One Crazy Summer (1)

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    "Hey Chad," said Tristan, my best friend and roommate, "how would you like to spend the summer with me at my parents beach house?"

    "Love to," I replied, "but I'll have to get permission from my mom and dad."

    The thought of all those bikini clad girls had my penis hard, but then it was always hard. Tristan and I attended a boys only Catholic school. Excluding withered old nuns, we hadn't even really seen any women for months,
    I had just turned eighteen and Tristan was a year younger. He had a wild rebellious streak, but I was rather shy and conservative. Despite our differences, he was a lot of fun and we got along fabulously. I hadn't had many friends and I considered Tristan to be the brother I never had.


    We arrived at the resort on the Jersey shore just before noon, two days after classes ended. My eyes bulged out of my head at the sight of all the scantily clad women heading towards the beach. I was from a small town in Kansas and had never seen a girl in a bikini outside of magazines, and here in front of me were dozens. Tristan whistled at some, which embarrassed me and I sank down into the car seat, though the girls seemed to like his attention.

    I was still shocked that my parents let me go. Especially to a beach resort, which they called a den of sin. They relented when I promised to stay away from alcohol and tramps.

    We stopped near the boardwalk to grab a couple of burgers. Two teenage girls wearing shorts and bikini tops walked by. Tristan smiled at them, they ignored him and both smiled at me as they passed. I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked down at the ground.

    "They like you man," said my buddy. "Go get them."

    "I couldn't, I wouldn't know what to say."

    "Forget it," he said.

    We got our burgers and sat down on a bench where we could watch the women sun bathing. I caught several more girls staring at me and I quickly looked away from them.

    Tristan shook his head. "Chad, I love you like a brother, but if you're going to hold me back this summer, you might as well hang out with my mom by our pool."

    "Sorry," I replied. "I just haven't been around a lot of women."

    "Have you looked at yourself," he said "I would give anything to look like you or to have half your muscles. The chicks are gonna love you."

    I was almost six and a half feet tall and still growing. Working on the farm had built up my muscles to the point where I looked like a weight lifter.

    Tristan was almost a foot shorter then me and rather average looking, though he had a devilish grin that women apparently found attractive.

    We arrived at his parent's beach house an hour later. Tristan had explained that his mom stayed there all summer and his dad was only here on weekends. His father worked in New York and stayed at their house in Massachusetts.

    "Go on through the fence around back," Tristan said grabbing his bags.

    I hefted my bags and walked around back to their pool. I just about tripped over my own feet when I saw the young woman lying in a cot by the pool. She had long blonde hair, tied up in a bun and big full lips. Her eyes were covered by sunglasses, but I didn't spend much time looking at her face anyway.

    Either her body was over-proportioned or her bikini was too small. Never had I seen a more perfect body on a woman. Her breasts were huge and I could see the outlines of her nipples under the thin, blue material. Her stomach was flat and sexy, with a thin waist that flared out as her hips widened. The bikini bottoms, barely covered her crotch and I had a strong urge to untie the strings holding her bikini on. Her legs were fit, lean, and long all the way down to her dainty little feet, whose toe-nails were painted a daring red. A deep golden tan covered her body.

    "Can I help you?" she asked.

    "I-I'm supposed to be staying here," I stuttered out. "I'm Tristan's friend."

    Her eyes widened and she stood up and walked over to me. "You must be Chad," she said holding her hand out."

    "Yes," I said blushing as I took her hand. "I'm sorry, I didn't know Tristan had a sister."
    She smiled, but didn't say anything. She took off her sunglasses revealing the most piercing blue eyes, I had ever seen.

    "JESUS!" said Tristan as he rounded the corner. "Mom, what on earth are you wearing?"

    I blushed even more. Looking closer at her hair, I could see some gray streaks blending into her blonde hair and as she laughed at her son's discomfort, I saw some wrinkles around her eyes. Otherwise, she looked about thirty, when she was probably closer to forty.

    "Sorry son," she said winking at me. "I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow."

    "We got an early start Mom," he said.

    "Well let me go put something decent on," she said. "You two can go unpack."

    She turned and we followed her into the house. I gulped when I saw that her bikini was a g-string and I could see her tan rear end. It was plump, but firm and smooth as a bowling ball. It arched out from the small of her back. My penis which is always partially erect, instantly turned rock hard. It was so hard, it hurt.

    Tristan showed me to our room. It was bigger then our dorm and had two nice big beds.

    "We can unpack later. Lets change and jump in the pool." He said yanking his shirt off over his head.

    "I don't have a bathing suit."

    "No problem, you can wear one of mine." Tristan removed some trunks from his dresser and tossed it to me. "Try these."

    He turned his back to me and pulled his pants down. I was a little uncomfortable by his nudity, but I took my pants off also.

    "I can't wait to hit the beach tom..."

    My friend stopped in mid sentence and I looked up. He was staring at my crotch with a look of shock on his face. He suddenly turned red and quickly pulled his trunks up. I caught a glimpse of his penis and I suddenly felt sorry for him. It must have been deformed or something. It was all shrunken from the air conditioner and was only as long as my pinky. My penis still hadn't recovered from the sight of his mother and was about ten inches long.

