No Work and More Play (Please don't read if offended by gay themes)

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    This is my first story so please be nice lol.

    It’s just a normal working day to start with and everyone has gone home except Liam and Stephen. They're finishing the paperwork when Stephen suddenly announces he loves Liam, he's a bit surprised by this and isn’t sure what to say so Stephen takes this opportunity to kiss him, stroking down the younger mans back. Liam responds by wrapping his arms round Stephen and returning the kiss with equal passion and tongues.

    They start to unbutton each others shirts and run their hands down each others chests. After a while Stephen feels bolder and slips his hands down to Liam's rounded ass and pulls him close so he can feel his erection through his trousers. Liam's still a bit unsure so Stephen takes his hand and leads him to the work desk where he lays him down and starts a trail of kisses down his lust objects body leading from his neck to his navel. Stephen unfastens Liam's belt and slips his trousers down over his hips, kissing his way down as he goes. He slips his own trousers off and continues placing gentle kisses down Liam's body. He slips Liam's boxers off and starts to play with the trembling mans 4.5” erection as well as his own. After a while of playing with it Stephen leans over and takes Liam's cock into his mouth and begins to suck gently on it. This elicits moans of pleasure from the submissive man beneath him and he takes this as a message to continue. He plays with it with his tongue until 20 minutes later Liam groans out loud and comes into Stephen’s mouth. Stephen holds some back in his mouth and leans in for a kiss using his tongue to slip the last bit of the cum into Liam's mouth. After breaking the kiss he smiles at the slightly surprised man and stands up to slip his own boxers off revealing his full 11.5” erection. Seeing this Liam becomes slightly more nervous and looks up at Stephen who by now is grinning at the thought of what he's going to do to his boss.

    He reaches down and begins to stroke Liam's now semi-hard cock all the while leaning in and kissing him hard. They begin to stroke each others backs and caress each others asses. After a while Stephen reaches into the pocket of his trousers and pulls out a bottle of lube. After getting a nod from the still nervous man he puts some on his fingers and begins to play with Liam’s ass. Probing the hole very gently with one finger he pushes inside. After Liam has got used to one finger he slides in another and begins to stretch Liam slowly to get him used to the sensation. Liam begins to relax more and begins to feel the pleasure that Stephen is causing. Shortly afterwards Stephen pulls his fingers out and presses the tip of his cock at Liam's entrance. He waits for a moment and when he recieves the nod he pushes inside fast and hard, Liam cries out in pain as the huge cock stretches his ass further than it’s ever gone before. Stephen stops for a second to get his trembling boss used to the feeling then he pulls back and thrusts in as hard as he can, making Liam cry out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Liam lifts his legs up to give Stephen better access to his tight virgin hole, a move that Stephen uses to his advantage by thrusting harder and faster. Eventually the pleasure mounts and Liam cries out, making Stephen lean in and kiss him. As their tongues wrestle Stephen lifts Liam up off the desk and starts thrusting from underneath him, this angle hits the sweet spot and Liam can’t take it anymore. He starts pushing his hips down in time to Stephen’s thrusts. The friction builds and Liam can feel his orgasm building, he pushes faster trying to get all of Stephen inside him this feels so good he can’t help it and he throws back his head and moans long and loud. As he does this Stephen thrusts one last time before filling Liam’s tight ass with his hot sticky cum, Liam cums too coating Stephen’s lower torso with his seed.

    They fall back onto the desk and lay there panting in each others arms. When the final waves of their orgasm has faded away, Liam turns to Stephen and says the 4 magic words “I love you too”
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    just some pointers, (being nice) for your next story:

    -->far too fast.

    -->Next time, give at least a condensed biography of some sort, physical descriptions, and it is way cooler to have a scene leading up to the actual sex.

    -->Also, this story should have been broken up into at LEAST 5 - 6 paragraphs.

    -->Also, very few couples fail to say more than "uhhhhn" during sex, so you could expand on the dialogue.

    -->Finally, I believe that the present third person tense is wrong for all sex stories. I think they should be past tense, and it is nice to have first person, depending on the story, but wicked fun to have third person tense. It all depends on the story I guess.

    Overall, your writing has good potential. Take my tips to heart (2 years of creative writing classes pay off)
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