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Pete and Leah Have Another Date—Things Get Hotter



This story is the fourth installment in a series about Pete and Leah, virgins in their early 20s, both eager to lose their virginity. The series begins with this installment: Pete And Leah Connect, Begin Exploring

Pete: So that was the story of our first date. After we ended it making tentative plans to get together the next weekend, I could think of nothing but Leah all week long. Those panties fragrant with her pussy juices that she gave me as we approached her parents’ house last Saturday night got a good working out all week long as I thought of her and jacked myself off with them, shooting repeated loads into them until they were crusty with dried cum. I abstained from beating off only on Thursday and Friday, knowing I’d see Leah again on Saturday night, and wanting to save my loads for whatever happened then.

I’ll be honest: All I could think about was fucking her. I had never felt this way about any other girl I’d met, had never had the instant — and really hot — connection I felt with her from the time we met. I did worry, though, a lot, that maybe I had moved too fast and not respected her boundaries, so on Tuesday, I called her up and asked her if everything was okay, and if I had maybe pushed too hard for a first date.

She laughed and said, “If you pushed too hard, then call me a pushover. I wanted to be a pushover. Don’t be silly. You should get that idea out of your head. It took two to do what we did Saturday night, and it’s going to take two to do what we’ll keep doing when we see each other. I can hardly wait until next Saturday. Meanwhile, I hope Big Peter is getting good use out of those panties I gave him and is getting lots of exercise. I want him in good condition when I see him next.”

I was relieved, and was now even hornier than I had been before, if it was possible for somebody already off the scales with horniness to get hornier. That Tuesday, we firmed up plans for our Saturday night date. I suggested that I pick her up in my truck again and we go to a place made to look like an old-fashioned small-town hamburger drive-in joint in the middle of the big city, where we could sit in the truck and eat our hamburgers. I think we both knew food was not the first thing on our mind, and this would give us a chance to sit close to each other, eat without fanfare, then move on to the next stage of the date.

Leah: Pete called me on Tuesday after that first Saturday night date, and told me he was worried he had moved too fast and maybe pressured me to move faster than I wanted with him. I put his mind at rest and let him know I had wanted what happened that Saturday night every bit as much as he did, and that I was counting the minutes until we were together again and could continue to get to know each other.

What I didn’t tell him is that I had planned a surprise for that second date. I’d talked to my friend Sally about getting waxed, and she recommended a place she knew, arching her eyebrows as we talked about that and saying, “Well, am I to gather you and Pete are hitting it off? I knew that would happen when I introduced you! You’re made for each other.”

I told her she had gathered right and I wanted to surprise Pete by being bare the next time we met. What I didn’t tell her was that I was pretty sure that date was going to involve another educational session, and I wanted Miss Kitty to be in tip-top shape and fully accessible as I showed her to Pete and showed him what she needed his fingers — and maybe his tongue — to do to make her hot and get her to cum. Being bare would make it easier for me to give Pete the lesson in pussy anatomy and pussy pleasing I intended to give him, if opportunity arose on our next date.

I had never gotten waxed before, never done more than trim my pubic hair. It felt so strange to be bare for the first time all during that week leading up to our second date. I was more aware of my pussy than ever before, more aware that she was there, sometimes pulsing with pleasure and sending me signals. She felt different, more sensitive, more easily aroused when my panties touched her than when I had no hair there. I just about wore her out exploring her in new ways that week, thinking, as I did so about those beautiful thick fingers of Pete and what I wanted them to do to her.

Pete: Saturday night finally rolled around. I could barely contain my excitement as I showered, giving my cock and anal area special attention so that they were clean and fresh. The excitement continued as I put on my clothes and drove across the city to pick Leah up. Before I got into my truck, I double checked the enclosed truck bed to see that the sheets on the mattress I had put back there still looked fresh, and I gave the whole area a quick spray of rose-scented air freshener.

Then I stopped at a florist to pick up a surprise I had planned for her. Though they cost the moon, I had ordered a bouquet of special flowers for her, figuring that I’d match the gift of flowers I had brought her mother the previous weekend. But these flowers for Leah wouldn’t be the simple white daisies I brought her mother. For Leah that weekend, I ordered an expensive bunch of red hot poker flowers.

Yeah, cheesy, I know, and maybe a bit crass and suggestive, but something told me she’d find them amusing and would even welcome the hot innuendo. I decided I wouldn’t present these to her at the door of her house in case her parents were standing there and might see them, but would do so when she was in the truck. Then when she got home that night, she could bring them inside the house without her parents seeing them.

Leah: Before Pete picked me up, I took a long, hot bath, giving lots of attention to my pussy and ass, to be sure both were super-clean and fresh smelling. I decided I’d try out a new look for this date, too. Instead of the blouses and tweed skirts I’d worn the other times Pete saw me, I went for a simple chambray dress, rose-colored instead of blue, that I’d bought to wear at my family’s lake cottage. The weather was getting warm enough for me to pull this off. The dress had a shorter hemline than the skirts I’d worn the previous times I’d seen Pete, and I thought he might like that.

