Maximum Performance -The mans Guide to Erection & Potency

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    cool video....

    Created by R.M. Karchner, M.S., this "self-help" tape is suprisingly informative and highly erotic. Created as a tool for men to increase their personal and partner's pleasure, every man will surely pick something up from this. Covering everything from masturbation techniques (they cover 11 different ways of stroking the sausage), penis pumps and breathing deeply to diet, anal probing and surgical techniques, this tape will serve as either an informative package for the sheltered, or a great way to get yourself off. While the word "gay" is never used, the model's Chelsea boy looks and fabulous apartments are dead giveaways. Only complaints are the nearly FIVE FULL MINUTES of disclaimers at the tapes' beginning and the jarring segue from a super-hot solo session into the surgical techniques available for penile implants. (Ouch!). Lots of hard cocks and nudity, but no cum shots. • View topic - Maximum Performance -The man_s Guide to Erection & Potency.a
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