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    I'm a guy from middle europe and it really stinks that I hardly got anyone to talk with in the morning hours, it's so boring! So I wrote this to find someone to talk with. And since I really want someone that shows up in specific hours, allow me to specify which hours I mean, cause, if you are not online at those times, then heck, you won't be really helping me.
    For europeans, that's about 6am -3 pm
    East USA 2am - 11 am
    West USA (Alaska) 8 pm - 5 am
    And Asia (I decided to pick Japan) 2 pm - 11 pm

    Oh and I will take people using
    MSN mostly
    ICQ is ok too
    Skypers might be taken too

    PM before I will give you any exact account information, I rather do it slow, don't want to give anyone my info.

    Oh and another thing
    1) I am no sex obsessed guy (well, I might become one by the end of the month, but that's just detail) I want someone to talk with, I might talk about something dirty too, but not too much, if your looking for someone to have cyber sex with, that's not me
    2) No cam-to-cam. I never done it and I am not gonna be able to
    3) ehhhh, I might as well repeat 1 and 2: No webcam sex and no constant talk about sex, ok??

    Ok, now that I've lowered your interest in me, due to my slight asexuality, go and write!

    Thank you!
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