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Video Lost Video


Sexy Member
Jan 23, 2020
Idaho Falls (Idaho, United States)
60% Straight, 40% Gay
Several days back, I found a video on Twitter that seems to have disappeared.

It was of a girl being pounded in the missionary position. She was clearly late teens or early twenties and it looked filmed in the style of Snapchat judging the by caption style over the video. The boy was holding the phone so we don’t really see him other than his dick. She was wearing neon-I think a neon orange shirt and maybe neon yellow sports bra underneath, or the other way around. The clip on Twitter never showed her tits, everything was pulled up just below them. She had somewhat of a tan line and a belly button piercing. I don’t recall her face either. The title on Twitter I think included something along the lines of “team manager” or “equipment manager” and a bunch of hashtags.

The Snapchat-style captions tell the viewer that the boy had become the manager for his college girls soccer team. He offered an incentive to win in that when they win the team captain gets to fuck him and that they had won like 10 straight games.

The clip was rather short but very hot. I would like to find it again but fear it is gone. I’d also be interested in the source and origin but can’t be picky! Thank you in advance for any help!
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