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    Not written by me but love the style....

    'Look But Don't Touch, Part 1' - gay sex story @ Menonthenet.com's Gay Erotic Stories

    Hey, tell me something. That cop that arrested you, did he get it up? You know, did he get a bone?” I thought Butch was asleep. He’d been lying on the upper bunk for an hour while I read.

    “Hell yeah”, I answered, “he was real turned on. Dripping wet and ready, the son of a bitch!”

    Butch laughed, a deep and slow rumble in his chest. Then I watched the bottom of his mattress shift with his weight as he rolled toward the wall and went quiet, again. He was a weird one. When the deputy shoved me into the cell, back on Saturday morning, he told Butch I’d been picked up at the I-65 rest stop for soliciting sex from a county sheriff.

    Butch thought it was a great joke. For two days he’d been asking me about it over and over. He was in for assaulting the cop who stopped him for drunk driving. That was his great joke, “Fuck ‘em or fight ‘em, they gonna put you in jail either way!” He didn’t seem to particularly hate cops, just thought they were always in his way when he wanted to be free to do whatever the hell he wanted.

    Jail time was just a nuisance, a sort of penalty “time out” for a while, and then he went back to work. He drove big machinery for construction, claimed he could get a job anytime he wanted to work. I guess I resented that about him more than anything. I always had a hard time finding a job and then an even tougher time holding it. Nobody much wanted to hire a gay man. I could act straight enough to get hired sometimes, but on the job somebody usually figured it out within a couple of days.

    My most recent job lasted three months, cashier in a seven-eleven. That was long-term employment for me. Then a teen-age kid on the night shift decided he wanted my day job. He asked me to swap. When I turned him down, he went to the owner and told him I tried to grab his dick. So, I get fired and the kid gets my day shift. Hey, life ain’t fair, right? Who you think the owner’s gonna believe?

    So I’m broke and unemployed, thumbing my way south and away from the cold weather when this guy drops me off at the rest stop and leaves without me. Hell, I drove for him a couple of hours while he napped, then he didn’t need me anymore, so he dumped me. I was looking around for anybody looked friendly, to beg change for the candy machine, when this older guy started looking me over, checking me out. He wasn’t bad looking, tall and well built. I figured him for a married closet case looking for some quickie romance, you know.

    He nods his head toward the john and smiles at me so I follow him inside and there he is at the urinal with his dick out. He’s stroking a big boner and turns sideways so I can watch. I go over to the trough next to him and he says to me, “How much to take care of this for me?”

    “Huh?”, I say. I’m not sure if he wants me to pay him or what. You never know what people got in mind.

    “Come on, man. I need a blowjob real bad! How much you charge?” He had this real desperate intensity, like he really needs it and it was killing him to ask.

    “Shit, I donno, dude. Not in here!” I’m looking around, thinking somebody might come walking in. “Where’s your car? You buy me something to eat, maybe give me a lift, I’ll do you good, okay?” Then it’s all slam, bam, thank you, mam! He’s grabbing me, putting me on the floor and cuffing me, feeling all my pockets and my crotch while his red dick is still hanging out! He felt up my cock a little too much, I think it pissed him off that I wasn’t hard.

    He rolled me over, face up, and knelt over me with his cock right at my lips. “Yeah, I’ll give you something to eat, punk, and I’ll give you a ride, too, right to jail!” If his beeper hadn’t gone off then, I think he was about to stuff it in my mouth, seriously! But he went kind of purple in the face and his cock started to droop as soon as that little beep sounded. He wheezed as he climbed to his feet and put his dick away before he checked the beeper.

    For some strange reason, Butch loved the story. I donno what part of it got him off but he kept asking about it every couple of hours. I had to go see some judge in a few days, find out how much time I would pull. Butch said I would probably get off with probation which meant I was suppose to stay in this ass-hole state another six months or so. Fuck that. They let me out of here and I’m in Florida before dark. They can keep me on papers a hundred years, I’ll never cross their damn state line again, guaranteed! Sure, it was entrapment, but you think the judge is gonna believe me?

    I hate fucking westerns, okay? But it’s all Butch has got. I read anything rather than walk in small circles, so I read Canyon Massacre, chapter nineteen. Shit. Butch is tossing, restless. He dropped his feet over the side of the upper bunk and jumped down from his ivory tower. “Dawley!”, he bellows like a ship captain. “Dawley, get back here and let me out!”

    He peeled his tee shirt off and tossed it on his bunk, dropped his baggy white boxers, peeled off the dirty white socks. He managed to keep his back to me, like I’d be watching? Then he yells, again. “I need a shower, Dawley, get your ass in gear!” He stood in front of the barred door and pressed his face to the side, tried to see down the hall to the guard’s station. From his waist down to mid thigh was pearl white. His ass stood out in contrast to the rest of his sunburnt and tanned body. His feet were pale, too. He must work in shorts or cut offs.

    His massive shoulders were darkest, a deep mahogany that faded to lighter fawn color down his back and his sides. The cut at his waist was a hard line of brown over milky white. Nice ass, no hair. These blond guys almost never had hairy butts. I heard the door open at the end of the hall. “About time! I figured you was asleep, Dawley. Was you dreaming about me? You gimme a smoke and I’ll let you watch me shower.” He looked over his shoulder at me and winked. With all his talk, he still grabbed a towel and covered his dick before he stepped back for Dawley to open the door.

