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    So I was wondering if any other guys here have had this happen to them (warning I'm never a brief story teller, but it ain't bullshit):

    A while ago my girlfriend and I were in bed, falling asleep. She was having trouble falling asleep and was apparently in the mood, but I was half asleep, so she just started jerking me off anyway. I started coming to and she and I both noticed I was getting much more aroused than usual (I'm normally on a good day, 7.4x5.5 and around 7.75BP - and can get a BPFS of about 8.2 not that a flaccid stretch matters to much when it comes to sex I guess if you're into PE).

    Anyway I was getting noticeably harder/longer than usual - like the throbbing sensation was just bursting..not really sure how else to describe it, but my girlfriend was getting pretty excited so I snapped to pretty quickly haha. Normally I can fit both hands around my shaft up to the 6.75 mark leaving a little over half an inch of my head exposed (which is 1.6" itself). So wanting to check out what was happening I went to put my hands around the shaft of my dick and immediately noticed that not only was the entire 1.6 inches of my head exposed, but what I estimated was another quarter inch of the shaft. I can't even get that much exposed when i press my hands down to my pubic bone, and I definitely was not pressing down - I even asked my girlfriend to double check for me - It went down something like this:

    Me: "Uh.. can you check this..its like way bigger than normal and I just want to make sure I'm not imagining things..."
    Her: "Jesus - you're big already, but holy shit it's fucking huge right now!"

    In the heat of the moment I wasn't going to turn on the lights and go grab a ruler to see exactly how big it was, but I'm estimating it grew up to 8.5" or so, my girlfriend stated as she rode me that it felt a lot thicker too, but who the hell knows how much haha.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? This is the only time it's happened to this extreme for me. My girlfriend stated to me on a few separate occasions that it felt bigger than usual, but nothing to the extent of this night.
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