Q&A- How to stop the need for stimulation???

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    Prioritizing stamina work like the "Stop and Start" (edging) will help. This should be combined with mental imagery as well.

    Here's an excellent exercise that can be used alongside the S&S for developing maximum control:


    Many men never experience the full potential of pleasure that they can receive from their sexual encounters.
    This little-known mental/sexual exercise will take you to levels of pleasure and control that you never thought possible! First, you must find a time and a place in which you will be COMPLETELY undisturbed for 20-30 minutes.

    Lie back naked on your bed (or other comfortable surface) and encircle your penis with your thumb, index, and middle finger. Place your middle finger on the sensitive spot directly behind your penis head (glans.) Rub your penis until it becomes erect- THEN STOP RUBBING!

    Maintaining the pressure behind the glans with your middle finger, close your eyes and concentrate as deeply as possible on your most erotic thoughts.

    At first, it will probably be difficult to concentrate deeply without a break in concentration for any length of time. This is why you keep practicing.

    It will probably take a dozen sessions or more of 20-30 minutes before you are able to achieve the very deep level of concentration necessary for this exercise to work. * Your ability to concentrate and focus will become so strong, that you will be able to bring yourself to orgasm merely by keeping pressure behind the glans with your middle finger and concentrating on your erotic thoughts!

    Some men have even reported multiple orgasms from following this technique! Once you have mastered this technique, you will then be able to fully appreciate the pleasures of sex!

    * Note- Some men will not be able to achieve orgasm with mere pressure without movement.

    If this describes your situation, once you come as close to climaxing as mere pressure and concentration will allow, you can jiggle your penis just enough to push you over the edge into climax.
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