    Dawley was a true red neck, hill-billy. A gaunt string bean frame with big ears and a long nose over a wide, always smiling mouth. His blue eyes had a wide open flat stare that might mean he was dumb or might mean he had no heart at all, hard to tell. He had big old hands and huge feet and a very interesting bulge that looked like a flashlight hanging down the inside of his left thigh. Jesus, that hick was hung!

    “Come on, pretty boy”, Dawley pointed at me. “You get a shower, too. I ain’t coming back in here tonight. You keep Butch company. I’ll give you both a pack of squares if you drop the soap and let me watch. Come on, I ain’t got long ‘till break.”

    “Okay, okay!” I jumped up and quickly stripped off my shorts, I wasn’t wearing anything else. I took a towel from the shelf and stepped to the door before I realized both of them were watching me. They glanced at each other and grinned. “Nice ass, pretty boy. You better keep an eye on your roomy, Butch. I’ll be trying to move in and cut you out!” Dawley laughed.

    “Now you see why Rottenham pinched him?” Butch asked, “He probably got pissed when the kid wouldn’t put out for him.” They laughed and both tried to not look at me as we walked the short distance to the showers. I liked the attention, so I stepped out ahead of them and gave an extra sway to my walk. I just put the towel across my shoulder and gave them a good show of young high ass. They didn’t talk much. I didn’t have to look back to know they were staring at me. Men always did, even when I had pants on. I just happen to have one of those perfect, fine, pear shaped asses.

    Women get jealous. Priests start saying their Rosary. I can silence an entire gym of sweaty men just by doing a few push-ups in my red satin shorts! But the irony is I don’t get into catching. Funny, huh? I mean, hey, I’ve tried it. But it never gets me off. I get a charge out of being top man. I like to ride. All that beautiful ass that follows me around is just false advertisement. But I do get a power trip from seeing men stare, slack jawed and wanton. I love to see a great big cock, all charged up and ready. I even like to smell and taste of them. But nothing like lifting a man’s legs over my shoulders and pumping his ego into a whipped cream frenzy!

    You just can’t tell a book by its cover, you know? I may look for all the world like a bone hungry twink, but I’m a stud boy in disguise. Lot a guys get a big surprise when they finally, at long last, get me into their bed and find out, the hard way, what they brought home! See? The poor guys don’t think they want to let me fuck them, they thinking they just gonna bust my ass. But when they get a few drinks, get relaxed and really turned on? Hell, then they do about anything to get a nut. I don’t even care about the sissies. I ain’t looking for a ready and willing fuck. I like the challenge of fucking a guy that don’t even know he’s that kind of a guy! Let me climb in bed with him and before he can say, “I don’t do that”, he already did!

    Butch took the showerhead at the far end, as far from me as he could get. Dawley sat on a bench and pulled out his walky talky, kept up a conversation with somebody while watching my every move. I put on a nice act for him. I soaped up and turned so he could see every angle of my body. Butch glanced over his shoulder a couple of times, but he stood facing the wall the whole time. I realized I had not seen his dick in the two days and nights I’d been in here. He always managed to keep it covered. I started to wonder what he was hiding.

    When I cut off the water and started drying myself, Dawley stepped back in the lavatory section and motioned me over with a wave. He went to one of the urinals and called me over, “What’s your name, Devline, something like that?”
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    “Devin. Devin Campbell. You can call me pretty boy, I like that!” I smiled at him, wondering if he was really getting friendly or just about to rape me.

    He unzipped his fly and pulled out that god awful whopper! Geeze, it kept coming and coming. Looked like a foot long sausage! It was uncut and wrinkled brown. Jesus! He watched my reaction with a grin, then turned to the urinal and splattered the porcelain with a stream of piss like a fire hose. “I just wanted to let you know”, he told me, “If Butch ain’t got enough to keep you happy, well. I’m here. You know?” He squeezed it and shook it off, turned back to me with it laying across his hand and drooping down. “This ain’t nothing, wait till you see it get hard.” It took a major effort for him to get it back inside and hanging down his leg.

    I kept my mouth shut. He was free to think whatever he wanted to think, but it might be dangerous to my health to tell him I’d rather fuck his skinny ass than to take his pride and joy. He wouldn’t understand, you know? And what did he mean about Butch not having enough? Is that why he keeps it hid? Is he ashamed of it?

    Just then, Butch came out of the shower with his towel securely in place.

    “Hey, what you guys doing?”

    “Nothing”, I told him, “Just another cop with secret desires for hot punk sex. It’s a weakness, comes with the job.” Butch laughed, Dawley didn’t.

    Dawley says, “I ain’t got no secrets, pretty boy. Hell, I’d fuck you with my momma watching!” Then they both laughed.

    “Lights out in ten minutes.” Dawley checked his watch as he hurried us into the cell and slammed the door. “And I’m on break til then, so keep it down, okay?”

