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    Been there-done that; that's how you could describe my youth and adolecent years.
    In my late teens I heard from several people that I had sex with that my penis was very long (but not thick, just like my body) My youth was well spent with a lot of sexual activity and I learned always to enjoy from it.

    Now that I am married for a couple of years I started to notice that several people that heard about 'my length' became very interested and openly asked to have sex with them. They even hinted to a more-some because my wife also has 'big assets' that make the sexdrive even more.

    How do other *married* users on this forum handle this type of popularity, as for me it involves long-time friends that ask those type of questions. We currently live overseas and next year come to visit these friends for a couple of months; giving them (and us) once again an open door and opportunity to be invited for this experiment.

    I know what the most logical reaction is; but I would like to talk with other people that could or even could *not* handle the sexdrive that comes both internally and externally to a man or couple that is being offered such intimate contact.

    The people that have asked me have been close friends for years, are there people here on this forum with past experiences, good/bad etc.

    Thanks a lot (!) for the reply as we sometimes don't know what to do or to say anymore. We want to have fun in life, but also avoid problems. :hi:
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