Leaving part 2

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    ‘My queen, you are beautiful, a pink orchid beaded with dew.’ His finger reached out to trace a circle around her entrance, the pleasure coaxing more moisture from her, as his finger entered her she sighed with satisfaction and slowly he began stroking her, his finger moving in long tender strokes inside her, she felt herself blossoming under his touch, opening. His hands were on her and carefully he parted the wet pink petals, breathed her in, then tasted. Trembling under him she let him take his fill of her. Her hands reached for him playing at the hair that licked at his neck. His tongue dipped into her red centre, licked slowly over the candy pinkness of her wet labia, finally coming to rest on the pink hard bud of her clitoris. His tongue caressed it, circled it, made it ache with the need for release. Shafts of pleasure pierced her, sent pang after pang of aching ecstasy crashing through her.

    Slowly he rose, moved with grace to kneel between her open thighs, to look down on the wet and fragrant flower nestled between her thighs, her aroma drifted upwards warmly and he breathed her in. Placing his hand on her breast he could feel her heart beat under his palm, like a trapped bird trying to fly free. His manhood was fully engorged, the golden rod threaded through with veins of pale amethyst, he bought the head to the mouth of her passage and with one long sure thrust entered her, penetrated her to the core. She moaned, her eyelids flickered as she felt him fill her completely, painfully, joyfully. Holding his weight on his arms, the muscles knotted, he looked down on her and she looked back, in his eyes she saw the reflection of her love. Breathing out as he breathed in, moving against and under him. She reached to pull him to her, wanting to feel his weight crushing her, wanting to be so close she didn’t know where she ended and he began. He covered her with his love and together their bodies sang a song of fire and wind, flames dancing and wind gyring out of control. His hips drove his weapon into her sweet sheath and together they moved towards a crescendo of emotion, higher and higher into bliss. Finally he thrust into her deeply and moaned, one long deep moan wrung from deep in his soul. His seed filled her, she felt it scalding deep inside her, wave after wave. Finally spent he slumped atop her, his arms enfolding her, his embrace holding her to his heart.

    He rose looking down on her as she lay replete, complete. His mind journeying back just four short nights to the time when he had been summoned by her pain, a calling he could not refuse. He had travelled through black time, ancient space to answer her call. She had lain in a pool of her own life’s blood that spread around her like black poisonous flowers. His heart had overflown with the compassion that was his substance, with the love that he was born from. Reaching for her dripping wrists he held them in his hands and the blood stopped flowing, the scars healed to become distant memories. His mouth opened over hers and he took away from her all her pain, all her yesterdays, filled the despairing spaces with desire for him. Healed her raped ravaged spirit, shouldered the heavy burden of her agonies.

    He held inside the tears that yearned to be released as gently he roused her.

    ‘It’s time to go,’ his voice was soothing and low. He flexed his back and his wings spread reaching the edges of the room, white, and gold, soft as a dream and strong as the heartbeat of the universe. A nimbus of radiance and shining power settled over him and he reached for her hand and willingly she came. One glance she cast behind her to see the frigid shell she left behind on her lonely bed. The moon outside cast mystery over the world as he enfolded her in his arms and took her to the waiting light.
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    That was really good. I like the perspective of female, sexual and salvation by love. Good stuff.

    Somewhat suicidal sounding. Is it?
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    Well well well Spoiled Princess..
    That was a surprise ending!
    Very enjoyable, a short masterpiece of emotional Opera.
    Thanks for posting!
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    Great ending and great tale.

    Thanks, Princess. \m/
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