Multiple orgasms (Lengthy backstory involved)

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by StraightCock4Her, Mar 8, 2009.

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    [Bragging Rights activated]

    I have now figured out how to, at any moment in time, make my girl have multiple orgasms for as long as I feel like at a time... And might I add, with little effort on my part. With one finger.

    What helps here is that: She doesn't get sore like other girls I've been with do. Normally, I fucked a girl I knew and she would be sore for a few days and not be able to take more than a few hours messing around at a time. However, this girl I'm with has incredible stamina (marathon runner) and her pussy is like indestructible. She doesn't get sore.. She gets MORE sensitive and it feels BETTER.

    So, I literally played with her, giving her multiple orgams (seriously, like one every minute back-to-back), for hours at a time and she just took it and expected more. I spent the last like 32 hours with her (not messing around the WHOLE time, obviously) and she's insatiable. She's also a squirter if I hit her Gspot right. Lucky me. My finger is that of a guy who is a computer nerd, I use my index finger allll the time (clicking a mouse, typing, etc) and it's strong as heck... And my finger was giving out and she was just happily taking it all. Wow.

    [/Bragging rights deactivated]

    I'm so curious as to if any other guys have experienced this and if any other girls here are this type as well. Sounds like a rare type to me.

    Maybe all women are capable of having Multiple orgasms at any time and I just "figured her body type out"...?

    PS giving multiple orgasms isn't a new thing to me but on demand... That's new!
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