    I picked up my dirty drawers and started washing them at the lavatory. I didn’t have a spare pair, so I’d have to sleep naked. Butch sat on my bunk in his towel. He had extra drawers, but he didn’t seem in a hurry to get dressed. I kept wondering what he was hiding, so I noticed that he sat with his legs apart. If I had a reason to bend down I could look up under his towel and see his business. He was watching my ass. “You like my butt, huh?”

    “Hell yeah. It looks just like a woman. Dawley showed you his cock, didn’t he?”

    “Well, he kinda waved it around, made it available, yeah. It’s a hog nose monster! Them hill-billys grow ‘em like corn cobs, don’t they?”

    “Are you gonna do him? You gonna give him some ass?”

    “You fucking kidding?”, I turned to him with a look of amazement. “You gotta know what I’m thinking about cops right now! The only way Dawley is gonna get any of my ass is with his tongue! He can damn well kiss it but he ain’t gonna fuck it while I’m still alive, I guarantee you!”

    He laughed. Butch liked that. “He might just kiss it if you let him. He wants it that bad. I’d love to watch whatever you guys do. After lights out, call him back here for something. I’ll stay up top and pretend to be asleep. Man, I’d give anything to watch you go at it. I don’t do nothing, myself, but I love to watch.” He had a shame faced look, like he didn’t want to admit it.

    I wrung out my drawers and hung them up on the towel bar. “How come you don’t do nothing yourself? I mean, hell, nothing wrong with looking but it’s lots more fun to get busy, ain’t it?”

    “Well, I got this problem, see? I always been real shy about my body. I can’t keep it up, you know? Not if anybody touches it. Aw, you wouldn’t understand. Fuck it.” He started to get up but I sat beside him and grabbed his arm without thinking, pulled him back down.

    “Wait, man. If you got a problem you need to work on it. Don’t let it eat up your life!” I wondered if he would take offense at my hand on his arm but he didn’t. He settled back and sort of hung his head. Weird. Butch’s strutting arrogance was his most noticeable feature. This was like a different guy, shy and ashamed.

    “Nobody understands. I can’t help it! I always been this way. Anybody even looks at my dick and I get all excited, and hard as hell. I can even get it off just by having somebody look at it. But if anybody touches it, wham! It’s gone. I only fucked a woman one time and I was so damn drunk I didn’t even remember it. She said I did it, you know, next morning? But I was really blasted.”

    “That’s why you keep it covered up all the time? You get turned on just if somebody looks at it?” I thought that was the wildest thing I’d ever heard.

    “Yeah. I can’t even piss in public, not when anybody’s standing next to me. That’s why I like to hear about the sheriff, it sounds like me, getting hard while you watch.” He grinned sideways at me.

    “All this time, I figured you had such a tiny cock you was ashamed to let anybody see it.” I looked down at his towel and noticed the growing lump down there. Evidently, just talking about it excited him.

    “It ain’t no monster like Dawley, but it’s plenty big enough. That ain’t the problem. I’d be happy with a little short dick if it worked like it was suppose to! See? It’s starting to rise up just ‘cause you looking at it through the towel. Touch it. Go ahead. Just lay your hand in my lap and watch it go down.”

    I couldn’t resist the experiment. I very gently let my fingertips run along the growing ridge beneath the white terrycloth. It was pretty hard, about seven inches long and thick, a nice dick. I felt the warmth through the towel. At first, it jumped suddenly at my touch and Butch gasped a short bite of air. His excitement was contagious and my own cock rose up between my legs. But after just a few seconds of fondling, the nice cock shriveled under my hand, became a soft mass of warm rubbery flesh. It was sort of insulting, as though my hand wasn’t good enough or something.

    “Shit! You wasn’t lying! It always does that?”

    “Always. Pretty stupid, huh? I don’t never even try to have sex anymore. It’s too damn embarrassing. I got this buddy outside, Donnie. He kind of helps me out but he thinks I’m a pervert. We get a motel room and go to a bar where he can pick up some whore. We all drink a lot and then go back to the room where he fucks her while I pretend to be asleep in the next bed. It’s how I get off. Kind of pitiful, but it works.”

    As we talked, Butch kept looking at my cock. He could hardly help noticing that it was standing up. He grinned at me. “You got a pretty good tool, there. You got it both ways, don’t you? Back and front?”

    “Yeah, but I like the front best. Forget about my ass, it’s just for show. I don’t get into bending over.”

    “Now you kidding me, right? An ass like that and you don’t even use it?” He was actually surprised. “Don’t seem fair, somehow.”

    “How about you? You got that nice cock and you don’t use it. Is that fair?”

    We laughed. He said, “I guess fair ain’t got much to do with it, huh?” He shook his head and stood up. “It time for lights out ...”

    “Wait, Butch. Come on; let’s talk some more, man. You really got me interested. You like to take off that towel and let me look? Go ahead. Dawley ain’t coming back here till shift change. We got an hour.”

    “Sure, if you can look without touching. I’d get a kick out of it.”

    “I’ll try”, I laughed. “Let me see! Hell, you’ve been looking at mine for ten minutes!”

    He pulled off the towel and sat back down, this time his thigh was touching mine. He put the towel across his knees, like he wanted the cover close within reach. Perfect timing. Just then the lights went out! “Aw, hell.” He muttered.