    When completely erect, I'm over a foot long and as big around as a cucumber. The only other penis I had ever seen, was on our bull back home and he had made me feel small. Tristan was not only smaller then me, but his penis probably wasn't even a third as big as mine.

    "Come on let's go," he said, waving for me to follow.

    I removed my shirt and tossed it on my bed, as we headed to the pool. At first, Tristan seemed upset about something, but that quickly passed and we had fun splashing around his pool. I can't swim so I stayed in the shallow end.

    His mom came out with some sandwiches. She was wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit, but her incredible body was hard to hide and she still looked fantastic. Tristan climbed out of the pool and immediately began gobbling down a sandwich.

    I climbed the ladder out of the pool and was immediately embarrassed to see that Mrs. Jones was checking out my body as closely as I had checked out hers. Her eyes latched onto my crotch and remained there for a couple seconds. I thought that my penis would probably crawl into my scrotum, but instead it fattened a little, despite the cool evening air. I saw Mrs. Jones' frown as she stared at my crotch and then her eyebrows shot up with surprise when it grew a little.

    Embarrassed, I immediately wrapped a towel around my waist and joined Tristan at the picnic table. Mrs Jones let us alone and returned to the house.

    After dinner, Tristan and I left the pool. He said I could change in there and he would change in the bathroom. I didn't see the point since we had changed together earlier, but I was more comfortable changing alone. I unwrapped the towel from my waist and pulled the swim trunks down.
    The vision of Mrs Jones in her string bikini flashed into my mind and I immediately got another painful erection. I closed my eyes and grabbed my penis, desperately wanting to stroke it, but knowing that it was a sin.
    "Tristan, do you need anything from the market," said Mrs. Jones, pushing the door open. "HOLY SHIT!" she exclaimed, seeing me nude, her eyes locking onto my hard penis.

    I opened my eyes in horror. She mumbled an apology and fled. My penis withered in my hand. I looked in the mirror. Water still glistened on my muscles. She must have thought I was masturbating and that the water was sweat. I suddenly felt ill.

    When I was fourteen, I was in the barn and for no apparent reason my penis suddenly got hard. I stroked it for some reason and after a few minutes, I ejaculated. At first I was scared, not understanding what the white stuff was shooting from my penis,but it felt great. I turned around and there was my dad, fists clenched with rage. He beat the crap out of me that night and my mom wouldn't even talk to me for a week after that day until we had spoken to a priest. The priest told me about masturbation and how sinful it was. I told him I understood and would never do it again. For the last four years, I would get erect at least once a day, usually more and it took every ounce of my will not to touch it. I figured the devil was tempting me.

    Now, Mrs. Jones had caught me. She probably thought I was disgusting and would throw me out of her house. She had been so horified that she had cursed and women didn't curse.

    Tristan came back and saw How pale I was. "You feeling ok buddy," he said concerned.

    "No, I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach. I think it must be something I ate. I'm going to skip the boardwalk."


    Tristan left to hit the boardwalk. I put my sweat pants on and climbed into bed. I felt nervous and sick to my stomach. I pictured Mrs. Jones and the look on her face when she saw me holding my penis. As soon as I thought of Tristan's mother, I pictured her in that teeny bikini and my stupid penis got erect again.

    My pulse was racing and I was hot under the covers. I was scared that Mrs. Jones would throw me out for being a disgusting pervert. I climbed on top of the covers and tried to get comfortable. Finally I looked for something to read. As I was looking around the room, I noticed Mrs. Jones staring at me through the door, which was cracked open.

    All my fears were realized. Here was Mrs. Jones come to throw me out of her house. She would call my parents, they would disown me and I would get kicked out of school. Mrs. Jones pushed the door open and came in to the room. Oddly enough, she seemed as nervous as I was.

    "Sorry to disturb you Chad, but I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw."
    My heart skipped a beat. "Mrs. Jones, I swear I wasn't masturbating. I know it's a sin. You just came into the room at the wrong time. Please don't tell my parents."

    "I'm not sure I understand," she was looking at me funny. I thought she looked a little amused and I calmed down.

    "I know you think I was masturbating, but I swear I wasn't."
    "You're telling me you've never jerked off."

    "No maam," I replied. "Well once, but dad caught me and beat me."
    "I don't believe you."

    "I swear it's the truth, Mrs Jones. Can't we just forget about what happened," I begged.

    "I don't think I can forget about what I saw," she said. I moaned with shame and she said, "You're going to have to prove it."

    "How do I do that?" I asked.

    "You can tell if a man masturbates excessively. I'll need to examine your penis."

    "I can't do that!" I said horrified at the notion of showing my friend's mom my penis again.

    "It's that or I call your parents and the headmaster."

    She sat on the bed and reached out and grabbed the waist band of my sweat pants. I relented and raised my hips, so that she could pull my pants down to my ankles. Soon I was naked before the sexy mother of my best friend. I was so embarrassed that my penis had crawled up into my scrotum and it looked tiny as it was only about seven inches long. She reached out and I tried to crawl back, but her hand quickly grabbed the tip of my penis.

