little johnny

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    so, little johnny decides to take a shortcut on the way home after grade school. he's cutting through a dark alley and looks over by a trash can and sees a welders hood. he picks it up and is walking around making darth vader noises and raising and lowering it. having a great time playing with it. all good. so as he proceeds down the alley with the hood one he comes upon an old beat up 69 dodge fury with smoke crusted windows. as he approaches the car, a window cracks slightly and he hears

    psst hey kid

    he gets closer and hears again psst, hey kid

    johnny says, what?

    the voice from within asks, do you know what a pedophile is??

    johnny says no, and then the voice says, low and raspy, do you know what fellatio is?

    johnny says no, and then the voice asks, well, do you know what sodomy is??

    johnny lifts the hood and says

    look mister, i just found this hat, i'm not really a welder!!!
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