    “It’s all right.” I was almost whispering, now. “Enough light comes in from the hall. Your eyes get used to it pretty quick.”

    “It’s already getting hard”, he told me, “just from being naked next to you. You know? I feel better just knowing you don’t want me to fuck your ass. That was worrying me. I was afraid you’d want me to do something I couldn’t do, you know? I can sort of relax now that I know you ain’t expecting the impossible.”

    “Sure, relax! I like you to be turned on; it turns me on, too. But no way am I going to want your cock up my ass, okay? Don’t even think it!”

    “No pressure? I need that! Something about the pressure to perform is what all the books say about it. Hell, I’ve read everything I could find on it. I do get nervous about how I would measure up, if I actually could keep it hard. I mean, I don’t have any experience, you know? What if I kept it up but was a lousy fuck, anyway, and couldn’t satisfy anybody?”

    “That’s the kind of thinking that got you into this problem, man. You gotta stop worrying about how you gonna please somebody else and just think about how good it feels to you! Hey, I was wondering. What happens if you touch somebody else? If you touched my cock, would yours go down?”

    “I don’t think so. I know I can make out with a woman, feel up her tits and everything and stay hard. It’s just when she reaches for dick, it goes away. Tell you the truth, I never touched a man, before. You know, touched a guy’s cock? I don’t know what would happen.”

    “Well, here. Let’s find out.” I took his hand and pulled it over in my lap. At first he just let it lay there, his knuckles against my shaft. Then he moved his hand and let the back of his fingers rub me.

    “It feels weird, man. I donno’. Kind of scary, but I’m still hard so I guess it’s okay.” He grasped my cock and slid the skin up and down in a slow jack off movement.

    “How’s that? Does that feel good?”

    “Shit! It feels wonderful! Damn, I ain’t had a nut in three days. You keep that up and I’m gonna shoot in your hand!”

    He laughed low and quiet. “Feels pretty good to me, too. I like the feeling of power. You got a hot dick, man. I think it’s getting wet.” He rubbed his thumb over the tip and smeared the juice around my tender head.

    “Ohh, Butch. God, that feels so good!” I lifted my hips up and began hunching against his fist. “Slow down, I don’t want to come for a while. Let’s make it last a long time, just enjoy the feelings, okay?”

    He laughed, again. “What a trip! I could make you come if I wanted to, couldn’t I?”

    “Hell yeah! But please don’t, not yet.” He really liked the control, if I could just keep him feeling that power, no telling what we could do. “I want to taste of your dick, Butch. Just want to feel it in my mouth. Okay? It don’t matter if it goes soft, it’ll come back up when I stop. Lay back, there.”

    I pushed him back on the bunk and dove for his dick. He didn’t resist. I made it a quick slurp. I just gulped the hard shaft and planted a wet kiss on the tip and before he could react, I quit and stretched out beside him, wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face into his neck. “Wow, I’d forgot how good sex can feel. Getting busted had me depressed, I haven’t felt this good in months! Mmmm.”

    Butch hugged me back, pulled me close in the dark. “Feels good to me, too. I’ve wondered if it would be different with a guy. Lot of times I wanted to tell Donnie to skip the woman and try stuff together. I didn’t know it would feel this good or I would’ve already tried it!”

    “Here”, I raised up from him, “You lay still and let me look at you.” Our eyes had gotten used to the low light. Butch’s body was dim but I could make it out. The white areas of his skin, especially, stood out. By contrast, his darker cock and the fan of pubic hair were obvious. His erection was sagging, but still there. “I won’t touch it, I just want to look at it, now.” I assured him. It began to stir, then to lift from his belly. “It’s beautiful, Butch. A damn fine tool! Anybody ought to be glad just to get near it. Can I lean close and smell it?”

    “Yeah, I think so”, his voice was thick.

    I was careful not to get too close, I didn’t want to spook him. I leaned down to about a foot away and studied the shy instrument. “You got a real big head on it, and a wide crown. I’m glad it’s cut, something about uncircumcised meat don’t look right. Guess that’s because I’m cut, myself. Your balls are bigger than mine, they look like eggs in there!”

    “Really? Are they bigger than yours?” He rose up on his elbows to look down at himself.

    “Yeah, they’re huge, man! Can I lift them? Just to see how heavy they are? I wont touch your dick.”
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    “Go ahead, I don’t think it matters, long as you don’t touch it.” He spread his legs wide and I hefted his balls as they hung in the crotch. They were hot and damp, but heavy with a thick gnarled twist of backed up jism.

    “Mmm, squeeze ‘em easy”, he muttered.

    I cupped them and rolled them inside their thin sac, then closed my hand around their soft resistance and tugged gently. He breathed faster and his legs lifted higher. I let my knuckles rub hard into the ridge beneath his balls, just above his ass hole. He gasped. “Ahhh, that’s good!” His legs spread wider and his knees came up offering fuller access to his ass. I climbed over between his legs and hooked my arms beneath his legs.