    She lifted my penis up and cupped my testicles. My sack filled her small hand. "Hmm," she said examining them, "they do seem heavy and full of sperm. Maybe you don't masturbate."

    As she spoke she kept tugging on my penis. No one had ever touched my penis before and I was horrified to see that the evil thing was responding to her touch. It started growing in her hand. I looked at her as it slowly swelled with blood, growing to it's full, foot long length. She just stared at my penis growing in her hand, her eyes growing wide with shock as it turned rock hard.

    "I'm sorry Mrs. Jones," I apologized horrified. "I can't control it."

    She didn't seemed bothered by my erection and she wrapped her fingers around my penis. I shivered as she ran her fingers along the length of my penis, stopping to squeeze the head. It felt incredible to have her touching my penis like this.
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    Then to my horror, she began stroking it. It felt fantastic and on the third stroke, I bucked my hips, thrusting my penis through her fist. I wanted to warn her, but the words stuck in my throat. I've never seen the head of my penis so large. It swelled up as big as a plum, throbbing, and engorged with blood. The pee slit opened and I came for the second time in my life. A long stringy strand of sperm erupted from the head and hit her in the face. I moaned with pleasure as four years of frustration was released from my penis by three strokes of her hand. Another strand left my penis, hitting her chin, and even more sperm continued to flow out the tip of my penis covering her hand with sperm.

    When I recovered, I suddenly realized what had happened and I looked at her ashamed at what I had done. She was still staring at my penis, a look of amazement on her face. My sperm was oozing down her face and chin.
    She seemed to come to her senses and she stood and ran from the room. Horrified over what I had done, I pulled up my pants and ran out to the hall. Mrs Jones was standing there licking my sperm off her hand.

    "Mrs Jones," I cried. "What are you doing?"

    "Chad!" she said startled. "It's not a sin if your semen goes into a woman, only if you waste it." "But isn't adultery worse."

    "This isn't adultery," she replied licking the sperm off her chin. "Only actual intercourse is adultery. I'm just doing this to help you."


    We spent the next day at the beach. Tristan had met a girl the night before. I never could understand that guys luck with the ladies. Tristan tried to teach me how to swim, but it embarrassed me in front of all the people. I felt much safer in his pool.

    We went back and had dinner with his mom. Mrs. Jones was quiet through most of the dinner and I was worried that she was thinking about all the sperm from my stupid penis that she had been forced her to eat to keep me from sinning. She was a wonderful woman to do that for me.

    Tristan had a date with his girl that night and he asked if I would be offended if he went out alone again. I told him to go have fun and not to worry about me, I'd stay up and read. I usually do one hundred push-ups every day and I was halfway through my set when Tristan left. When I had finished, I looked up and his mom was standing in the room watching me.

    Mrs Jones was wearing a short skirt that showed off her nice legs and a tight top that left her sexy stomach bare. I could also see the outlines of her nipples. Her areola were as big around as coke cans, the nipples were poking at her top, and I had trouble not staring at them. She had been dressed more conservatively at dinner.

    She was glancing at my chest as I stared at hers. I was only wearing shorts and my chest was sweaty, heaving from my workout.

    "I saw Tristan leave," she said.

    "He had a date," I told her, then added, "I'm sorry about last night. I couldn't control myself."

    "That's why I'm here. I'm worried you might masturbate again. I didn't get a chance to examine you long enough last night. I'll need to do it again."

    My heart started racing at the thought of having her touch me again. "If you think so Mrs. Jones."

    "Just stand there and let me examine you," she said kneeling down before me.

    A strange surge of power coursed through my body as I looked at her kneeling before me. I saw her reach and and unbutton my shorts. Her hand was shaking, as she slowly pulled my zipper down. Mrs. Jones yanked my shorts down around my ankles and my underwear quickly followed. To my embarrassment, instead of retreating into my scrotum like the last time, my penis was growing before she even touched it.

    I moaned as Mrs. Jones caressed it and started stroking it again. The head was huge, engorged with blood and she was holding it so that it was pointed at her partially open mouth.

    She was so intent on the examination, that I took the opportunity to look down past my penis at her nipples. I was hot, but the air conditioner must have made her cold because her nipples were rock hard, like two flag poles planted on top two perfect mountains.

    "You have a beautiful cock Chad," she said still staring at my penis in her hand.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Cock is another term for penis," she informed me.

    That jogged my memory. When I was fifteen, I got into a fight with some townies. They were jerks and used foul language. The leader, a cowardly bully had said something to me. Now what was it? I remembered. "Suck my cock," I mumbled out loud. Yeah, that's what he had said. The pervert.

    "Anything you want Chad," said Mrs Jones.

    I looked down again. She was leaning forward and she kissed the head of my cock. It was glistening with some kind of fluid and she licked it off. I jumped and my knees grew weak as her tongue ran around the head of my cock. Her lips wrapped around the entire head. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Her mouth was so hot and wet. I moaned as her tongue ran all around my cock head. She began to move her mouth up and down my cock, taking more with each bob of her head.

