ladies, ever get extremely wet, while going commando under your pants or skirt?

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    Have any ladies out there ever gotten extremely wet in the crotch under their pants, skirt or dresses, while going commando with no undies on?

    I had a woman tell me she got horny while at work, while fantasizing, and she had no panties on, but the crotch of her pantyhose was soaked...she had to run to the ladies room,and put a spare pair on....she considered removing them, and going with out the pantyhose all day, but people would notice and wonder why...LOL

    I heard of another who wore a mid length skirt, no panties or hose on, who became really wet at one point in the day, and said she had to go to the ladies room to "take care of herself" as she put it...then cleaned herself up.

    That would be awful being a dude, to do that, especially if they were light colored pants hahahhaha
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