    “Let me rub my cock under your balls, just... oh, yeah!” I found the pocket and slipped my wet cock head back and forth along the hot channel. His legs came up and wrapped behind my back. He lay his head back and shut his eyes tight. Hey, if he wasn’t stopping me, who would? I leaned my head down till I could lick at his nipples and tease them with tiny scraping bites. I could look down and see his cock still pointing up at me, still hard. I thrust my dick harder in longer strokes, until I was sliding over his ass hole with every lunge. He grabbed my shoulders and squeezed, his face twisted up in an angry mask, but he still didn’t try to stop me.

    I got one hand free and spit a palmful of saliva, reached down and rubbed it in his groove. He was slick from my pre-cum ooze. My middle finger slipped inside his hot hole and he clenched his ass around it. I waited for the muscle to relax before I plunged in deeper. He bucked up against me with a quick intake of hissed breath. I shoved as deep as I could go, searched for the hard round shape of his prostate. There! I found his spot and rubbed with frenzy.

    His cum shot out in a blast that covered my chest and his. He tried to pull me tighter to him and moaned with released pleasure. That’s the time. Right after orgasm a guy is buzzed and relaxed. My finger pulled out and my cock went in almost before he knew what happened. I made three quick strokes in his tight virgin ass and shot with a spewing eruption that made his grip on my cock slick and smooth. I kept stroking, slower but deeper. He lifted his butt and began to pump up to meet me. My face was slimed with his jism and I rubbed it over his chest. I got my other arm out from his grip and reached up to spread my hand across his face. He kissed my palm and then sucked a finger inside his lips and chewed on it like a baby at a nipple. My erection was sliding away and a backstroke finally brought me plopping out into the cool night air. I collapsed on his belly. We lay still.

    When we were both breathing easier, Butch rolled me off him and sat up.

    “Hey”, I said.

    “Don’t say nothing, okay? Don’t tell nobody.” He was too quiet. “Well, hell, no. This is just between me and you, man. Nobody’s business, you know?” I tried to put an arm around him, but he shrugged it off, stood and went to the basin and began washing off. I liked going to sleep with jism drying all over me. I rolled over and was out like a light.

    I woke next morning with a grin I couldn’t get rid of. I tried. Butch was already dressed. “Miss breakfast if you don’t get your ass in gear!” He grunted.

    I talked, Butch grunted. It was the pattern for the day. I didn’t mention sex, of course. I complained about the food, the weather, and the boredom. I told him about the best and worst cars I’d ever owned. I told him about the dog I had as a kid, about my favorite movies ... but I kept talking. He finally told me a story about his boss, a hard ass nazi that was never satisfied with any job. He told me about his high school girlfriend that left for college and never came back. By suppertime we were agreeing on the sorry state of the world and the hopelessness of working for a living. All rich people were assholes and all politicians were crooked. Hey, a regular friendship, you know? Some kind of barrier was down between us. Sex does bond people, in strange ways--any kind of sex.

    After supper we were playing gin rummy. We sat on each end of my buck with the cards laid out between us. Well into the second game I noticed his shorts were not buttoned up at the fly. He was sitting cross-legged and the gap was spread wide with his dick in plain view. I stared because he had been so shy about it. He noticed my gaze. He grinned. “Yeah, I know. Seems a little late to hide it from you, now.”

    I chuckled, and then laid down my gin. What a change, huh? Just yesterday he was hiding like a virgin. Well, come to think of it, he was a virgin till yesterday! I was more surprised that he made reference to our “secret”. Most guys don’t want to talk about it. They act like nothing ever happened as long as the lights are on. Several times through the day I had to bite my tongue to stop from saying anything about last night.

    “It’s about shower time, ain’t it?” I stood while he was shuffling the deck, shucked off my clothes and hung a towel around my neck, then I sat back down, legs wide, and picked up my cards.

    “Yeah, Dawley always forgets”, then he dropped his drawers and grinned at me, absurd in his pride. He sat back down, no towel.

    “So, uh, you feeling brave, are you?”, I smiled at him.

    “I gotta get over it, sometime, right? If I get a hard on, Dawley will think it’s your ass doing it.” The irony was amusing, we both laughed.

    It did start to stiffen up even though I tried not to look at it. “Damn it!” He muttered. He got up and grabbed his towel.

    “Hold on, we know how to get rid of it.” I grabbed his cock and pulled him closer to where I was still sitting. He got the idea pretty quick and moved nearer my face. I wasn’t so fast, this time. I kissed and licked the wide shaft and slowly moved my lips down over the flared head. He didn’t go soft at once. It lost just a little of it’s hardness, but stayed firm. I was able to suck the whole length down in my mouth and press my lips right up against his pelvis. He made a few stabs at hip thrusts and it finally lost all energy and collapsed into a soft mass. He withdrew.

    “Sorry, I thought it was going to really last, that time.” He looked defeated.

    “So? It was good while it lasted”, I laughed it off. “That was the point, to make it go down, right?”

    “Well, yeah, but it’d be nice to really do it, sometime.”

    “You, will, my man! Don’t sweat it, you will!” I grinned mischievously.

    “You really think so? You think I can ever get over it, the problem?” His face was a poster for hopefulness.