    My knees were weak, but I managed to stand there. I felt the sperm churning in my testicles. My muscles were tensing and my fists were clenched. I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I grabbed the sides of her head and began bucking my hips, sliding about half my cock in and out of her mouth.

    Mrs. Jones had one hand on my cock and another between her legs under her skirt. She must have had bad itch, because her hand was moving rapidly underneath her skirt.

    My cock seemed to explode in her mouth, my sperm erupting from the end. I felt it shooting up through my cock and pouring into her mouth. She didn't seem to want to let go and my cock suddenly seemed ultra sensitive after my orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled back, watching my penis slowly emerge from her mouth.

    "God, Mrs. Jones that felt incredible."

    "I liked it too Chad," she replied. "I've never seen a cock this big."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I mean your hung like a horse Chad," she said still kneeling before me and staring at my cock. "Your more then twice as big as my husband and at least three times as thick. His penis is about average length."

    I pictured Tristan's reaction when he saw my partially erect cock. He wasn't deformed, I was. "You mean I'm some kind of freak?" I asked, though for some reason it made me feel good to be bigger then her husband and Tristan for that matter.

    "You're not a freak Chad," she answered, "you're gifted."

    "Do you do this with Mr. Jones," I asked, a sudden wave of jealousy coursing through my body.

    "Never Chad," she said, "with him, it's lights off in the missionary position. Yours is the first cock I've ever had in my mouth."

    That made me feel fantastic and I grinned from ear to ear. I didn't know what to say, I just blurted out, "Thanks."

    "Thank you," she replied and she got up and left the room.
    I looked down at my cock. I know pride is a sin, but I was suddenly proud of my big piece of meat. It was growing again and I wished she hadn't left.


    Mr Jones arrived the next day for the weekend. He reminded me a lot of Tristan only without the wild streak. He was shorter then me by a foot, even shorter then his wife. He was nice, but he seemed stern and proper, just the opposite of his wife. It was probably his idea to send Tristan to an all boys religious school. He was a lot older then his wife, probably close to twenty years.

    I didn't see much of Mrs. Jones that weekend. The few times I did, she seemed bored.

    I went out to the boardwalk with Tristan that weekend. His girl Mary had a friend named Amber. She was an attractive little blonde, though her breasts weren't half as big as Mrs. Jones. She wore big platform shoes and her shorts were so small and tight, her butt cheeks stuck out. She seemed delighted to hang out with me, though she quickly seemed to grow bored with my shyness and lack of conversational skills.

    We said goodbye and Tristan leaned over and gave Mary a big kiss. I looked at Amber, she was looking back at me expectantly. I leaned over to kiss her and at the last minute she turned her face and I planted a kiss on her cheek. Embarrassed, I backed off and we waved bye.

    The next night, Amber didn't come out with us. I felt like a third wheel as Tristan and Mary were all over each other. The three of us went back to the cottage Mary and Amber were renting. They left me on the porch and went into the one room cottage. A minute later they kicked Amber out and she joined me.

    Finally, after ten minutes of silence, Amber said, "Why don't you like me?"
    "I do like you," I replied, "what do you mean?"

    "How come you didn't make a pass at me?"

    "I'm sorry. I wanted to, but I don't know how."

    Amber moved next to me and she leaned over. I bent down and kissed a girl for the first time. I liked it, but my stupid penis turned rock hard again.
    We kissed for around fifteen minutes, finally Amber whispered in my ear, "Tell me what you want."

    I didn't know what she was talking about, but I did know that my cock was hurting again. "I want you to suck my cock." I whispered back.

    Amber pulled back and looked at me surprised. "Crude, but I guess you're making progress," she said. "Ok, but You're going have to return the favor."
    "What do you mean?" I asked confused.

    "If I suck you off, you have to eat my pussy. It's only fair."

    "I've never done that," I replied suddenly guilty for not eating Mrs. Jones' two nights before.

    "Really?" she didn't seem that surprised, "well it doesn't matter, I'll teach you."

    She kissed me again and I felt her hand undoing my shorts. "Let's see what you're hiding in there." She pulled down my zipper and reached in.

    I felt her hand wrap around my cock and pull it out. It went limp at the look on her face. She shook her head in denial and a look of fear was written on her face. Amber let go and backed away. She looked down at my crotch then up at me. Her mouth moved, but no words came out. She turned and tried the door to their cottage, but it was locked. She then turned and ran out the porch door.

    "Amber, wait," I yelled, stuffing my suddenly deflated cock into my pants, but she ignored me and ran off into the night.

    Tristan came out a moment later a big grin on his face. Mary followed him. "Where's Amber?" she asked.

    "She went for a walk," I lied.

    Mary saw the look on my face. "Don't let her upset you. There's plenty of girls who'd be happy to meet a nice guy like you."

    "Thanks," I said dejected.

    Tristan gave her a big kiss and we left. He bragged the whole way home about how he had gotten her to touch his penis. "Next time I think I can talk her into a blow job," he said.

