La Partie Six

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    China_deSade: I swung again and heard Her whimper.
    I thought about what She would normally be doing now -
    spanking me until I cried and then pushing
    my head down to pleasure Her.
    I swung again.
    She reached back and pulled Her panties down below
    Her buttocks.
    I wanted to scold Her like She would me,tell Her
    not to do anything without my command.
    Instead,I stared at her reddened ass.
    And,I swung again.
    Her ass jumped. I put a hand against her crotch,
    pressing the leather and steel tighter against me.
    She pulled Her panties all the way off.
    She turned and looked right at me as She balled them
    into Her mouth,pulled Her dress up and bent over again.
    I began to feel brave.
    I reached up and a hand on Her back,holding Her down
    on the hood, and swung hard with the paddle.
    I felt Her jump under my hand.
    I swung again.
    She pushed up under my weight.
    But,I pressed down hard and swung;again.
    I was beginning to feel really powerful.
    She was whimpering.
    I didn't stop until the first tear hit the hood of the car.
    I watched Her pull the panties from Her mouth and stand.
    The look of control slowly returned to Her face.

    "Open." She ordered.
    I opened my mouth to accept Her panties.
    She got back into the car. I returned to driver's seat.

    "Home." She ordered.

    I could taste Her in my mouth, the smell of Her wetness
    and the satin panties rising to my nose.
    We arrived in the driveway and She pulled
    the panties from my mouth.
    She pulled the shoulders down on my dress
    to release the nipple clamps.
    I moaned loudly as the blood rushed back into
    my sore nipples.
    She pulled the shoulders back up and got out of the car.
    I followed Her and unlocked the door for Her.
    Inside,She stripped down to the stockings,heels,and collar.
    I stood by the door awaiting Her next order,confused by this game.

    She went to bar and fixed a drink.
    She brought it to me and knelt at my feet.
    I sipped the drink and considered my next move.
    I decided to give Her one chance to confirm what She
    I went to the bedroom and retrieved leather wrist cuffs
    from the drawer of toys.
    I stode back into the hall and handed them to Her.
    She put them on with Her eyes downcast.

    That was enough for me.

    I wiggled out the leather g-string. I pulled the dress
    over my head and looked down at Her beautiful face.
    I reached down and cuffed Her wrists to the
    collar at Her neck.
    I helped Her stand and led the way back to the bedroom.
    I wanted to make the night last.
    But,I was so hot I knew I couldn't accomplish
    everything I desired without some relief first.

    "Boots" I said trying to sound confident.
    She knelt and untied my boots,allowing me
    to step out of them.
    I sat back on the bed and relaxed for a moment before
    motioning Her over.
    She crawled over and fell flat,unbalanced
    without the use of her arms.
    I pulled Her head between my thighs and began to push
    myself against Her waiting mouth.
    I was soaked from this evening's buildup.
    Soon,I was shaking all over and my hand was clutch
    the pillows.

    Closer and Closer. . .She stopped.
    A loud moan escaped my lips and my eyes flew to Her.
    She was kneeling upright,my juices covering Her smile.
    She sat up,staring into my eyes the whole time.

    "Unlock Me." She commanded.

    I sat stunned for a moment.
    Close,so Close. . .

    "Unlock Me!" She yelled.
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