And another surprise for Pete: Because I suspected we’d be continuing our show-and-tell lessons with Big Peter and Miss Kitty that evening, I decided I’d be bold and leave off both my bra and panties. The dress was blousy enough that it wouldn’t be really revealing — until someone, preferably someone with beautiful large sensitive fingers, pulled it up or pulled it off and saw that I had nothing on underneath it. And that my pussy, which Pete had seen with hair the previous week, was now bare to give him greater accessibility to all its parts and pleasure points.

Pete: When I picked Leah up and she came out of her house wearing that pink dress that brought out the beautiful mahogany tones in her skin, and I saw it was shorter than the wool skirts she’d been wearing, I was stunned. I’ll admit it: I gave a low whistle of appreciation, and she beamed and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. She smelled amazing, and it was all I could do when she kissed my cheek not to bury my face in her hair. I walked her to the truck, helped her into the cab, and presented her with the bouquet of red hot poker flowers, telling her I couldn’t bring her the same kind of flowers I had brought her mother, but had chosen these especially for her. She burst into laughter and said, “You know my taste, for sure.” She told me she looked forward to sneaking them into her parents’ house when I brought her home later that night and putting them in a vase in her bedroom as a reminder of our date.

Then we started our drive to the burger place, and this time, I didn’t have to invite her to scoot over and sit next to me. She got right next to me, her head almost on my shoulder, and put her hand on my thigh as she told me how much she had enjoyed our time together last week and had been looking forward to this week. Then, as if it was accidental, she pulled her dress up just enough while spreading her legs a little bit, that I could see a tiny bit of her pussy. A tiny bit of her bare pussy. Holy fuck. Not only did she not have panties on, but she had gotten waxed. My cock became a hard mast the moment I saw that bare waxed pussy, and it was all I could do to keep myself from lifting the dress all the way and getting my fingers on it and into it.

Leah obviously wanted to save that for later, since she let the hem of her dress drop back down and smoothed it with her hand, which she left sitting in her lap. But she didn’t stop teasing me, the little minx: She then asked me how my exercises had gone in the past week and whether the panties she had “loaned” me had helped me with them.

“I think you know the answer to that question,” I replied, grinning and wiggling my eyebrows at her. What I didn’t tell her is that I had them in my pocket, freshly washed and neatly folded, and planned to give them back to her later that evening with a special request. “Good,” she said. “I like a man who exercises well.”

By that point, we had driven up to the drive-in and placed our order, and had a few minutes to kiss for the first time that evening. As we kissed, deeply and passionately, as if our mouths and tongues were starved for each other, I ran my hands through her hair and along her face and neck, but made them behave and go no lower, since the truck windows were down and our food would be arriving at any moment.

Leah: When Pete came to pick me up for our date and he saw the dress I had chosen for our date, he gave a low, sexy whistle. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as he walked me down the walkway to his truck.

After he helped me into the truck cab (I’m learning truck lingo, it seems), he presented me with an amusing bouquet of red hot poker flowers, those red flowers that look like hot pokers — or hot red penises — and we both got quite a laugh out of his choice of flowers. Because I knew from our first date that he liked me to snuggle against him as we rode in his truck, I immediately moved to sit beside him and he put his arm around me as he drove with his other hand, just as he had done the week previous.

I decided then I’d tease him with a little eye candy. I “accidentally” pulled my skirt up just far enough that he could see I had no panties on, knowing his eyes would be riveted to my legs and, if he could get a peek, my freshly waxed pussy. I hoped he wouldn’t see the drops forming on my inner vaginal lips due to my arousal at being so close to him.

I then quickly adjusted my skirt and pretended I was holding it down with my hand so that I wouldn’t have another “accident,” and decided to tease him a little bit more by asking about the pussy-scented panties I’d given him last Saturday and whether they’d helped him do his exercises. I could see very well, of course, that Big Peter was straining to burst through Pete’s zipper and get a full-on look at Miss Kitty, and maybe it was a little mean for me to tease him (and Big Peter). But I couldn’t help myself. I was discovering — and this was exciting — that women have tremendous power over men if they know how to use their pussies to their advantage.

We got to the burger place and ordered from the truck, and while we waited for our food, we did some hot kissing and necking, but nothing involving getting inside each other’s clothes. Food clearly was not first and foremost in either of our minds as we quickly ate our burgers and proceeded to the next step of the date, which was, as I had expected, an invitation by Pete for us to drive back to the quiet, secluded parking place we had spent time in last Saturday.

And, though he didn’t say this, to continue the lessons we each had to teach each other about Big Peter and Miss Kitty and what they liked to do….