    I didn't say anything. Mrs Jones had obviously felt sorry for me and sucked me off. Amber was too scared of my cock to even stay in the same room with it. Mrs Jones had lied to me. I was a freak.
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    Lancaster (PA, US)
    great start
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    I'm enjoying this... please keep going.
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    Damn this is a great story!!!
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    I had a great work ethic from growing up on a farm with stern parents
    and when financial realities set in- I set out to look for a job.
    Tristan being who he is, had gotten a job at a place on the boardwalk,
    called Playland. It was one of those noisy places, filled with kids,
    video games, and amusement rides. I got a job at a sub shop, flipping
    burgers and grilling cheesesteaks.

    I kept to myself for a week, avoiding everyone whenever possible. I
    immersed myself in my job and I liked it, except for one of the
    waitresses who was a real bitch. She was one of the best looking girls,
    I'd ever seen and I always stood meekly and took her constant bitching.
    She would nag me over every mistake I made and I would just look down
    at my feet and sneak peeks at her long tan legs.

    There was a very nice waitress named Sherie. She had a nice figure and
    was very friendly. I think she had a crush on me because she'd always
    sneak peaks at me and would blush when I caught her. She had a cute
    Southern accent and was pretty except her looks were over shadowed by

    The bitches name was Tina. My dad subscribed to Sports Illustrated and he
    would always throw away the swimsuit issue. I would dig it out of the
    trash to look at the girls. Tina reminded me of Tyra Banks in looks and
    figure. She was a light skinned black girl with bright green eyes. One
    day she came in wearing a bikini top and I thought I would blow my
    load. Of course. my cock was always hard around her.

    My stupid cock was hard now, as I walked home from working the late
    shift. I let myself in to the house. It was dark and I almost didn't
    see Mrs Jones sitting there in the dark.

    "I'm worried about you Chad, she said flicking on a light. "I'm worried
    you haven't gotten off in five days and might masturbate again."

    She was wearing a robe and sitting there with her legs crossed. She was
    right. I had never needed to cum as bad as I did right then. I was
    addicted to cumming and there was no turning back. Still, though my
    cock said yes, my mind said no. "I'm fine Mrs Jones. You don't have to
    feel sorry for me."

    "I don't feel sorry for you. What's wrong Chad?"

    "I know I'm a freak and your doing this out of pity."

    "I told you your not a freak, your gifted. Why do you think your a

    I told her about Amber running away when she saw my penis. Mrs Jones
    face flushed and she seemed angry.

    "So you didn't actually do anything with this girl?" she said. I shook
    my head with shame and she continued. "Good. She's just young and
    stupid. She doesn't' know a good thing when she sees it. Stay away from
    her Chad, she's a tramp. I'll keep you satisfied."

    I still didn't quite believe her, but at that moment she stood up and
    removed her robe. She was wearing a lacy white bra and sheer panties.
    They were so thin, I could see the dark patch between her legs and her
    red nipples. This was the closest I had come to seeing her naked. I
    wanted to say, "no," but my cock was doing all my thinking at the

    I followed Mrs Jones into her bedroom. She motioned me to be quiet and
    pointed at the ceiling. I assumed Tristan was asleep upstairs. She
    pushed me over towards the bed and she ran her hands under my shirt. I
    shivered as her fingers felt along the ridges of my muscles and she
    toyed with my nipples.

    She crinkled her nose. My shirt stank from the grill and she raised it
    up to my shoulders. She couldn't pull it off, since I was so tall, so I
    helped her, throwing my shirt on the floor.

    Mrs Jones came into my arms and rubbed her lingerie clad body on mine.
    She looked up at me expectantly and I leaned down, kissing her for the
    first time. It was like our lips were glued together. She was a much
    better kisser then Amber. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I
    pushed mine back. Her lips never left mine as I felt her undoing my

    My pants fell around my ankles and I felt her reach into my underwear.
    We both moaned as her hand grabbed my cock and stroked it. She broke
    our lip lock and stepped back. I could see her bosom heaving and her
    nipples were rock hard, straining against her bra. She put her hands on
    my chest and pushed me back. I fell down on her large bed and I sat on
    the edge.

    Mrs Jones bent over and pulled my underwear all the way off. She then
    kneeled between my legs and once again I felt a surge of power. Mrs
    Jones wrapped one hand around the thick shaft of my cock and pulled it
    aside. She buried her nose in my crotch and took a big sniff. I wanted
    to apologize as I hadn't showered and I had sweat all day at the grill,
    but she seemed to like my smell.

    She bent my cock down towards her mouth and she planted a loving kiss on
    the tip. I moaned as she began licking around the head and up and down
    the sides. She swallowed the head and I sighed as my cock entered her
    warm, wet, mouth.

    I felt the head hitting the back of her throat and then my cock entered
    her throat and began sliding down. It was the best feeling of my life.
    Her throat was tight and wet. She seemed to have difficulty at first,
    but she soon developed a rhythm.

    Last time, she had only sucked on about half of my cock, now she was
    taking it all. I loved it, but I was worried she might quit doing this
    for me. I was starting to last longer each time I was with her. It took
    almost fifteen minutes before I started even getting close to cumming.

