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    Hey all! I'm Jason! I thought I'd introduce myself by answering the questionnaire!

    1.) How big are you soft & hard?
    Soft, I don't know..I can't stay soft long enough to measure! Hard, usually around 8 1/2 but when I'm super excited it's about 8 3/4. I've never measured circumference, but I don't think I'm very thick.

    2.) Ever met anyone as big as you or close to you? If so how big were they?
    I've never seen anyone's in person (except a friend once, who seemed to be a little bit smaller, but I couldn't really tell. He definitely had a wider head than me, though. But I have seen pictures of my own father, who is literally massive. I think I'm a little longer than he is but his was THICK.

    3.) Do you like being as big as you are?
    I've never thought about that. Yeah, I suppose.

    4.) What are some pros/cons to being so big?
    I can't wear skinny jeans.

    5.) Are any other male family members (brothers/kids/dad) gifted like you?
    No brothers, no close male cousins or uncles, and like I said, my dad's massive.

    6.) Are there certain clothes you can't wear? (briefs, certain jeans, thongs, etc)
    Never tried to wear a thong. Skinny jeans are a difficult sell; I have to do a super-tuck!

    7.) If you could be any size, what size you would you be? Soft & Hard?
    I like my size now. Maybe a little thicker.

    8.) Do you ever compare with other guys?

    9.) How and when did you first realize you were big?
    I still don't really know it, even though I know it, you know?

    10.) What's the biggest you've ever measured yourself? (When you were super horny)
    The tip of the head was peaking over 8 3/4.

    11.) Would you say your package is "heavy"?
    That depends. I can get heavy, yes.

    12.) If you sit on the toilet, does it dunk in the water?
    Ha! Depends on how high the water is!

    13.) Have you ever sat on it?
    Yes, and I did not enjoy it.

    14.) Have you ever rolled on it during sleep?

    15.) How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear?
    I'm 5 foot 9 (basically), 135 pounds, and I wear a size 11 shoe.

    16.) Are the sayings true about a big nose or big hands? At least in your case would you say you have a big nose or big hands?

    17.) What is your heritage? Is your heritage known for being bigger? ( like Italians)
    Irish, English, German, and a half-black grandmother.

    18.) Did kids make fun of you growing up? If so what would they say?
    No one knew..

    19.) Were you big at a younger age or did you not get bigger until you were older?
    I honestly have no idea.

    20.) Do you get attention from it and if so do you like the attention?
    No attention.

    21.) Do people still make comments today? Like in the locker room or bathroom or swimming pool, etc? If so what do they say?
    Once I was at the urinal in The Home Depot, and my roommate at the time was in the bathroom with me, and he saw and said "Good for you, bro. Good for you." It was actually pretty mortifying.

    22.) Did you ever think about doing porn or would you?
    No way!

    23.) Since you are bigger, what would you consider to be small, average, and big?
    I don't know. I really don't think size matters all that much, if you're within the normal range.

    24.) Can you do any tricks with it?
    Like use it as a puppet? Good luck keeping me soft!

    25.) If you sit on a chair nude would it hang off the edge?

    26.) If you run does it bounce and hit you in the leg or anything?

    27.) Do condoms fit you? If so what size do you take?
    I've never worn a condom. Never needed to.
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    Darwin, Australia
    Hey Jason - thanks for sharing all that info bud. Take it easy and enjoy life here at lpsg. Welcome and good to see you here. Cheers.
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