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    TITANboner: I go the gym often to work out. Well, after working out I am drenched in my own sweat. I mean I sweat A LOT! So I often take showers at the gym. Well, one day I was washing down there and got aroused. (big mistake) The other guys quickly saw that I was pretty big for my size (I am about 5'6'.) They all couldn't stop staring at me. One guy asked what I was using to make it that big and I laughed and told him nothing. Well, as soon as I leave the shower room a bunch of women come up to me and ask about my dick. They wanted to see it. I passed. I am pretty private about my large erect dick. Has anyone else had problems like this? people wanting you for you dick. Plus, should I continue to take showers at the gym. The other guys are beginning to annoy me about it.
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    There has been quite alot of comments on this board about the lockerroom/gym/shower/boner issue. I too have a huge size and have gotten lots of comments, stares etc when people see it. I have found that the bottom line is that you are the one that's in control: if you want people to see your cock, even erect, thats up to you. I like to show it off from time to time but by and large I keep pretty descrete about it.

    There is no hiding a hardon though!
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