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    I've been around for a while, just never got around to doing an intro. So, here it is.

    Hey all! I'm a sophomore in college studying psychiatry. I'm gay, though not fully open about it. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about. I'm considered a bit of a nerd and a jock at the same time. I love wrestling (real stuff, not TV), swim, track, and football (soccer). At the same time I have been a straight A student since my freshman year in high school. I'm also the leader of a D&D group at my school.

    Okay now the part that most of you actually want to here. I'm a true versatile. I have no preferences in top or bottom, though because of my larger member I tend to be on the bottom as not to hurt people too badly. If you look at my posts it'll say that I'm 8x6.5, but after an actual measurement I discovered that I'm just a tick short of 9 and my girth is closer to 7.

    Anyway, this is me saying hello, and I hope to make some goo friends here!
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