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    Hi everybody.
    I have a standard dick (15cmlong x 13cm girth) and happily married from 3 weeks.
    we went at honeymoon and had good sex. ususally at home we have sex 2-3 times a week and not marathon one. let's say 10-30 min depending on how horny we are and how wet she gets.
    she has some toys like small vibrators, chinese balls and a jelly 8x6 violet dick. all this item except the violet has been bought together while the others are my gifts. before the marriage, she refused to use the violet one and the chinese ball saying that they scared her because of the size. I tried to insist few times but not so much as she got unconfortable.
    on honeymoon she brought a small vibrator and we had great sex. with and without the vibrator. let's say 3-4 times a day and during this sessions, she got very wet and usually we made it 2 times a session.
    as she got wet, i've been able to start sex not as we were used before so me on top with her legs on my back while previously she had to go on top first as she could manage the penetration.
    I've been able to push my dick all inside her as deep as I could with her legs on my shoulder while before she felt non confortable with that position.
    useless to say that we had great time and also each session was longer and happier than before. also after having sex 2 times, she asked me if she could use also her vibrator to have another orgasm and I always said yes of course. during our sessions, she has been more vocal pushed by my suggestions and she got more brave each time having new position and a lot of orgasms. have to mention that during these sex sessions, we used to share new fantasies to fulfil once at home (she told me once that she wanted to be penetrated by me and use the violet one at the same time and than swap my dick with the jelly toy) and she has never been so explicit about it and other fantasies.
    then we came home.
    I am into PE and had good results so far. last time we had sex she playied with the small vibrator first and then I suggested to use the violet one as she was very wet because I made her so and she took it and tried to push it in but after the head entered, she stopped because it hurt and she said it was too big.
    than she played with it outside until she came and then we had normal sex.
    after this episode, she said the violet was too big and that using it could enlarge her vagina and my dick should feel small inside her afterwards.
    this sentence got me thinking... especially because as she's aware of my PE, she said that once my cock will grow a bit more, then it can make room and prepare her to enjoy the violet one
    then yesterday she looked at the time before we started to have sex and for sure took the time... and unfortunately wasn't such a good performance even if she came 2 times.
    we are in love, we are fine together even if my sex drive for sure is higher than her.
    do I have to worry about something? is she trying to tell me something?? what do I miss?
    there are some feeling that are missed in this report, but I hope to be able to tell you more soon.
    thanks for any helpful advice.
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