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    I hope this is the correct place to post this "hypothetical" story.
    i was looking for new things to try in my line of kink.

    I often go to massage parlors where nice agreeable asian ladies are game.
    I first walk in and they escort me to the room. I give them the house 1/2 hour fee and the lady takes the money and says "get undressed, I be right back"

    I get undressed , like she said, lay on my back, pull my legs over my head so the tip of my cock is close to my mouth.

    When she walks in shes like " What you doing"?

    I just pretend I am scared I got caught trying to lick my cock.

    She says, let me see it.
    I think she wants to see the cum shoot in my mouth.
    So I break the ice with her now I need her help.

    Along with the self facials, I have them put their fist up my ass.
    This gets me ready for the hunk strap on dildo

    I have them fuck my ass with their tongue, then bring their tongue up to my lips so I can suck it clean.

    While I am getting pounded by the thick strapon, I will suck it deep when she pulls it out for me to suck.

    I have brought in two strapons & had (2) girls fuck me and rotate, one fucks me while the other shoves it down my throat.

    I have been with (5) TS's.

    The first one I was with was latin.
    Nice 8" cock.
    I came while sucking that shecock.
    No physical stimulation whatsoever, I just came thinking of this hot cock & big tits 36D.
    What a turn on.

    The next one had a 10" cock but B cup tits
    I had a hard time getting my hand around the cock, it was so thick.

    I tried to deepthroat it for a while. bareback, jacked it off and it came on my hand.
    I dont have the nerve to swallow lick, play, mmmmmm I am getting hot just thinking of tasting cum.

    I basically suck them all , I have never got it up the ass, although the 10" was on my mind as I was sucking it to, just slide it in, but if I did that i would want to take it ...ass to mouth, and I was afraid to try that.

    I want to try a glory hole, where my mouth is taking ALL CUMMERS.
    If I knew it was safe, hell yea I'd suck all day, swallow it all.
    I dont want a relationship with a male...just want to swallow his cum.

    I am going to ask my regular asian suck lady if one of her customers wants me to suck his cock, I ask her to put a blanket over his head so I cant see him, just his cock.

    I am going to bring my video camera in and she will video tape it for me.
    She told me she has a customer with a "footlong dick" , is how she said it.
    She said he would like to get a deepthroat suck, as noone has been able .
    I told her I was practicing , sucking a dildo, I can get about 8" easy, slamming I can go to 8" slamming down that cock.

    I will work on 10" , it takes a while. I was only able to get about 6/6.5 inches at first, but now I can take it.

    After I cum I loose intrest in kink for a few hours, it takes me a few hours to get ready again.

    I am a horny slut, soon i am planning on going to a safe glory hole/adult theater and bringing lots of quarters, so I can get em all off and , oh yea, bring my camera.

    I have had 5 or 6 girls watching me get fucked hard by that strapon, my regular lady got them to look for a minute, while I sucked it and fucked it.

    I am into lots of kink.
    Love to have female watch while I do the kink.
    Any ideas for this slut to try?
    Please be nice, thanks
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