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    "noyoucanttouchit" checking in...

    Only thing I have to offer is a solution to a problem I had that a doctor helped me resolve. Maybe others can use it...

    Since my penis goes from 4" to 9.5" and swells when I ejculate, I had problems with the skin slightly tearing at the scar line (I'm circumcised) during sex. This was compounded by the two week healing process! I finally saw a dermatologist who suggested I try an OTC wax-based skin conditioner and apply it several times a day after the skin had torn and to also do so after showering every day to keep the skin more pliant. This did shorten the healing time and help reduce the number of times the skin was damaged so it helped overall.

    Using the XL Trojans had no affect on the tearing although I no longer felt constricted.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any other solutions?

    Thx guys.
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