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    Hi everyone! I never thought that I could be able to post here, but after the past few months I thought that I should. Let me explain.

    During puberty, I never was really well-endowed. I was pretty average. I've only been with one woman sexually, which has been my gf of over ten years. Well, she measured me when I was around 17 and I came out to a little over 6" in length and about 4" in girth, pretty average, right?

    Well, now I'm 28, and about a few months ago, I have been pretty horny, most likely due to the fact that my gf and I rarely have sex. Well, as I tried to get myself off, I notice my willy feeling odd. It felt like it was getting tighter or something. I look down and notice my erection was much longer and thicker that it normally was. Having lived with the thing and only seeing a pretty unnoticeable erection from it in years past. I figure that it's some sort of fluke or strange occurance, for I had a rather healthy erection while in the precence of my gf months prior, yet it never came back until then.

    I decide to stop and pull my underpants back up and notice how much my erection now bulged from my shorts. I put on my pants and its still quite noticeable, never was before. Well, everytime form then on I get these massive erections. i think it's my mind playing tricks on me and my eyes seeing things. This past Saturday, my gf comes over and we fool around. She starts giving me oral sex and all is normal. I have an erection and she goes to work. Well, while she licks and sucks away, something feels odd. I feel her teeth on my erection more and more and she complains that I'm choking her more than usual (this time I'm not as into it as I get and sometimes I thrust a bit too far for her liking).

    I slide my manhood out of her mouth and I see the beefy mass that I've been seeing for a while. She looks at it and starts to stare, mouth agape. She grabs hold of it with one hand then two and lets her eyes open wide as she notices that there's still more of it left uncovered. She lets go and I take hold with both hands, my head and a halk inch of the shaft still remain uncovered. She grabs a few objects nearby, like the cordless phone and the big cable TV remote. She compares the size of those objects to my willy and both of us are shocked. My manhood is about the same length as those objects!

    She gets a measuring tape and measures me. She drops the tape and starts to suck on me again. I manage to stop her to learn the measurements. She looks at me with a big smile and says 8 1/2" long and 6 1/4" around Not only that, but i was also alot harder than we remembered. She then says, in a sexy, whisper-like tone, that she's going to call it the Hulk from now on.

    After that day, I've been brimming with self-confidnece, something I've not had an abundance of over the years. Now If I could find a way to keep my erections from being so visible in my pants, I'll be happy. I've always wished I had a big penis, now I'm embarrassed to get a hard-on unexpectedly, which happens more often now that I've had the added growth spurt, which is odd because I'm not all that large unaroused.

    I don't even know what casued this. I'm not taking any medication or enhancement drugs, nor have I changed much else in my lifestyle. I don't use pumps or rings and the only thing I hate about sex is the fact that my gf wants me to wear a condom and I can't feel anythig in one (plus I have to buy larger condoms now). Well, that's my story. i know 8" isn't huge, especially after reading other posts before I registered, but I figured if anyone else here can relate to my newfound size then I could learn what I'm doing right and give me some advie to make sex with a condom better. Thaks for reading my story and I look forward to your comments.
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