Question: How do you negotate a price when going in to a Nevada brothel?

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    I would like to hear from men who have been to Nevada Brothel's on how they negoated a price with the ladies. Sounds like a stupid question. I must preface the question that I have been to the Bunny Ranch 2 in Carson City,Nevada. That was in 2005. To make a long story short. I asked here how much for an hour and paid her the amount. ($500.00 usd). The sex was alright. I had my eye on someone else. I feel guilty to this day for not having sex with the person I really wanted. I want to use my tax refund money to get laid. This time I want to go Sheri's ranch outside of Las Vegas Brothel Whorehouse near Las Vegas - Legal Whore House Brothels in Nevada. I have my eye on one particular lady. Bunny Love Bunny Love - Blonde Hair Caucasian Breast Size 30D. My second choice would be Heidi Heidi - Blonde Hair Caucasian Breast Size 36DD . I don't want to blow a whole lot of cash. I realize the more attractive the woman = more money. The average woman will be a lot less money. I need to have sex with a fantasy woman to explore my fetishes. How should I go about this? Any advice will be gladly accepted. Thanks,Crooked Cock
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