    I lost control again and I grabbed her head, moving it rapidly up and
    down my cock, while bucking my hips into her mouth. Her moans were
    muffled by my cock as I used her mouth to get off.

    The sperm shot up out of my balls and I bellowed loudly as I came in her
    mouth. I shut up suddenly worried that I would wake up Tristan. My cum
    seemed to catch Mrs Jones by surprise and she struggled to pull away,
    but I held her head over my cock.

    My balls had built up as much sperm in the last few days as they had in
    the entire four year period since my first orgasm. Mrs Jones struggled
    to swallow it all, but the amount overwhelmed her and dribbled down her
    chin. I released her and she fell back gasping. She opened her mouth to
    breathe and more of my sperm poured out of her mouth, falling on her
    breasts and soiling her bra.

    She looked dazed as she stood up and went into her bathroom to clean up.
    I continued to sit on the bed, my cock deflated to about eight inches
    and it dangled over the side.

    "I thought you would have gone back to your room," she said upon
    returning. She was wiping around her chin with a towel.

    "I wanted to return the favor," I said standing up. I grabbed her and
    sat her down on the bed.

    "You mean you want to eat me?" she asked. Her eyes had opened as wide as
    saucers and suddenly her whole body seemed to shake with nervousness.

    I kneeled between her legs and reached out and grabbed the waistband of
    her little panties. She jumped when I yanked them off her. I pulled her
    legs apart and stared at my first pussy. It glistened with moisture and
    two vertical pink lips seemed to be opening and closing with desire. I
    moved closer.

    "Oh god," she cried when my breath hit her pussy. "I've always wanted to
    do this. Mr Jones won't kiss me down there." She jerked when I kissed
    her pussy lips.

    "C-Chad, that's my labia. Run your tongue up and down it." I followed
    her instructions. She showed me her clit and it seemed to grow as I
    teased it with my tongue. I was a fast learner and soon she couldn't
    even talk to give me directions, but I didn't need them any more.

    I liked eating her pussy, but I loved watching her body react to it. She
    was panting and moaning. Her head was thrashing from side to side and
    her whole body was writhing as she grabbed the covers of the bed until
    her knuckles were white. I looked up her belly It was undulating wildly
    as her hips rose to match the thrusts of my tongue. I felt as powerful
    giving her pleasure as I did having her kneel between my legs, with my
    cock in her mouth.

    "P-put your finger in me," she gasped.

    I slid one finger in her pussy and I quickly decided to make it two. I
    continued to tongue her clit as I flexed my fingers in her pussy. Mrs
    Jones' legs suddenly wrapped around my head and squeezed. She looked
    down her body and our eyes met. As she stared into my eyes, her pussy
    suddenly clamped down on my fingers and she screamed in orgasm. At
    first I was scared I had hurt her, but she just kept thanking me over
    and over so I kept at it. It was like I had opened a flood gate. I
    didn't stop eating her and she didn't stop cumming. I lost count after
    about six big orgasms. Finally, it seemed she couldn't take any more
    and she grabbed my head and pushed me back. I stood up between her legs
    grinning at the look of awe on her face. My cock was rock hard again.

    "Mr Jones hasn't made me cum in twelve years Chad," she said grabbing my

    I suddenly felt sorry for her. This beautiful woman, stuck with her lame
    old husband.

    She was pulling my cock towards her and bending it down towards her
    pussy, which was gaping open between.her spread legs. I stopped moving
    forward out of fear of accidentally entering her and breaking one of
    the lord's commandments. Mrs Jones seemed to moan in frustration and
    she looked like a mad woman as she looked at me. She began rapidly
    stroking my cock so fast that I felt like cumming after ten minutes.

    She saw how red and engorged my cock was and she pointed the head down
    at her pussy. She was raising her pussy towards it as I came, but my
    cock jerked and the first strand of semen fell from her belly button to
    her breasts. The second hit just under her belly button, just before
    she got it back under control and my third strand landed on her labia.
    Her entire thigh and pussy area was covered in sperm by the time I quit

    I stepped back and looked at her as I pulled my shorts on. That moment
    was, without a doubt, the best in my life so far. I watched my sperm
    liquefying on her body and some started sliding down into her belly
    button. "Mrs Jones, your wasting my sperm."

    She just nodded and brought her finger down to her abdomen, scooping up
    a wad of my semen. She brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked my
    sperm off.

    "Thanks," I said, leaving the room. She was a good woman to keep me from
    sinning like that.


    Mr Jones came down for the Fourth of July weekend and stayed for a week.
    Mrs Jones seemed to glance at me longingly every time I saw her, which
    wasn't much. The beach towns get mobbed for that week and both Tristan
    and I were busy working.

    The night of the Fourth, the fireworks were over and I was making my way
    down the boardwalk on my way home. I decided to stop in Playland to see
    Tristan. The noise assaulted me the moment I walked in there. The
    clanging of the video machines, the screaming kids, and all the other
    chatter was overwhelming. I had no idea how Tristan could work there
    all day long.

    I wasn't paying much attention where I was going and the next thing I
    knew I had bumped into someone. "Sorry," I said, looking down into
    Amber's surprised face.