    “What? Are you kidding? All you need is a little experience. You’ve been soaking in your fantasies and fears so long it makes you crazy. When you was telling me about it, you talked about a lot of drinking. Did you know alcohol is a depressant? Any problem you got is gonna be worse when you drinking. See? In here you haven’t been drinking anything so the situation gets better. After you been in here for a couple of weeks you’ll be raping the guards, screwing snakes, hell, you’ll wish it never got cured!”

    He laughed, a great relieved kind of laughter. “Hey, I’ve already been in here two weeks. You better cover your ass, tonight!”

    “Hey, Buddy. For you, I’d make an exception! I’ll bend over for you anytime! Damn, wouldn’t that make Dawley jealous as hell? I mean, to come back here and catch us with your cock up my ass? He dreams about it!”

    “I though you didn’t like it, you said..”, Butch looked confused.

    “I’d do it just for you. I mean, hell, it feels good even if you not into that stuff.”

    “It does?” He was watching me close.

    “Hey, anybody comes when they get their prostate massaged. It’s a mechanical thing, got nothing to do with being a sissy or anything.” I knew it was bothering him. He was worried because he got a nut when I fucked him. They always got worried about that, thought they might be queer and just didn’t know how to say it. “Your dick don’t care who sucks it, it still feels good. Prostate’s the same way. Massage it and you come, simple as that. It don’t know if you’rr fucking or getting fucked, just knows it wants to spurt. Hell, it ain’t got no brain, man.”

    “You saying any guy who gets fucked, he likes it? That can’t be true!”, Butch snorted at my wisdom.

    “Not the same thing. I say any guys who gets fucked Right will come, that’s all. Sometimes they don’t’ like being on the bottom, makes ‘em feel weak and they want to be in control. Like me. I always like to be in control. I like to be the one doing the work, I want to be the star, I guess. I’m a competitive guy.”

    “But it’s kind of nice”, he sort of stuttered, “To let someone else do the work. I liked just laying there and letting you do everything, like it wasn’t really my fault, you know? I wasn’t doing anything, you was just doing it to me.” He grinned, “Does that make me a sissy?”

    “Man, I wish you’d get off that sissy issue! Sissy is about how a man carries himself, not about what he does in bed. You are the most butch man I know, guess that’s why they call you Butch, right? You’re all man, stop worrying about that shit!”

    About then Dawley comes down the hall from the office, hollering about how we better get off our butts and hit the shower. He was a little surprised to find us both naked and waiting for him. “Yell all you want, Red Neck, you still late as usual!”, Butch told him.

    “Well, well. Ready for the shower or was I interrupting anything important?”, Dawley leered.

    “Nawh”, I told him, “we finished already. We always fuck right before shower time. You should have got here ten minutes ago, man. You could have watched Butch packing my fine ass with his big hog sticker. Deputy, this guy’s a maniac!”,
  4. macho8

    macho8 Active Member

    Aug 16, 2009
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    I winked at Butch, he ducked his head and grinned.

    “Yeah! I knew it!”, Dawley’s lip curled up and he looked mean, “Everybody goes for the big muscles, the looks! Don’t matter if I got 12 inches, I ain’t pretty enough! Come on, I ain’t got all night, move out!” I guess I really pissed him off.

    Butch took a showerhead near mine and when Dawley got on the walky-talky he asked me, speaking low, “He really got 12 inches? You seen it?”

    “It was soft, I don’t know how big it was.” I told him, “I didn’t really care.You want to see it?”

    “Well, yeah, I guess so. I ain’t never seen a 12 incher, before. My buddy, Donnie? He’s got about ten inches and it sure gives me a charge to see it stand up and swell out. I like to watch, remember?”, the big ol’ muscle man grinned shy as a little boy.

    “Okay, you gonna see it!” I laid out the plan. “You wash my back and make it look good. You don’t have to fuck me. I don’t want you putting it in, just make it look like you doing it. It’ll get Dawley hot and I’ll suck him off while you watch from behind my ass, okay?”

    Butch nodded his agreement, he was already getting on a hard, just thinking about it. My brain was working overtime, I’m wondering if Butch could keep it up from the thrill of watching me suck Dawley, even though his dick was rubbing between my legs. I hoped the lack of pressure to perform might let him withstand the touch of my skin on his dick. “Go ahead, give it a shot.” I turned around and faced Dawley, gave Butch some cover. He started soapin’ up my back and I didn’t have to fake the look of pleasure on my face when I felt his dick bump into my ass.

    The guy was sure hard! Dawley noticed what we was doing and he told somebody he’d call back, later. I smiled at him and winked. He got up and came over to the door of the showers, leaned on the doorframe and rubbed at the long ridge growing down his leg. I stepped forward, out of the splashing water, Butch stayed tight against my ass, still rubbing my back and pressing his belly to my backside.

    “I’ll just be goddamn!”, Dawley told us, “I knew you guys was making it! Hit that round ass, Butch, punch it good!” He unzipped and it took him some squirming around, but he got his long poker out and sticking up where he could stroke it. I felt Butch grip me tighter and one hand comes around to grab my dick. Dawley’s cock is growing red and getting longer. “Shit!”, he says, “You boys are gonna make me shoot a load!”

    “Come over here, Deputy, let me have some of that beef. Butch won’t mind sharing, will you, buddy?”

