard and now she told me to get a condom, you girls can't resist that head touching your pussy sometimes and give in. I got it in my pants opened it and kissed on her and told her to take her pants off. She said try pulling it to the side. I think they were too tight for this. Now I couldn't touch the pussy after swithching positions and got limp. She caught an attitude. Again I tried telling her to jack me off, give me some head, or let me finger her(MY favorite, Juice turns me on). She like before said she doesn't like to touch on people or be touched. I think she thought she was fat which she was a little overweight compared to what I like (Petite) but not to fat she's nasty. AFter no chance for foreplay which I am used to, I couldn't get hard again.
    Here lies the problem, I haven't had sex since last March where I bust in a girl's pussy. Mouth Once, since then but I bought some head in Mexico, never have a problem getting hard and staying with head. My Dick always goes limp. Probably 5 times since and always with girls I am not really into but want ass. Most not to bad looking but mostly throw some ass my way because I look pretty good or my personality. One thing I think it is is that I think they will think my dick is small. 4" x 4.1" 18 hours of the day. I get to 7" x 5" when fully erect.
    I also think I may have seen too many naked men, I am constantly on sites like this because I have to compare my dick with others since I think it's small. I am not going to do this anymore and just watch lesbian flicks to appreciate the women now. I am strictly hetero and would never let myself be gay. After sometimes I think I might let a guy suck my dick (doubt cuz it's gay) but never touch a man. I'd be alone first.
    How can I stay hard? Do I need to be more passionate? When I had a steady girl that I knew loved me and didn't care about my dick size, I fucked bout 20 times a week. Some told me I had a small dick and some girls moaned from pain as they said they couldn't take any more dick. Someone give opinion about my size and problem. Also, here are some pics for reference. I am a mixed asian and black guy and think I got my asian half.




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    If you don't like your dick, I'll trade :evilgrin:
    Looks pretty good to me!

    You do just didn't hit it off. I don't think it was penis failure. It was personality failure.
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    You "spit game to her a little bit." What the hell is that? Did she have to clean up after you did that?

    Honestly, either you were extremely tired when you wrote that, or I was extremely tired when I read it, because it was like it was written by someone with Attention Defecit Disorder.

    On a serious note, here's what I can get out of your post:
    --You have a great dick in your pics, so you haven't got anything to worry about
    --Except for maybe trying too hard to get in her pants, the biggest failure was that neither of you were really into each other.
    --Quit buying head and whatever else in Mexico--you are worth more than that and you don't need to catch something you can't get rid of. Plenty of chicks will want an Asian/mix guy with a big dick like yours. For free.
    --It's not a matter of letting yourself be gay. You either are, or aren't, or have some degree in-between. You like pussy, so go get all the kitties that you can. You'll find the right ones to make you stay stiff, like your last steady girl who loved you.
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