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    My ex-wife was a sexy, fit blond girl who turned heads. Even our friends head, the guy who moved our furniture. Pete was a good lad, always helpful, i knew he fancied laura something shocking, but then most guys did.
    On the day he helped us move all our furniture up to the penthouse, we all just crashed and enjoyed a few beers, well more than a few. Laura was not the heaviest of drinkers and soon decided that bed was the best place for her.
    Me and Pete stayed and finished a few beers, but he did keep going on about how fit Laura was. This began to turn me on, knowing that I could control what happened next. I knew Laura had a soft spot for Pete and I knew how horny she got after a few beers.
    I told Pete I was ready for bed and threw him a duvet for the sofa, but I made a point of telling him that the heating was'nt on and it may get cold.
    When I got in bed, I knew I could get Laura feeling horny, just by stroking the crack of her arse. Yes, she did get horny, and in a half dazed voice told me to fuck her. I teased her for what seemed like an age, before I heard Pete's voice, saying how cold it was on the sofa.
    I turned and whispered to Laura, telling her that Pete was freezing, and could he sleep with us. Her reply was a very faint 'ok' as she began to sleep.
    Pete walked across the room with an obvious hard on and lifted the duvet on Lauras' side. That was a fantastic turn on for me, knowing that Laura was naked, horny and Pete was going to lay beside her.
    It did'nt take long before Pete leant over and whispered if I was ok with the situation. I felt for his hand and placed it on Lauras' tits. Whilst Pete was working her tits and nipples, I began nudging my stiff cock towards her slit.
    Whilst fucking Laura, Pete's cock started rubbing her and trying to get inside like me. I pulled out and let Pete slide his cock inside my wifes hole.
    Pete whispered that he would like to please us both, and moved his hand down to my cock. It was the first time I had been wanked by another fella, but shit it was nice. I just had to feel his hard cock and eased it out of Lauras' hole and began wanking Pete. Laura was asleep by now, so Pete crawled over her and stopped just in front of my face.
    Without a word Pete lowered his warm hard cock into my mouth. The feeling and the smell of an horny guys cock was fantastic, I just accepted that lovely stiff manhood right into my mouth and down my throat.
    Pete was actually fucking my mouth, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. When I felt his arse tighten and the thrusts more intense I knew I was about to receive a friends cum right inside my mouth. Spurt after spurt of warm salty Pete's cum fired into the back of my throat and I sucked and swallowed harder and faster. Pete left his cock in my mouth to go soft, whilst I licked and sucked it, I did'nt want him to take it out.
    I knew then that I was going to receive my own very first blow job from a guy, and a friend at that. Pete slowly began kissing down my chest to my stomach. I could feel his hot breath on my pubes.
    Maybe I'll write another thread about my blowjob and just what happened in the morning.
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    Needs more character development, the main character being Pete's cock:biggrin1:
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