    “Come on, Dawley. You stick it down his throat and we’ll try and bump heads in his belly!”, Butch was losing some of his shyness.

    Dawley jumped at the invite! He opened up his pants and dropped ‘em to his knees. His skinny legs made that big cock look even bigger! He had the balls to back it up, they swung between his legs like a couple of oranges. His old country face was split with a grin from ear to ear! “Here you go, Pretty Boy. Gobble this goober!”

    I bent down low and pressed my ass back on Butch. The deputy’s dick poked my nose. Son of a bitch was a whopper, all right. I felt Butch soften as I ground my ass on him, shit! He couldn’t take the contact! But right now, I quit worrying about him and just grabbed the deputy’s dick and got me a mouthful. Butch bucked into me and I grabbed the big cock with both hands, to keep my balance. Dawley grabbed my shoulders and shoved against my face. I turned my head sideways so Butch could see. I pumped that big pole and sucked for all I was worth. It was throbbing and jerking right away, ol’ Dawley must not been getting much action! He was grunting and moaning. I didn’t want to eat his cop cum so I kept stroking but moved my mouth off center, licked down the side of the head.

    He kept pumping, near the trigger but not over the edge. I reached down and squeezed at the big balls and he spread his legs and gasped loud! I got a hand in under there and shoved a finger up to feel for his bung hole. Damn, he really shivered when I touched it! He even squatted a little, to push down on my finger! I got in about a half inch and he blew the stack! He cum all over my neck and shoulder and he was shuddering like a man struck with lightening!

    Just then, I felt Butch’s dick climbing up the inside of my leg. The sight of the whopper shooting off was really turning him on, strong enough to overcome his fears of performance. In a few seconds he was sliding a hot hard bone between my legs and I trapped it with tight squeezed thighs and let him slide in and out of the warm soapy grip.

    Dawley was real nervous about getting caught. He kept looking over his shoulder while he wiped off and pulled up his pants. “Come on, Butch. You can fuck him all night. Let’s get out of here, I’m late for break, Henderson will come looking for me!”

    I stepped quickly aside and gave Dawley a view of Butch’s big boner. “Jesus, Butch! I didn’t know you was hung like that! Everybody figured you was hiding a little toadstool!”

    Butch glowed with the praise. He was looking so damn proud; I wished he really could fuck me. But my main thought was to get his legs back up in the air. Tonight I wanted to show him how I could ride! I wanted the big lug begging for more.

    Back in the cell, we played around with the cards, both of us grinning whenever our eyes met, just waiting for lights out.

    “Hey, Devin, thanks for what you done. You got real guts, ain’t cha? Son of a Bitch! That Dawley got a god awful lot of dick, ain’t he? Jesus, ain’t nobody ever gonna let him fuck ‘em with that thang!”

    “You right, there, partner! It’s a sight like a freak show, but I sure like our normal size better. Well, you a little bigger than normal! But not too much, just right!” I planted a quick kiss on his shoulder, just a show of affection.

    “You make me feel good about myself, Dev. I don’t know how you do it. But I sure appreciate it. I know I never felt so easy with anybody else.” His hand stroked over my chest, gentle.

    “No mystery, Butch, I just like you, that’s all. You’re a cool guy. Good looking and built like a fucking tank!”, I grabbed his bicep and squeezed, “And you treat me nice, man. Not a lot of that going around! I ain’t never been real close to nobody, either. Something about trust, man. I trust you, you trust me. What about Donnie? He’s a friend, ain’t he?”

    “Yeah, a good friend to have a good time with, you know? But I couldn’t never talk to him or nothing. Guys like him, they always looking for something to get over you, they make you keep up your guard, you know?”

    “He might feel the same thing about you, Butch. Maybe he keeps up a guard for you, too. Might be, you guys could find some way to connect, without all the armor, you might be surprised how much alike you really are.”

    Butch laughed a little, “He ain’t like me, that’s for damn sure!”

    “Think about it.” I told him, “He wouldn’t be playing that peepshow game with you unless he was getting a kick out of you watching.”

    “You think?”

    “What do you think? Maybe he just don’t wanna let you know how much he likes having you watch, he’s afraid you’d think he’s wierd. He just calls you a pervert to keep you off his case! What if he can’t even get it up unless somebody is watching?”

    “I’ve wondered about that. He always wants me around when he’s fucking, even when I don’t ask him. You saying he just uses the girls to get me watching him so he can get off?”

    “He wouldn’t be the first guy to do it! Why don’t you ask him, sometime, for real. Let him know it’s safe to talk to you, let him know you understand stuff like that.”

    “Know what I been thinking about? In bed? I’m thinking I’d really like to watch you get Donnie all hot and then poke it to him! You pretty enough, I bet he’d let you!”

    “Butch? Let me give you a new fantasy: How about all three of us together, and your hands touching everything, and maybe tasting a couple of things? And how about me fucking Donnie while you suck his...”

    “Naw!” He interrupted me, “sounded good till that part. I don’t think I could suck Donnie, not and still face him next day! He’d be holding it over me forever!”