    "Chad," she said. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you."

    We stood silently looking at each other. Finally, she said, "I'm sorry
    about the other night. I've just never seen...I just...Your horse cock
    just scared me, ok."

    "I understand," I replied. "It's a shame though. I was really looking
    forward to eating your pussy. I'm quite good at it."

    "Chad!" she said blushing then added, "Liar. You told me you've never
    done it before."

    I said nothing and we stared at each other awkwardly for a few moments.

    "Listen," she said. "My date is getting change and will be back soon.
    Why don't you meet me back at our place later and I show you how to
    make a woman happy. If your lucky I might even jack you off, but don't
    expect anything more."
  7. stormbringer1

    stormbringer1 New Member

    Aug 10, 2010
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    We were interrupted by her date coming back. I nodded at him and left.
    Tristan was working the dart game and I saw Mary waiting for him to get
    off. She saw me and straightened up. I saw her eyes flicker quickly
    towards my crotch. Amber must have said something to her about the
    other night. She recovered quickly and smiled at me.

    I looked Mary over once myself. She was a fox. Amber had small breasts,
    but Mary's were big and firm. She was wearing a tight half shirt that
    showed off her large bosom and left her thin waist bare. Mary had a
    sexy pierced belly button. She had on a short mini skirt that showed
    off her lean legs and her cute feet were wearing a nice pair of
    sandals. Mary had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was almost as
    sexy as Mrs Jones. Tristan was completely smitten with her.

    I chatted with Mary for a few minutes. She seemed surprised when I told
    her I was meeting Amber back at their cottage. She excused herself and
    said she would see us at the cottage later. I think she left early to
    claim the bedroom for her and Tristan, sticking me and Amber with the
    porch again, but it didn't matter to me. I just needed to get off. It
    had been seven days since my night with Mrs Jones and I was going crazy
    from all the sperm that was building up in my balls.

    Tristan got off work shortly afterwards and we headed down the boardwalk
    to the girls house.

    "Don't fall for Amber," Tristan warned. "She's a tease and will break
    your heart."

    "I understand," I replied. "How are things with you and Mary?"

    He got a stupid grin on his face at the mention of her name. "Great
    buddy. I've never felt this way about a girl before."

    "How far have you two gone?"

    His smile faded for a second. "She's let me play with her big tits.
    She'll jerk me off, but won't put her mouth anywhere near penis. She's
    still a virgin. You'll screw Amber before I get Mary.

    That was when I started thinking about sex. I had thought of sex as
    taboo, but now I wasn't so sure. If I slept with Tristan's mom, it
    would be adultery, but Amber wasn't married. Sex with her would be
    wrong, but not a sin. Anyway, all this thought about sex had my dick
    hard and I quit thinking about it less walking became difficult.

    We arrived at Mary's cottage and Tristan kissed her and winked at me as
    he went inside. I sat on the porch and waited for Amber to get home.
    She arrived a short time latter. I sat in the dark and watched her get
    rid of her date. He clearly seemed pissed off, like he wanted to come
    inside. She just let him kiss her on the cheek and left him standing

    She smiled at me when she came into the porch. "Now where were we?" she

    "You were in my arms kissing me and feeling around in my pants."

    "Like this," she said sitting next to me and kissing me.

    We kissed for several minutes pausing only to lift my shirt off over my
    head. She was wearing a tank top and I ran my hands up under her shirt
    caressing her braless breasts. They were small, but smooth. Her nipples
    were long and rock hard. She moaned as I pinched them. Amber was
    shivering and her hand was shaking as once again she reached out to
    unbutton my shorts. I stopped her long enough to pull her top off over
    her head, leaving her nude, but for a short skirt and her sandals.

    Hers were the first nipples I had seen bare. Mrs Jones had always worn a
    bra or bikini top. Amber had almost no aureola, but her nipples were
    long and thick. I decided I liked bigger breasts better, but Ambers
    were still nice.

    She managed to get my cock out and she started stroking it as she kissed
    me. Her kisses were nice, but lame and I started shoving my tongue
    between her lips. She struggled to back away, but I grabbed the back of
    her head, holding her mouth on mine. Soon she was tonguing me back as
    passionately as I was doing her and I let go of her head. Her hands had
    also started moving faster up and down my cock.

    She broke away from our lip-lock and looked at me gasping for air. She
    smiled at me then knelt down between my legs. "You have the biggest
    cock I've ever seen in my life," she said examining it.

    Just how many has she seen? I wondered.

    She ran her fingers all over my cock and balls. "Chad," she said staring
    at it. "It's absolutely beautiful." This caused my cock to swell up
    even more. She squeezed the tip of my cock. "The head is almost as big
    as my fist," she said holding her fist up next to it in comparison.
    Amber was a very dainty girl and she made everything look large. I felt
    like a giant standing beside her on the boardwalk.

    "Why don't you kiss it?" I asked.

    "Ok," she said meekly and she leaned forward. She closed her eyes and
    kissed the tip of my cock. It looked even bigger next to her small

    She pulled away and began stroking it again. I gently put my hand around
    the back of her head and said, "Kiss it again this time slip it some
    tongue," as I pulled her head forwards towards my cock.

