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Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Countryguy63, Jul 19, 2006.

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    I hope that this fits in this category. Fictitous, because it hasn't happened "yet", but expresses my desires somewhat.

    My fantasy is meeting someone that I could be great friends with. He would be someone that no one would ever expect would enjoy another man. I'm not fem acting, and that just doesn't attract me at all. It would be awesome if he had the same interests as me, riding horses, water skiing, etc. He would have a body that I could admire. Doesn't have to be ripped, but I do so love toned and some muscle. Ok, if we're going ultimate fantasy here, he's smooth and ripped:biggrin1: During our friendship, we would have occasional touches or body contact, but either laugh it off, or chaulk it up to the situation at hand. One night, the time slips by un-noticed and it get's so late that he suggests just crashing at my place. I go into my room and he goes into the spare bedroom.

    My door slowly opens. I awake to his hands gently carressing my skin. His touch is so soft and my body tingles with anticipation. He tells me that he has wanted to "touch" me for so long, but was afraid of my reaction. I assure him that it is welcome. I reach over and run my hand up the inside of his muscular thigh. As my hand makes it's way up higher, I can't believe the weight of his balls. They are soft and large. His hand glides around my pelvis and slowly enters the front of my snug boxer briefs. I roll over and my face is right next to his amazing package. I can't believe how big his bulge is. By now, I am hard as rock, but surprisingly, he is still soft and full. With my tounge, I start carressing inside his thighs, tasting his sweet skin. I continue up until my face is buried in his bulge, taking in all of his man smell. He sofly moans and I pull away slightly and lower the front of his barely undersized boxer briefs. I slide my hand under his cock. It is hot with the blood starting to flow into it, but is still soft and wonderful to the touch. I start to pull it out and am amazed by it's size. My fingers cannot completely fit around it, and my palm manages to only reach half it's length. I rub my cheek on it and start to carress it with my lips. With my other hand, I start to slide his shorts further down his thighs. His ball sack, now released, hangs wonderfully loose . I start to slide my tounge around them, pausing only to suck on each nut. His moans become more intense and I hear him gasp from the heat of my mouth. I reach up and start stroking his shaft. Pulling the foreskin back and forth over his glistening head. His precum is flowing just enough to cause my hand to start slipping as I stroke and I tighten my grip accordingly.

    I start to feel his body quiver and I pull him down on the bed with me. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close, throwing his leg over me as well. I can feel his heart beating through his chest, his muscles showing their striations as his body tightens around me. The feel of his cock pressed against mine sends waves of my pleasure pulsing through my body. I push away just enough to slide my hand down and continue stroking his massive cock, which is now hard and throbbing. I then push his shoulders down onto the bed and lay my head on his chest. It's heaving with excitement. I work my tounge to his nipple and gently run it around the outside. It is hard as well and I flick it back and forth. I suck his nipple into my mouth and gently pull on it with my teeth. He gasps for air and tries to push me off, franticly begging me to let him at me. I successfully hold him in place and tell him to wait, there's more to come.....
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