    “Damn, Partner! There you go, worrying about what other people will think! Fuck what he might think next day, hell, he might want to marry you!” He started with a grin, then it broke out into a laugh. “Who cares if he likes it, would YOU like it?”

    “Aw, I donno’, maybe. I wouldn’t have to stay hard to do it, would I?”

    “Hey, sex is sex. Don’t matter if you giving or receiving. You want to stay on the side lines or you want to get in the fucking game?”

    He hugged me and grinned. “I’m pretty sick of just warming the bench, coach. Let me play!”

    Lights out. The cell went dark except for the dim glow from the hall. I swept the cards to the floor in one sweep of my arm. Butch laughed. I grabbed the big shoulders and tackled him to the sheets. His hands went sliding all over me, grabbing, feeling, squeezing. Nice! I slipped a leg over across his thigh and he pulled me on top of him. His dick was firm and pinned between us. I hugged him and kissed his neck, then his cheek, then let my lips glide quickly across his mouth. His heated breath on my lips was tantalizing. Then he planted a light peck on my cheek. I brought my lips back to his, ever so light, just a moist brush. He met my mouth with a hungry attack!

    God, it was a small shock, exactly what I needed! We plastered face to face and our tongues wrestled for position. I sucked his tongue and his legs came up around my back... when I thrust into his mouth, he sucked on mine and pushed his hips up, rubbing his hard-on against mine. I was shaking with tense desire.

    “That’s so good!”, he gasped, “So good!”, and pulled my mouth back to his. Oh, yeah, he had definitely been on the bench too long! He was almost thirty but hot as a teenage kid! A grown man with all the newness, the sense of wonder of a shy boy. This was a guy who didn’t even know what it was like to let himself go, to just feel the sensations without thinking and worrying. He was learning fast! I fought my overwhelming desire to mount him and plow into that new pleasure, to end it quickly with a flash of sparks. I wanted this to be for him, he deserved a full serving of all the enjoyment two people could give each other, the taking and the giving. I knew I could last a long time and I figured he was hot enough for two or three nuts!

    I climbed higher on his body, though he tried to hold my dick down against his. I lay my chest on his face and when he began kissing it, I moved a nipple to his mouth. He went for it. He sucked and chewed at my tiny raisins, tried to get as much flesh as possible in his ravenous mouth. I moved higher, grabbed the headboard and pulled up to offer my flat belly to his lips. He licked, he kissed and tongued my navel and tried to get his face lower. He was ready and letting me know.

    The bunk overhead was confining me. I got high enough to let him brush his lips on my wet cock and he lapped up the flavor, tried to suck on the little he could reach. I pulled suddenly away and he tried to pull me back. No, I swung off the bunk and quickly turned around, head to his feet. He had to slide down in the bed to get us lined up, then he grabbed my dick in his fist and stuffed it in his mouth. No doubt left, he’d wanted to do this a long, long time! His little moan was almost like a whimper, he was so happy to let it go, let go the mask, the cover. He sucked me with more hot passion than I could ever remember feeling!

    He was so intent on his newfound toy, he wasn’t even thinking about his own pulsing boner, jabbing my face with his contortions. He was wet and leaking, swollen and hot. I wouldn’t use a hand, the grip might recall his past failures. I just opened my mouth and let his cock slide across my lips. I licked up with a quick flick. He didn’t fade! Hell, I think he was so busy he didn’t even notice! I played with his balls, slid a finger into his warm channel, touched his puckered hole. He bucked, tender and quivering. I worked the juices into the hole and fingered him till he was opening and slippery, shoved two fingers in and began a serious assault!

    Just when he picked up the rhythm and combined his lip movement with my fingers, then I let his cock slide inside my open lips to ride with our bucking movement, back and forth over my tongue. He stayed rock hard and even thrust a little harder! It was making little spasms, now, jumping against the roof of my mouth and he sucked me harder, jerking me with his fist and grabbing my butt to squeeze me tight. I gently closed my lips over his cock head as I plunged my fingers deeper and faster. He moaned with my dick in his mouth, vibrated my sensitive tissue with the low, throttled sound.

    I dug my fingers to the bottom, touched the firm prostate and gave his cock it’s first hard gripped suck, all the way down and plunged the head into my throat. He pulled off my dick, struck by the terrific sensations coursing through his body, He gasped a loud lungful of air, moaned and shot out a pulsing spurt of cum that seemed to coat my insides with the taste and the texture of him, thick and gooey, musky and masculine to the max!

    He flopped back and little chuckles escaped between his gasps for air. “Oh, my god, ohmygod, ohmygod!” His laughter went suddenly loud and raw. The dark cell reverberated with his release of pure joy! He was climbing around, trying to get me right side up in his arms, but hugging any part of me he could reach. At last he found my face and kissed me and gathered me up, stood and pranced around the tiny room with me in his arms.

    “Hey, put me down, Damn it! Put me down!”, I fiercely whispered. I pounded on his back. “You’re a fucking lunatic! Shut up, would you?” But I was laughing, too, happy and so damn proud of him it swelled my heart to busting!
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    damn, that was it, huh?

    i wished there'd be more
  6. miamirt

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    United States
    very nice!!
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    good story!
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    GR8 story....would luv 2 hear what happens when Butch gets out!!!!!
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