Photography and Introduction to LPSG

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    This one is semi-autobiographical. Enjoy.

    - - - - - - -

    "Dude, are you gay or something?" Kevin asked, uncomfortably. It was a perfectly reasonable thing to ask at that moment, having just walked in on his roommate and finding him looking at a full-screen photo of a man's penis on his laptop computer.

    "No," Alex replied with a chuckle, "What makes you think that?" He turned from the computer screen and faced his roomate with a strange smile.
    Kevin was not amused.

    "You're looking at a picture of a dick! You don't think that's gay?" He questioned, sounding a bit more uncomfortable than before.

    "I'm just editing this so I can print it out," Alex explained casually, turning back to the monitor. The image in question, at the moment, was something of a close-up, showing from the lower torso to the knees and, obviously, the crotch. It was a pale, skinny guy with a rather large penis hanging proudly below a full bush of dark brown pubic hair. It wasn't fully flaccid - it looked like it had been teased a little for the photo, but it still hung down well past the testicles, practically hiding them. It was circumcised and capped with a big mushroom head, flared slightly wider than the shaft. The man's face was out of the shot, naturally - identity unknown. The background was an outdoor setting - green bushes and trees and such.

    "Why would you want to print out something like that?" Kevin demanded, almost in disbelief.

    "Because the customer wants prints of the photos I took of him!" Alex shot back, still acting like there was a punch line coming.

    Kevin paused, then asked "Someone paid you to take pictures of him naked?"

    "Not exactly. I did it for free," Alex said, scrolling downward past the knees and to the feet.

    "Wait - now I'm curious. Scroll up to the face. I wanna see who it is," said Kevin, leaning toward the screen to get a better look.

    "If you insist, man," Alex sighed, scrolling up slowly.

    "I gotta say, he's got a really big dick, whoever-..." Kevin started, but cut himself off upon seeing the face in the photo.

    It was Alex, wearing the same funny smile in the photo as he was in reality at that moment.

    "Fuck!" Kevin exclaimed, standing up straight and shaking his head.

    "Look, man," Alex went on, with a slight chuckle, "I'm into nude photography! So I used myself as the subject - big deal!"

    Kevin thought for a moment, then commented, "Well, maybe that's not so gay after all... I guess." He turned to walk away, then stopped and paused before turning back around and inquiring carefully, "Ok, I just gotta ask.... Did you, uh.... doctor that photo at all?"

    Alex began explaining, "Of course. I had to shift the color temperature, I sharpened it then blurred it back, I turned up the brightness and the contrast, I was in the middle of cropping it when you came in."

    "That's not what I meant." Kevin said flatly. "Did you make your dick bigger? I know things like that are easy to do with computers these days."

    Alex burst out laughing. Then he scrolled the photo back to the crotch shot and looked carefully at his penis, as if he hadn't seen it a million times before. "What are you talking about? That's not all that big!"

    "What are YOU talking about? That's HUGE!"

    "How many dicks have you ever seen?" Alex blurted, turning around and facing Kevin with a curious grin and a wrinkled brow.

    "I'm not the one that looks at dicks, Al." Kevin said in a low voice. "But it's bigger than mine. That's all I'm saying."

    "Well,......" Alex started, but trailed off.....

    "A LOT bigger," Kevin added.

    Alex looked thoughtful for a moment, then snapped his fingers and, looking
    Kevin squarely in the eyes, said "Let me take a picture of yours."

    Kevin stood not speaking for a moment, then nodded. "Ok. But DON'T let anyone else see it... man, this is so gay," he grumbled, shaking his head and undoing his belt. "How do you want me to pose?"

    "Just stand there," Alex said, reaching across his desk for his camera.

    "Y'know what, take your shirt off, too."

    Kevin's jeans were down but his briefs were still up. He stopped and looked at Alex. "Dude- can you keep my face out of this?"

    "No problem."

    Kevin pulled his shirt off and stood there, almost fully naked, still concealed in his briefs.

    "Ok, now. You're skinny like me. That will work in your favor," Alex commented clinically.

    "What are you talking about?" Kevin asked, confused.

    "You'll see. C'mon - let's see it."

    "Ok, here goes..."

    Kevin took his briefs to his ankles and then stood there, waiting for Alex to comment.

    "You're not as small as you think," Alex said, leaning forward in his chair to line up for a shot. "Turn to the side a little...." And he started clicking. "Did you ever see yourself in the mirror?"

    "No, actually," Kevin "I see it every time I piss. What's the difference?"

    Kevin was very obviously nervous - balls pulled up tight, penis shriveled. But as shriveled as it was, it seemed to have potential. The skin was bunched up with about a dozen folds along the shaft, indicating that it was used to stretching quite a bit. The shaft itself had an impressive thickness to it that had Alex wondering whatever made Kevin think he was small. He was circumcised, like Alex, and also like Alex, had a large mushroom head.

    "Dude, you really need to relax," Alex said, standing up.

    "Hey- I'm not used to doing shit like this!" Kevin exclaimed.

    "Why don't you go take a shower, take some deep breaths, take it easy, and then we'll take some pictures," Alex suggested.

    "Whatever," Kevin said, pulling his pants back up. "I didn't have anything planned for the evening. I think I'll have a shot and a beer while I'm at it."

    "Good idea."

    - - - - - -
    Continued on next post....
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    Continued from previous post...

    - - - - -

    And so, Kevin went off to his room and started getting ready for his shower. Alex transferred the photos from his camera into his laptop and started examining the shots he just took.

    Well, well, well..... He thought to himself, while adjusting the first photo and scrutinizing his roommate's genitalia. I'd say his balls are bigger than mine...

    He could hear Kevin turning the water on in the shower. He held his thumb up to the monitor and zoomed in and out a few times until he had the shot at what he felt was life-size.

