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    I experience an event during puberty that has puzzled me ever since. The event being that my testicles became soft, without a firm form filling my scrotum, which was somewhat traumatic at the time of fourteen. I noticed the condition during a nightly bath and by the next morning they again felt firm as they have ever since. I might have put this event aside if it wasn’t for the fact that a friend experience the same thing several months later, of which I was witness to. I reassured him that all would be fine in a short time. It wasn’t until several years later that a young friend also mentioned the same thing happed to him that I began to question why.
    To date I haven’t been able to find the answer on the internet and the few other friends that I have asked didn’t recall a similar event. Perhaps because it happens over a period of hours and not days.
    My question is does anyone else recall this happening and why it happened?
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    At 41 that still happens to me when I sit in a hot bath or hot tub.Everything relaxes and gets soft,that's the point of soaking in hot water.
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