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  1. Imported

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    del3247: This might be a dumb question but what's the right way to
    measure your dick? i always thought you measured along the
    top but correct me if im wrong.


  2. lellelind

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    Nov 2, 2002
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    Your'e right! Along the top!
  3. benderten2001

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    Oct 8, 2002
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    Not a "dumb" question at all...especially with this group where size is "why" we're here!

    --According to all the information I have come across, (particularly medical professionals--(i.e. urologists) the correct method of measuring is:

    Length: Fully erect penis (held slightly downward)
    then measure TOP-SIDE of shaft from pubic
    bone (slightly pressing in to where shaft exits
    body) and then measure outward along shaft
    to tip-end of the glans near meatus (urethral
    slit opening).

    Width (girth) At widest point of shaft, using cloth tape
    measure (or string--marking start point with a
    marker) measure the circumference around
    the shaft. (Widest point of shaft is going to
    vary from man to man with some men being
    thickest at base; some thickest in middle of
    shaft. Many men will have the glans (head)
    and the corona edge actually protrude
    somewhat beyond the shaft circumference.
    Girth generally implies the width measurement
    of the shaft itself and not the varying glans.
    --Probably why larger men have such a difficult
    task finding correct size (width) condoms!

  4. jonb

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    Oct 5, 2002
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    First, get a tape measure, like the kind tailors use. Rulers can't measure girth, and if your erection curves, it will result in a smaller-than-average measure (if curving up) or no measure at all (if curving down). Also, for all measurements have two classifications: Hard (generally constant) and soft (more variable). I prefer to give the range for soft measurements, rather than a mean or median.

    Length: Along the top. Some prefer to press against the pubic bone, but I don't; you don't use any of that penis during sex.

    Girth: Measure the circumference of the penis at the widest point.
  5. benderten2001

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    Oct 8, 2002
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    Hey! --excellent reminders from jonb (as usual !)
    'Glad he mentioned "how" to compensate for curved shafts. Cloth measuring tapes are indeed best.

    jonb stated his view about "pressing to-the-bone" in measuring length. Everything I have come across from the professionals in medicine refers to that method....even though it's true you may not include that as really "usable" length as such. Anyway, typically, we're talking only about 1/2 to (maybe) 3/4" shaft length difference when measuring slightly inward to the pubic bone area. Many men have a little "pad of fat" there within the pubes that conceals that "hidden" length.

    For the sake of "measuring all you can" the bone pressed method certainly would do that! And, again, it seems to be THE preferred (medical standard) way to go. That measurement yields every possible fraction of an inch that the penis exits the body in total shaft length. And....that could be--- (somewhat)--- important to some of us around here! ;)

    ----Ahhhhh! --I can hear cabinet drawers everywhere around here now! ...opening to get out those tape measures! Ready, set, GO! ;D
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