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    Hello all, I am a prior Navy enlistee. During my enlistment I tried steroids for 3 months and with the experience of my job as a corpsman (medic) I monitored my basic blood lab tests. I didn't like what I saw after the few months so I threw the rest of the vial of Test. Enanthate down the drain. I figured there has got to be a better, healthier way to raise T levels. So I studied, and am in nursing school now. I have been lifting weights for 13 years and paying very close attention to my diet for the last 6. With the help of the mens health section of Weston A. Price Foundation and laboratory access I used myself as a guinea pig. I started out at 142 and am now 208. Most the muscle gained when I cut my lifts to 30 min and followed a strict dietary method. I cut out all vegetable oil and soy products and rendered my own lard, my testosterone shot up and cholesterol total went down 10 points in six months, more importantly my good cholesterol (hdl) rose to 58, which is quite good for a male. I am 33 now and following the outline on Weston Price my lagging sexual desire that I attributed to aging is no more. I also found this on webmd, questions? Ask me.
    What You Eat Can Affect Sex Hormones
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    welcome - enjoy - you have much to say. Thanks.
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