Ji-tae Yu: Very good-looking, tall and slim actor

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    In movie OLD BOY There are actually two scenes of this very good-looking, tall and slim actor exiting his shower-cubicle. The first is from a distance and not very clear except on zoom. However, the second time there is an almost identical scene seen at close range and from a better angle in which we see Ji-tae exit his shower, holding a towel in front of him, and walk nonchantly across the well-lit open-plan room. The scene occurs at approx. 1h26 into the movie and is a welcome sight as Ji-tae's bum, whilst not muscular, is a nice shape and is seen to good advantage here. I'd be more tempted to rate this 2.5 stars as Ji-tae seems very comfortable in the scene and it is not that short. Slightly off-putting is the cross-like tattoo at the base of his back however.

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