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    My name’s Jack. I’ve been posting my stories here for a while and a lot of great people have left some great messages, so I thought I should introduce myself.

    I’m glad so many of you have enjoyed my stories. I have been posting them for a long time on Literotica.com. When I heard about LPSG.org on the radio I stopped by to check it out and found there was a forum for fictitious stories, so I gave it a shot. I want to thank the moderators for giving my a chance to share my work with the other members.

    My wife and I live in the Detroit area with our three boys, 16, 10 and 15 months. I recently published my first two books, spy thrillers about Josh McGowan, a US Navy Intelligence Officer. The first book is "Change of Heart" and the second book is "An Innocent Among Them". The third book in the series, "Widow of Calcutta", is planned for release in 2006. I have posted some reviews on the message board on my website, ww.burpingfrog.com. I also have some contemporary short stories there, as well as some sports stats for people who love that stuff, like me.

    I love hot rods and I have a sports car in the garage that I am trying to hot rod, but it gets increasingly more difficult and frustrating without money. I have also been studying Kung Fu San Soo for about four years, under a Master who was a student of Grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo back in the seventies. About a year ago I got my black belt, and recently got my teacher’s certifcate and hope to get my first degree black shortly.

    Sorry to go on for so long, and thanks again for making me feel so welcome.
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    Well, I don't like spy thrillers, but some of your Literotica postings are nice.
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