    No way to tell fur sure, he continued to himself, as shriveled up as that is, but even in that state, it's probably...... three and a half, maybe four inches...

    Probably five when he's not nervous. Maybe seven when he's hard. I wonder..... I swear that thing looks exactly like mine...... I wonder...

    Alex shot bolt upright in his chair as an idea hit him.

    Meanwhile, in the shower, Kevin thought to himself, What the fuck am I doing? He began soaping himself up and grabbed himself, then looked down at it with a mix of surprise and disgust.

    Good god, Al's right, I really DO need to relax. I've NEVER been this shriveled up! And he proceeded to rub suds all over his cock and balls while taking deep breaths.

    It didn't take too long- maybe a minute or two. He started to feel better.

    There, he told himself, that's it. Just relax, think of something else.
    And from there, it didn't take too long for him to feel a little tingle in the pit of his stomach.

    Ok, that'll work. Just jerk off and you'll feel much better.

    Within another two minutes, he had himself at full erection and was stroking steadily. He paused and looked down at himself. Y'know, I never really took a close look at this thing, he mused.

    And that was true - recently, anyway. There was a time not too far back when he looked at it all the time- his high school days. He had been a late developer and didn't even start getting pubic hair until his senior year. By comparison to all the other guys in his gym class, he was always the smallest. Nobody even had to pick on him about it - he just knew it, didn't like it, but got used to it.

    He got so used to it that he pretty much lost all interest in his dick and
    paid so little attention to it that he didn't even notice when it really started to develop.

    There in the shower that day, at age 19 and two years out of high school, he finally realized that he had made up for all those years he had been behind all the other guys. MORE than made up for it. A smile came to his face.

    "I have a big dick," he whispered to himself. He liked the sound of that. He repeated it, his smile growing wider. He continued stroking. He felt ejaculation coming on, but a spontaneous idea hit him. He stopped immediately, the urge to blow subsided, but the erection remained rock hard. He yelled for his roommate, not fully expecting to be heard,

    "Hey, AL! You should take a picture of it NOW!"

    To his surprise, he heard Alex reply from just outside the bathroom door,

    "What - did you read my mind or something?"

    Kevin stuck his head out from between the shower curtains and looked toward the door. There was Alex, standing in the open doorway, camera set up on a tripod and ready to shoot.

    "You asshole!" Kevin scolded, not seriously. Alex laughed.

    "Ok, you're right," Kevin went on, "I needed to relax."

    Alex nodded. "I told you. Now, are you relaxed?"

    "Very much so."

    "Well, let's see it."

    Suddenly, Kevin felt the urge to ejaculate begin to build again, and he wasn't even touching it.

    "Ok, here goes," he sighed anxiously and stepped out of the shower.

    Alex was speechless- momentarily stunned, but shook his head and started firing off shot after shot. "I told you so," Alex said again.

    Kevin stood there and posed, turning to the left, to the right, his big rock-hard erection sticking proudly upward. Strangely, the urge to ejaculate kept getting stronger. He didn't know for sure why he was so turned on, but he knew it had something to do with being seen. Not just being seen - being seen with a BIG dick. That was it. He was used to how it felt to be seen with a small dick - that didn't feel good at all, but to be seen with a big one, well.... It was a downright turn-on.

    Alex kept firing away while Kevin posed. He must have been up to forty or fifty shots by this point.

    "Dude," Kevin groaned. "I, uh...."

    He was going to blow his load but he didn't know how to explain or even WHAT to explain.

    "Try not to hit the camera," Alex requested, acting like nothing out of the ordinary was taking place.

    Then with a series of grunts and almost in perfect timing with the digital camera's fake shutter clicks, Kevin pumped a massive load across the bathroom and all over the wall. He must have squirted ten times, and the quantity of it as it ran down the wall and puddled on the floor made them both shake their heads in disbelief.

    "Damn, man," Alex commented, "I'd say you're a natural at this photography thing. I got some good shots there. There's only one thing...."

    Kevin gasped "What's that?" in between deep breaths.

    "I go for tasteful nudity. I'd have to say the shots I just took are definitely pornography."

    Kevin chuckled. He didn't know what to say. Alex picked up the tripod, said "I'm gonna transfer these to my computer and see what they look like," then walked off to his room.

    Kevin kept chuckling as he dried off. He shook his head over the whole thing. He didn't understand why it didn't bother him, why he felt comfortable with it. Something like this he normally would have avoided at all costs, it being a "gay" thing to do, but he knew right then and there that he had no problem with it whatsoever. It must have had something to do with it being the first time in his life he realized he had a big dick.

    A little while later, dried off and dressed and having a few beers with his roommate, he got to see the results of the photo shoot. They sat at Alex's desk together, inspecting frame after frame, making comments here and there.

    "Damn," Kevin said. "Ok, but you still looked bigger, Al."

    "Think so?" Alex asked. "Here, check some of these out..." And he brought up a series of some of his other work from different photo shoots. "I'd say we're about the same," he stated, nodding his head.

    Kevin looked at the pictures carefully. Alex brought up one of himself standing in a pose similar to the ones Kevin did in the bathroom.

    "There," Alex said. "That's me, as hard as I get."

    Kevin leaned forward for a close look. "Ok," he agreed, "we're about the same. Hey- why don't we do one of us in the same picture!" he asked eagerly.

    Alex nodded. "That would be a good one. I'd have to post that one on LPSG."

    Kevin looked curious, "What's LPSG?"

    "Let me show you," Alex said as they both turned back to the computer screen and Alex began typing. "I think you'll get a kick out of this..."

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    That was a great story. It's very clever and very fun. It's just the right length, too.
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    Great story. Which bits are true?
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    I really enjoyed this short story, I'm looking foward to read more of them.
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