    She didn't resist and this time she french kissed the head of my cock.
    Her tongue flickered out and ran all over the head.

    At that moment Tristan knocked on the door and yelled, "Can I come out?"

    "Not yet," I yelled back.

    Amber was so absorbed with licking the head of my cock that I don't even
    think she heard him. "Suck on it Amber," I told her.

    She pulled back and looked at me seeming to think about it for a moment.
    "Cum in my mouth and I will kill you. Understand?"

    I nodded and pulled her head forward again. I have to give her credit,
    she tried. She slurped on my cock lovingly and she clearly enjoyed
    herself, but she could never get more then half in her mouth. Her body
    just wasn't built for it.

    "Are you close?" she said pausing to catch her breath after about ten

    "Nope," I said, remembering the good old days when I would have cum
    after the first couple of sucks. "Keep sucking."

    She sucked on my cock for another ten minutes until Tristan pounded on
    the door again. "Are you done yet?"

    "NO!" I yelled back.

    "Well hurry up," he yelled.

    Amber had quit sucking me and said, "Alright my turn."

    "I haven't cum yet."

    "You'll lose interest in me when you do."

    "No I won't," I said grabbing her head and pulling her back towards my
    crotch. My cock head poked at her lips a couple times before she opened
    her mouth and took it back inside. I had been getting close when she
    had stopped and my balls were aching. I held her head and pulled it up
    and down my cock for about five minutes. I felt the sperm churning in
    my balls as I fucked her face. My cock swelled up and she struggled to
    get it out of her mouth, but I wouldn't let go. I held her still and my
    cum erupted in her mouth, filling it quickly and squirting out the

    It was my best orgasm yet as I had built up a lot of sperm over the last
    week. Amber finally had to swallow in order to breath through her nose.
    Once she had swallowed, she quit struggling and swallowed some more,
    willingly this time.

    Finally, she backed off and a last blast of sperm flew from my cock and
    splattered on her breasts. "Jerk," she said and more sperm dribbled out
    of her mouth as she spoke. I could see semen stretching between her
    lips as she spoke. She couldn't even close her mouth all the way after
    sucking me off. Her mouth was too sore.

    "It's a sin to waste semen," I said and I pulled her to her feet and sat
    her on the love seat. I kneeled between her legs and pulled her panties
    off under her skirt.

    I looked up at her and saw her tongue flick out and lap up some of the
    sperm on her lips. She liked the taste after all. She saw me staring
    and said, "OK now I'll tell you what to do."

    I didn't wait for her instructions. I literally attacked her pussy and
    used every thing I had learned from Mrs Jones. No more words left her
    lips just whimpers and moans. Soon she was thrusting her pussy into my
    mouth and her hands were gripping the cushions tightly. She had a
    series of small orgasms from my teasing from her clit and a couple more
    as I nibbled her labia.

    I moved the skirt out of my eyes, so that I could look up at her as I
    slid my fingers into her. She started bucking like crazy and I knew she
    was about to have a big orgasm. Tristan knocked on the door again as I
    ate her, but I wasn't about to stop to answer him. I just kept eating
    and fingering her pussy.

    I saw the curtain in the house move aside and Tristan and Mary's face
    framed in the window as they stared out at us. Their expressions turned
    from a look of anger to one of shock at what they saw.

    Amber let out a loud piercing scream as she came. Her back was arched
    and her nipples were pointed at the sky. Of me, all they could see was
    my head between her legs. I saw the curtain quickly close.

    I stood and looked at Amber. She seemed to have passed out from the
    orgasm. I pulled on my shorts and yanked Amber to her feet as I knocked
    on the door.

    Tristan opened it and Amber shuffled into the room like she was in a
    daze. His and Mary's eyes flickered to her bare breasts and I realized
    it was still covered in my sperm as was her chin.

    Mary gasped when she saw her roommate and her eyes flickered over to my
    bare chest and down to my crotch once again, before turning to help
    Amber to the bathroom.

    Tristan came out and I pulled my shirt on as we left. He didn't say a
    word to me until we got home. When we got to his room and laid down in
    our beds he said, "You know. I hope Mary lets me do that to her soon."

    Tristan told me later that she had jerked him off He had cum after only
    a few strokes and was ready to go by the time Amber came home. He had
    only been alone with Mary for five minutes and I felt rude for making
    him wait another hour.
  8. teabagme69

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    Excellent story, man! Keep up the good work!
  9. Shadow69

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    Mar 12, 2006
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    excellent work

    like the innocent/ignorant nature of the lead
    very well done

    greatly look forward to future instalments and thank you for the work so far :)
  10. smuff

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    Sep 4, 2007
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    The finished story can be found at Stormbringers asstr page if you're impatient for more.
  11. aninterestingguy

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    Feb 11, 2009
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    Santa Monica (CA, US)
    Can you provide the link to the rest of the story? I couldn't find it
  12. 123matthew321

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    this is great! nice themes
  13. SweetWilliam

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