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Discussion in 'Penis Enlargement' started by goodone13, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. goodone13

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    Aug 6, 2009
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    What stretches do you do and has it helped?
  2. D_Manny_Petty

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    I do flaccid/semi-hard stretches. How I perform mine are as follows...

    1.) Sit at the edge of a chair/seat with your balls and dick hanging down

    2.) Grab just under the head at the glands and pull straight downward (make sure when I pull downward im using 90-95% force. If that is too much then tone it down a bit but you want to try and stretch with as much force as you can WITHOUT injurying yourself. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

    3.) For starters I would hold my stretches for roughly 20seconds. You can gradually work your way longer and longer but don't do too much at first. You don't want to OVER-WORK your penis.

    4.) Next I usually do downward to the right and then downward to the left. and hold those stetches for 20seconds also.

    5.) After that I usually stretch my penis to the right and behind my penis. If your penis isn't long enough and you can't do that, then pull it as right to the right and backwards as you can. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds also.

    6.) Proceed to stretch your penis to the left and backwards (wrapping it behind your butt just like the previous stretch). Hold this stretch for 20seconds.

    7.) Once I'm done with those stretches I bring my penis straight forward and out. and hold that for 20 seconds. Then straight out and to the left. Then straight out to the right. Holding each stretch for 20seconds just like the others prior.

    One I am all done with these stretches i repeat the process two more times (pretty much like a set of three). If you want you can rest your penis for a min or two in between stretches. I have been doing PE for roughly 4 years on and off. I have been pumping for 5 months on and off. When it comes to gaining results in PE you need to be dedicated. It it just like working out, you don't go lift weights one day and then be jacked directly afterwards. Do not expect results right away, and remember that every penis is different. Some people will experience gains quicker then others. Good luck, hope this helps you and others interested about stretching.
  3. insintex

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    Nov 28, 2005
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    I perform several types of stretches most of which involve pulling on the end of my cock in 5 different directions for 10 seconds each and running that entire process 3 times. After those I do some stretches that involve wrapping it over the top of my wrist and pulling down for 20 seconds then switching and putting my wrist over and pulling my junk up. Repeat that process 3 times then I jelq for 200 pulls and take a 2 minute break then do it again, and a final time.

    All of my exercises have built a very strong dong and made a bit more vascular. Also my girth continues to increase and length for a time seemed to suffer but it caught up. It has increased my overall volume and the appearance of a big well balanced cock.

    For the sake of numbers I grew .8" in girth and 1.75" in length. On a standard boner day that puts my overall size increase in volume at 33% bigger than when I started! I gained 16.09ci so I would say its worked for me. I won't even go into pumping.
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