La Partie Deux. . .

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    China_deSade: She knew She didn't have to promise.
    Her word was law.
    She moved to the closet and pulled out a new dress,
    a short and sheer plain white dress that would mimic
    Her own creamy white skin.
    Out of the shopping bags She pulled matching lacy
    white panties and stockings,
    An outfit I'd never seen Her in.
    My fingers shook as I attempted to help Her zip the dress.
    She looked divine.
    Her large breasts pressed against the sheer
    material of the dress.
    The high cut of the panties was plainly visible.
    She stepped into a pair of heels and picked up
    Her large black vinyl purse.
    She always had some favourite toys in that bag.
    She handed it to me and headed fore the door.

    "Come." She ordered.

    As we walked outside,I could feel the metal studs
    rubbing against my shaved pussy.
    One of them was placed perfectly over my clit.
    If I took long steps it dragged right between the
    top of my lips and send shivers over my entire body.

    She got behind the driver's seat,something
    She never does when we go together.
    I handed Her the keys,beginning to wonder if maybe
    she had some role-playing swapping in mind and already
    dreamed of what I'd want from Her.
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